All inclusive best hunting tripod for spotting scopes in 2020

Hunting is being around for a long time ago. Starting from primitive hunting accessories, hunters are now taking the best advantage of upgraded and innovative hunting accessories from compound bow backpacks to spotting scope tripods.

The best hunting tripod for spotting scope provides you with the best of the durability and functionality for all of your outdoor activities from bird watching, target shooting, and hunting. You will see a wide range of tripods for a spotting scope in the market, which can be overwhelming to make the right choice.

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Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod
☞ It has an adjustable pan head.
☞ Convenient handle to lock.
☞ The legs of the tripod.

What to look for while making a purchase

A well-built scope tripod offers a variety of benefits to the hunters from functionality to durability. But the difference lies in choosing the right product for you, which always comes are the most frustrating, only if you are not aware of what you are getting.

Here are some of the most important factors that contribute to making the best tripods for spotting scope.

The built

It matters as much as anything else in a tripod. There are two types of spotting scope tripod for hunting;

  • Aluminium
  • Carbon

Each one of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be said that one is better than the other as every person’s need varies.


Aluminium tripods are considered to be heavier than carbon tripods due to which customer mostly shy away from them but they are more stable due to increased weight. Aluminium tripods are cheaper than the carbon ones. They are sturdier and stable on every kind of surface.


Unlike aluminium tripods, carbon tripod for spotting scopes are light in weight but are considered less durable as compared to its alternative, aluminium. Carbon spotting scope stand is cheaper as compared to other alternatives that are available in the market. Carbon offers a sturdier base and is capable of holding heavier weight without shaking, which is necessary for accurate aiming. They are considered the best heavy duty tripod for a long term use without causing any problem.

Personal preference

The choice of a good tripod for spotting scope depends on personal preference when it comes to hunting, for instance;

  • How much do you travel?
  • What kind of scope you are using?
  • Do you prefer a lightweight or sturdier base?
  • Where do you intend on taking your tripod?
  • Will you be using additional accessories with your spotting scope?

The best is to consider your needs and requirement before getting into purchasing the best hunting tripod. Aluminium offers lightweight spotting scope tripod in comparison to carbon.

Tripod head

Spotting scope tripods come with different heads as per the requirement. The most common head types are two;

  • Ballhead
  • Panhead 


These tripods have a metal or plastic apparatus that is placed on the top of the tripod, which increases the stability and provides faster movement in all the directions. These heads are lighter than a traditional three-way Panhead.


Every product comes with their pros and cons that can be adjusted as per your needs. Ballhead spotting scope tripod head has to offer the very essential benefits, such as;

  • They are best for photography
  • They rotate in all the directions, offering 360 movements to cover every dimension


  • It is hard to control because of their free movement
  • Expensive than the other alternatives that are available


Panhead tripods for spotting scopes have a sturdy platform that rests on the top of the tripod with the help of a screw. It has another screw on the top to secure your scope or camera.


Panhead can be the best lightweight hunting tripod for hunter no matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

  • Unlikeball headd tripod, Panhead is the best for glassing.
  • Panning plays an important role in accurate aiming and a tripod head that offers a smooth panning is a steal.
  • Controlled movement without skipping comes handy when you are on the go or choose a place that is not plain.
  • It is easy to control that helps in scanning the landscape with greater ease.

Choosing the heads

You can always purchase the heads separately for your tripod but that will cost you more, which it should not. The best you can make out of your time, money, and effort is to go for the one from ballhead and Panhead as per your requirement. It is important to understand that scopes with higher magnification demand durable tripods with promising heads to ensure the functionality.


Would you like to crouch for several hours with your tripod?

Never. It is not only uncomfortable but affects the performance and aiming; also not so great for your back.

There are three types of tripods when it comes to height.

  • Tabletop
  • Compact
  • Full-size tripod

Tabletop tripod

Table top tripod for spotting scope is the smallest as they do not extend beyond 18 inches, which is approximately 45cm when it is fully extended.

You cannot ask for telescoping legs as they are not made for the very purpose, which signifies that importance of understanding the product before making a purchase.

Tabletop tripods are ideal for;

  • Prone position
  • Sitting position
  • Indoor activities
  • Occasional use

Compact tripods

Compact tripods are larger in size or larger in height, which offers various positions when it comes to aiming. They are lighter than full-size tripods, which makes them easy to move around with no matter you are a traveller, hiker, hunter, or backpacker.

These tripods extend up to 60 inches or 152cm in height.

Compact tripods are ideal for;

  • Sitting, standing, and crouching position
  • Hiking, hunting, photography

Full-size tripods

The most extendable up to 70 inches or 178cm in height. Where compact tripods can also be used in standing positions, full-size tripods are better as they are capable of supporting heavy-duty spotting scopes. The only drawback these tripods comes with is the weight. Their collective weight with the spotting scope can be harder to handle when it comes to portability and travelling.

Along with these features, it is important to consider your budget as these can cost you a little too much. If you are looking to invest in something that will not cause you any trouble for years it is better to spend a little on your tripod; durable, sturdy, and high-end tripod may be expensive but they will give a performance of a lifetime.

To make it easier for you we have gathered a few of the best spotting scope tripod that fulfils all your needs and requirements.

                   8 – Best hunting tripod for spotting scope

Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod☞ It has an adjustable pan head.
☞ Convenient handle to lock.
☞ The legs of the tripod.
4.7/5Check Price
Bushnell spotting scope tripod☞ This is a full-size tripod.
☞ Legs are
☞ It has a 3-way tilt pan head.
4.6/5Check Price
Regetek Tripod☞ It is 2-in-1 tripod.
☞ This comes with an adjustable
☞ Its 3-way Panhead
4.1/5Check Price
Vortex optics summit tripod☞ It has a 3-way pan head
☞ It’s flexible legs allow various positioning
☞ Balance hook comes really handy
4.0/5Check Price
Bushnell titanium tripod☞ It has a universal head for cameras
☞ Three-position leg angle
☞ This tripod has two pan
4.0/5Check Price
Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod☞ It has carbon tubes
☞ This tripod comes with a G-lock leg
☞ Its ball head is compatible
4.4/5Check Price
Vanguard Aluminum Tripod☞ It as aluminium legs
☞ Rubber feet increase
☞ Its ball head rotates 360 degrees
4.4/5Check Price
COMAN tripod☞ It has adjustable 3-section.
☞ Bubble level makes it easier
☞ It has interchangeable pan bar
4.5/5Check Price

1.  Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod

Check Price


  • It has an adjustable pan head that quickly follows the directions and offers various viewing angles.
  • Convenient handle to lock and free the pan for tilt action of the pan.
  • The legs of the tripod are adjustable to various heights.


  • 41 ounces in weight
  • Extend to 67.1 inches in height
  • Folds down to 24.6 inches

Vortex optics pro gt tripod is a full-size tripod that supports heavy-duty scopes with 80mm of objectives and more. This tripod is capable of offering great stability in every type of weather from clear to hard climate conditions.

From an exceptional height of 170cm to smooth Panhead, adjustable legs, additional support hook, and quick-release plate vortex spotting scope tripod are the most durable and for the price. Vortex makes exceptional best tactical spotting scope with tripod if chosen wisely as per the personal preference. Vortex tabletop tripods are also available that are as durable and effective as bigger once.

Customer review

I purchased this product by reading some vortex tripod reviews. I am surprised to see that my Vortex pro tripod is better than the other alternative brand besides the fact that the other brand had a carbon fiber model.

2. Bushnell spotting scope tripod

Check Price


  • This is a full-size tripod for scopes.
  • Legs are adjustable to different heights and angles as per the requirement.
  • It has a 3-way tilt pan head.
  • It comes with a slicing centre column with tension controls.


  • Maximum height; 63 inches
  • Folded height: 26 inches
  • 5 in weight
  • 11 pounds load capacity

Bushnell is a full feature tripod that offers an ultimate viewing platform from places where portability is not necessary. It’s aluminium legs and larger mounting platform makes it extremely sturdy. Not only the strength but Bushnell spotting scope tripod also comes with padded foam cushion legs that give added comfort and protection in adverse weather conditions like extremely hot and cold weather.

Customer review

I bought this tripod for wildlife watching from my home and my concern was stability, which it offers seamlessly. So far this tripod has met all my expectations and I am happy with my purchase.

3. Regetek Tripod

Check Price


  • It is 2-in-1 tripod and monopod
  • This comes with an adjustable centre column
  • Its 3-way Panhead provides 360-degree rotation
  • It has a quick convenient release plate
  • Centre column hook for additional weight makes it feasible for a heavy-duty spotting scope
  • It comes with a carrying bag


  • 360 rotation handle
  • 90-degree tilt rotating plate
  • Maximum height: 70 inches
  • 63 pounds in weight

This tripod offers quick mobility at its best. If you are looking for something to carry along with you, Regetek is the best amongst all. It’s lightweight aluminium legs to universal 360 degrees rotating head makes it an exceptional tool for a spotting scope.

Customer review

Being disappointed by the previous one I got this tripod and I am happy with the purchase as it does not give me a hard time with stability. 

4. Vortex optics summit tripod

Check Price


  • It has a 3-way pan head that offers smooth adjustment, horizontal and vertical.
  • It’s flexible legs allow various positioning and reduction of tripod height.
  • The split centre column of this tripod allows removal of the lower portion to reduce the length to the minimum and increase to the maximum.
  • Balance hook comes really handy when you are dealing with a heavy-duty spotting scope.


  • 9 in weight
  • 3-way pan head
  • Maximum height 138.4 cm
  • Minimum height 16 cm

Summit tripod stand ultimate field-packing for everyone from travellers to hunters. This tripod offers a perfect combination of size, weight, and built that provide exceptional functionality.

Vortex tripods are one of the best when it comes to features. Vortex high country with pan head has all the features that are essential for travelling and hunting no matter where you are going and what kind of needs and requirements you have. Vortex high country tripod review on buying site will help you in getting to know if it fulfils all your needs or not.

Customer review

Something compact and lightweight tripod was my top priority being a big game country hunter. This tripod has given the best hunting experience due to its lightweight and compact size.

5. Bushnell titanium tripod

Check Price


  • It has a universal head for cameras, spotting scope, range finders, and also the best tripod for binoculars.
  • Three-position leg angle offers easy adjustment for various sizes.
  • This tripod has two pan and tilt handles.
  • It has a gearless reversible centre column.


  • 64 pounds in weight
  • Maximum height of 63 inches
  • Minimum height of 24 inches

If you are looking for a secure and stable foundation for a heavy-duty hunting spotting scope. This is the most convenient of all the tripods that offer quick gear-less reversible center column. Not only the spotting telescope, but you can also use it with camera, binoculars, and range finder as well.

Customer review

I gifted this tripod to my husband and I am happy that he is satisfied with the stability of this tripod as compared to the older one. Locking feature gives a steady view of the target. It also works as the best tabletop tripod, which comes really handy at times.

6. Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod

Check Price


  • It has carbon tubes; reversible folding legs.
  • This tripod comes with a G-lock leg lock system for secure adjustment.
  • Its ball head is compatible with various plats.
  • Gitzo comes with a center column lock.


  • 2 pounds in weight
  • 22 pounds of load capacity
  • Maximum height of 64.4 inches
  • Minimum height of 12.6 inches

Gitzo series 1 one is one of the most stable yet lightweight. Its carbon fiber legs come with a center ball head kit. From beginners to the pro, itis the most reasonable when it comes to price and the most effective when it comes to performance. You can take it everywhere with you no matter if you are going to hunt or want to settle a spotting scope at your own place. It comes with spotting scope tripod backpack in additional cost.

Customer review

This Gitzo tripod is the light in weight and is highly portable. I used this one for photography and for a spotting scope as well; worked perfectly fine every time. 

7.  Vanguard Aluminum Tripod

Check Price


  • It as aluminium legs which makes it lightweight.
  • Rubber feet increase the stability and life of the legs.
  • Its ball head rotates 360 degrees and includes bubble levels.
  • Its instant Swivel stop-n-lock system securely repositions the central column of the tripod in one simple step. 


  • Folded height of 28.2 inches
  • Extended height of 68.2 inches
  • 4 pounds in weight
  • The maximum load capacity of 15.4 pounds

If you are looking for an ultimate tripod that offers durability and stability to the maximum with every type of device your use on the top. It works fine for spotting scopes, camera, and many more. It offers everything features from locking column to the adjustable legs, different leg angles, and swivel stop-n-lock system.

Customer review

This tripod comes in great quality and is versatile when it comes to using. It is very light in weight. I love how conveniently I can move around with it. For me, this is proven to be the best for macro and studio besides spotting scope.

8. COMAN tripod

Check Price


  • It has adjustable 3-section column legs with quick release sliding.
  • This tripod is made with a professional heavy-duty aluminium tube.
  • Bubble level makes it easier for users to adjust the levels when it comes to aiming.
  • It has interchangeable pan bar handle that offers convenient user control.


  • Pan range 360 degrees
  • Maximum height of 74 inches
  • Folded height of 35.4 inches
  • Loading capacity of 13.2 pound

It does not matter if you are going to use it for spotting telescope photography, this is the best product out there that offers exceptional performance in such a reasonable price. It has adjustable legs and a tilting head that offers a wide range of options for height adjustment and 360 rotating of the head.

Customer review

After using three different tripods previously, this best tripod deer stand has given the best performance along with stability and durability.

Finding the best tripod for spotting scopes is not as difficult as it sounds if you are aware of what you are getting. Understanding your needs and requirement is crucial in finding the best spotting scope and spotting scope with backpack. Whether it is the best tripod for binocular or spotting scope it must fulfil the requirement, or else it does not matter how expensive your product is, it will not give you the best of the experience.


1. What is the best tripod for spotting scopes?

Vortex high country tripod and Gitzo carbon fiber is the best tripod for scopes as it is the most durable and offers ultimate stability in every kind of environment and weather conditions. 

2. Are spotting scope tripods universal?

It depends on the type of tripod you are choosing. There are a lot of tripods in the market but every tripod is not universal. It depends on the head of the tripod. Some tripods support multiple head attachments that are capable of various attachments. 

3. Can I use a camera tripod as a spotting scope?

There are tripods that feature variable thread size, which means it supports all kind of spotting scope along with camera and binoculars.

4. Where can you buy the best spotting scope tripod?

You can find the best spotting scopes on Amazon. It offers a wide range of products from cheaper to high-end expensive options. There are some of the best spotting scope with tripod on Amazon along with spotting scope tripod reviews that help in making the right choice before making a purchase.

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