Best All Season Tire in Snow To Keep You on the Go

Generally, the best all season tires are good enough for most of your driving needs, but not perfect for snow. For driving in deep snow, you require specifically purpose-built winter tires or snow tires to prevent slipping.

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Bridgestone Blizzak (Model WS80)

-Diameter 17 inches
-Hydrophilic coating
-3-D Zig-Zag Sipes 

These are a special kind of tires designed for heavy snow weather because they give you more traction, more firmness, and safe driving results while driving in the worst weather.


Whenever you buy an all-season car tire, you need to know the key features that will help you to choose the right one.

Below are some main characteristics to look for before buying the best all-season tire for winter. These factors will enable you to short-list your required tires.


Traction is the ability of a tire to grip on the surface of road or snow. Driving on snow requires more traction as compared to the ordinary road. A tire is made of rubber and when rubber erases, it does not provide enough safety, especially in the snow.


The design of the tire needs to be checked out carefully. The tread appearance tells a lot of things about how the tire is going to support during driving. There should be a perfect match between your car and tire.


Before purchasing, you need to decide your budget. Since tires can make the difference between death and lives. Therefore, do not opt for cheaper tires. Always go for well-known brands, because they precisely manufacture the best performing all-season tires for snow.

Usually, all-season tires cost around $130 to $230. The price varies depending on the brands.


The load capacity of a tire defines its performance and sturdiness. Tire elasticity and durability is vital. Normally a car’s average load capacity is around 4000 lbs. If you’re looking for all-weather tires in snow, then remember to check the load capacity of the tire.


A heavy tire than the usual weight badly affects the fuel consumption of your car or SUV. It also has bad effects on the chassis and the body of the car. Henceforth, it is recommended to choose a tire having a normal weight that will result in a smooth and convenient drive.


UTQG stands for Uniform The Quality Grade. This grade helps to understand how safe a tire is as well as the quality of the tire. By studying the UTQG you’ll be able to understand the tire traction, its temperature resistance capacity, and other safety aspects.

Best All Season Tire In Snow

1. Bridgestone Blizzak (Model WS80)


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Key Features:

  • The tire’s rim diameter is 17 inches and the rim width is 7 inches.
  • A new hydrophilic coating functions best in wet especially slippery weather conditions.
  • Its tread bite particles act like microscopic studs delivering confident road control and reliable braking on ice.
  • The tire’s new cavity shape allocates load pressure equally across the entire contact area to provide great performance in snow.

This Bridgestone Blizak is manufactured to conquer the winter’s worst conditions. A unique addition by Bridgestone-engineered 3-D Zig-Zag Sipes allows to ‘bite’ the deep snow and provides impressive traction.

Whether it’s snow, ice, slush, muck, or an icy road, this tire has your back. The tire has earned the name of Best-selling winter tire rank for cars and light vans.

 2. Cooper Evolution Winter Radial Tire

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Key Features

  • Its rim width is 6.5 inches while the rim diameter is 16 inches.
  • The tires are stud-able for upgraded traction on ice and snow.
  • The tire has a one-directional unique tread pattern that gives improved braking and smooth acceleration in snowy conditions.
  • Its wide tread saw-tooth circumferential center rib enhances stability to your vehicle in severe weather.
  • Its multi-angled corrugated Siping has biting edges in every direction that gives enhanced grip and traction especially while turning.
  • The tire is capable of bearing a maximum load of 1477.

This durable and robust tire fits cars as well as SUVs and light trucks. This is one of the best all-season tires for snow and ice. An excellent choice for serious driving in snow. The tire provides extreme performance on snow and is rated for severe weather.

3. Nexen Winguard Ice Plus Stud-less Winter Radial Tire

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Key Features:

  • The tire is designed with a unique dual V-shape, that results in enhanced road grip and braking in slippery weather conditions.
  • Its four tread grooves and two small semi-grooves enable it to drain snow and icy mush to give a more road grip in severe weather.
  • The tire’s 3D block tread design ensures that the tire wears uniformly rather than from the center.
  • The tire is rated for fuel efficiency which means saving your money in the long run.
  • It weighs 24.5 lbs and has a 17-inch rim diameter.
  • It is capable to provide much better mileage than ordinary tires.

Nexen Winguard Ice Plus Radial Tire is another best all-season tire that can quietly and safely go over any winter conditions. The tire is highly reliable and trustworthy. It presents a large variety of design features that provides improved control, better braking, and smooth acceleration.

4. Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Winter Radial Tire

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Key Features

  • The tire proudly features Cross Z-shape Sipes, Micro-Pumps, and FleX-Ice Compound that provides the best traction on snow.
  • The tire comes with Michelin MaxTouch construction which is a unique surface contact patch shape for longer and optimal tread life.
  • The tire is eco-friendly, achieving the Michelin’s Green X standard. It helps to reduce fuel consumption and providing you impressive road grip.
  • The snow tire has 16 inches’ rim diameter with a rim width of 20.5 cm.
  • The total load capacity of this tire is 1477 lbs.

When you are confused and undecided about which winter tire to buy for the upcoming winter season, then the Michelin Man is always there to fully embrace winter even in the harshest weather conditions. This tire is Michelin’s 3rd generation of its popular X-ice series. The tire gives ultimate winter confidence spreading over thousands of miles.

5. Pirelli P Zero Nero All-Season Tire

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Key Features:

  • Its longitudinal and crosswise furrow optimization reduces the driving risk and delivers enhanced traction while turning.
  • The tires’ continuous circumferential element gives comfort and relaxation during driving.
  • A higher mechanical grip is provided due to its variable angle grooves.
  • Pirelli Self Supporting system provides more strengthening interleaved into the sidewall’s structure of the tire.
  • The tire has a radial construction with an 18-inch rim size.

The Pirelli P Zero Nero is a high-performance and top-rated best all-weather tires for snow. This is one of the best rated all-season tires in snow for sporty coupe and sedans. The good news is that this tire is also well-known as summer tires.

6. Firestone Destination All-Season Winter Radial Tire


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Key Features

  • The tire has polyester and steel belt body cords that deliver additional stability.
  • Its steel belts also help to prevent tire cuts.
  • The tire is circled with nylon wrapping that ensures to hold its shape for longer times and to enhance its high-speed fitness.
  • The tire also features circumferential tread grooves that channel water away to improve traction in wet and snowy conditions.
  • The load capacity of this tire is 2000 lbs.
  • The tire has a radial construction with a 16-inch rim diameter.
  • The product comes with a 5-degree noise reduction design which prevents tire noise on highways.

This is another all-season tire good in snow. It provides high-end performance in all-terrain round the year. The tire is manufactured for high-performance and longevity. No doubt one of the best all-season car tires in the snow.


While picking the best performing all-season tire in snow, you must consider in which part of the country you live and how much snow you get. If your area has normal winter, then all-season tires are sufficient. But if you get heavy snow-fall or slippery roads, then you need to buy the best all-season tires for snow and ice.


There is a misunderstanding that if someone has all-season tires, then he doesn’t need to buy snow tires. Whereas there’s a great difference between both. An all-season tire is designed for use ear-round in every weather and all types of roads. Whereas, snow tires are built differently and deliver better traction in icy conditions.

All-weather tires have a hard rubber compound. While snow tires have a hydrophilic rubber compound which is more flexible in cold weather.


Studded tires give better traction on ice and snow, as their metal studs are engineered to stick into slippery surfaces for better road-grip. But they’re very noisy while driving on dry roads.

On the other hand, Stud-less tires work efficiently on mud and sludge on crammed ice. These tires have wide and deep furrows that help for maximum traction.


Tires are the most important essentials of your vehicle. They become more important when you’re driving in snow or ice. The biggest problem a driver faces while driving in snowy weather is the grip problem. All the above-mentioned tires provide top-level grip in wet weather conditions. These are some tires that are suitable for snowy conditions. I hope after reading this you’ll be able to make a sound and clear decision about purchasing the best all-season tires for snow.


What is the best all-season tire for snow?

The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Winter Tire is the best and great option for all-season snow and winter tires. The tire is manufactured by a highly-trusted brand having a long history of manufacturing snow tires. You get long-term durableness and reliable road grip even on the slipperiest roads.

Do snow tires help on black ice?

Yes, snow tires also help on black ice, because they’re specifically designed and made from the hydrophilic rubber compound which is softer at very cold temperatures even below -45 degree F.

Are chains a better option than all-season tires in the snow?

Chains are also suitable while driving in snow. But in this way, you cannot drive fast. Chains work best for mountain driving at a slower speed. Whereas snow tires are specially designed to drive in heavy snow and ice at high speed.

Can used snow tires be bought?

No doubt, used snow tires are cheaper. In case you’re facing budget problems, then before buying used snow tires, ensure they’re not much used. Focus on the tread depth and make sure that they do not have much wear and tear.

Do all-weather tires count as snow tires?

The answer is A Big No. All-season tires work great in warm weather conditions. But in snowy weather conditions, they lack traction and lesser road grip which compromises your own and your family member’s safety.

What are good cheap winter tires?

Cheap winter tires mean Budget-friendly tires. Cooper Evolution Winter Tire, Michelin Pilot Alpin 5, and Bridgestone Blizzak are some of the good and budget-friendly tires.

Can you use all-season tires in the snow?

No. as already mentioned that due to the different design, treat pattern, rubber quality, and other factors, all-season tires are not the alternative for snow tires.

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