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6 Best Beyblade Launcher for Ultimate Robust and Stamina

The skills for launching the Beyblades on the battlefield are not enough if you don’t know which kind of the best Beyblade launcher is perfect for releasing your spinning top. Though, every launcher is capable of releasing the Beyblade but, it will affect the speed and strength as well.

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BEYBLADE Burst Pro String 

Dimensions - 1.76 x 8 x 6in

Weight is 6.3 ounces

Hasbro Manufacturer

Here, this guide has been assembled to help the Beyblade enthusiast know about the different launchers, their style, and their strength to make you the champion on the battlefield.

Significance of Beyblade Launcher

A plastic handheld wire-looking accessory that drops your Beyblade is the launcher that determines the speed and strength. Pairing the best Beyblade launcher with the best Beyblades and launching skills combines for the ultimate battling experience.  

These launchers though look similar but each of them has its own launching power. These are available with different characteristics.

The Types of Launcher

The most potent Beyblade launcher are categorized into three

  • Ripcord Launcher
  • String Launcher
  • Spin Launcher

Ripcord Launcher: This Beyblade ripcord launcher is the component of the Hasbro Series Metal Saga. It comes with every starter pack in the metal saga series. The ripcord launcher is sturdy and offers immense power.

String Launcher: The kind of Beyblade launcher is made with an ergonomic design with a perfect grip. It offers a sophisticated amount of power and offers more control and accuracy.

Spin Launcher: This type of Beyblade launcher if paired with defense Beyblade, offers ultimate strength that will make it spin till the end.

The Beyblade launcher is a compulsory accessory that comes with the package but you can also get them separately in case get damaged. Mostly, the Ripcord Beyblade launcher is the preferred one. 

Top 6 Best Beyblade and Launcher 

1. Beyblade Burst Pro Spinning Starter

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  • 76 x 6 x 8 inches product
  • 3 ounces’ weight
  • 8 years and above age limit
  • Includes spin battling top
  • Die-cast metal parts

This Beyblade launcher pairs up with the strongest Beyblade in the world, fulfilling the authenticity of its components. In this package, you will include a right spinning top with it. The energy layer if has to die cast metal contributes to the performance of the tip.

It is capable of competing with the high-end Beyblades with the help of this powerful ripcord Beyblade launcher. Also, you can unlock the digital battles with it by scanning the code of the Beyblade burst series.

The age limit has been placed for this product which is 8 years and above. This is because of the small components that it possesses. You can also get them separately.

2. Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Apocalypse Blade Set

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  • Product Dimension – 88 x 8 x 7 inches
  • Product weight is 0.007ounces
  • Maker – Hasbro

This type is used to launch the beyblade at a high speed in the battle and this launcher is used with Beyblade Burst Apocalypse Blade Set. The Apocalypse type blade launcher has a theme like sword and is a left or right spin launcher which launches the beyblades at a fast speed. Moreover, the hypersphere top contains a good performance tip which allows the top to climb the hypersphere beystadium vertical wall which makes the battle exciting.

One beyblade burst hypersphere apocalypse blade launcher and 1 right spin top consisting of beyblade burst. The energy layer cosmic apocalypse is a5. Forge disc – d75.
Performance tip is th15. Hypersphere beystadium is required for this. The item weight is 0.007 ounces and recommended age is 8+ or up.

3. Beyblade Burst Evolution Starter Pack Evipero E2

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  • Dimensions – 1.5 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Weight is 3.04ounces
  • Hasbro Type
  • Right-spin Launcher

These are Stamina types. Moreover, they include Beyblade Burst tops but not Beyblade Burst Rip Fire tops. Moreover, it is a Right spin launcher so it also includes one Beyblade Burst right-spin launcher & one Beyblade Burst right-spin top which consists of Beyblade Burst. The Energy Layer Evipero E2 Forge Disc is D23.

The product dimension is 1.5 x 8 x 5 inches. The item weighs 3.04ounces, and this is only recommended for age 8+ or above.

4. Burst Winning Beyblade 4pcs Achilles Forneus Bloody 

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  • Blasting Gyro Set
  • Configuration – Gyro 4 + Gyro 1 + Handle 1 + Transmitter 2+ Sticker 4
  • Plastic Material
  • Dimensions – 13.78 x 9.84 x 3.94 inches

This product type is ‘Spinning Tops’. The type is for 6 years old players. The Material of this product is basically plastic. They are small in size and considered as mini Beyblades and their speed is about 4x spinning top. The dimensions of this are 13.78 x 9.84 x 3.94 inches.

5. Beyblade Burst B – 111 Vol. 10 & Random Booster 

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  • Blade, Ragnarok
  • Metal Material
  • Model – Beyblade Dragoon
  • Dimensions – 6 x 4.2 x 7.7 cm

This is the Series type Beyblade. The Item Size is 21.6 x 7.7 x 4.2 centimeters and its weight is about of 90g.  The manufacturers are the Takara Tomy Company. The material used for the construction of this product is metal. The recommended age is 5 years or above.

6. Beyblade Burst Rise Slingshock Fang Dragoon F Starter Pack

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  • Dimensions – 1.5 x 7.99 x 5 inches
  • Weight is 2.4ounces
  • For 8+ Kids
  • Burst into pieces during battle
  • Have Slingshock Tops

These Beyblade Launchers have Slingshock tops with which they jump into the battle and they also have rail-riding capabilities including the feature of bursting into pieces while match, which results in an intense and interesting battle. They keep their performance tip into the match and can convert into Slingshock mode to hype up the battle and the match is done in Slingshock Beystadium.

Moreover, it includes Energy layer which is Fang Dragoon F, and a forge disc which is D48, plus TA07-S performance tip. It is a left/right spin launcher. Dimensions are 1.5 x 7.99 x 5in and the weight is 2.4ounces and it is specifically for 8+ kids.

Types of Beyblades

There are four various types of Beyblades;


  • The defense type beyblades are mostly heavier and they have an effect against attack type beyblades. The energy layer of defense type is mostly smooth and round and can also come with a ball bearing system which allows higher stability and makes it hard to grip for the attacker.


  • The Attack type of beyblades got a flat tip due to which it becomes more faster and have a greater contact zone with beyblade stadium. These beyblades are strong and most productive ones and known as best attack beyblades and their main focus is to beat the opponent’s beyblade as fast as they can with their fierce assaults.


  • These balance type beyblades is a combination of all the other types and they are considered as the Perfect beyblades. They are all-rounder like they have abilities of each type and they can be played in every fight.  


  • Stamina beyblades have a thin tip and they are designed in a way so that they can spin for a long time and beat the opponents. They have a great stability and also are productive against the defense beyblades.

What are the Safety Rules for Playing Beyblade Battle?

Safety rules are main for Beyblades in a buying guide, there are some important safety rules listed;

Check Your Surroundings

  • When you are pulling the ripcord from the launcher then make sure that no person or no wall is behind you, because if that then you can hurt that person or yourself. So, check the surroundings first.

Choking Hazard

  • The game is for 8+ kids, take care that the little ones do not put the performance tip (which is too small) into their mouth.

Entanglement Hazard

  • Stay careful with the ripcords because they are entangled together, so beware of the entanglement hazard.

Beystadium Precautions

  • Do not pick up the Beyblades outside of the stadium, until they stopped moving. Moreover, during a battle do not try to lean over the stadium because a bursting Beyblade can hurt you.


Does every type of Launcher work with every type of Beyblade?

The answer is yes. Most of the beyblades can easily get attached to different types of launchers but obviously, they have exceptions. The Beyblade and a launcher both can work together if their style line is the same which means that the grooves of the launcher must fit with the Beyblades.

Which is the strongest Beyblade?

Beyblade Burst Takara Tomy (B-148, Heaven Pegasus) is the strongest Beyblade and has powerful and strong stamina so that it can beat its enemy quickly with great power.

How Can You Tell If A Beyblade Is Right Or Left?

Beyblades are always spinning to right or left and which type you select will affect your battle strategy. You can recognize the type by looking at the details on the guide.

A right-spinning Beyblade has tabs on the bottom left and top right. On the other hand, A left-spinning Beyblade has tabs on the bottom right and top left edges.

The Pieces of Beyblade can be switched?

Yes, the pieces of Beyblade can be switched and exchanged, in that way, a unique and personal Beyblade can be created. In this way, you will get knowledge about the different parts of Beyblades and how it affects your game.

Just take care of parts that which part belongs to which Beyblade so that you do not have to bring it back to its original state.

Which one is the rarest Beyblade?

The rarest Beyblade is known as ‘Wolborg’ Beyblade. It includes an Ice-based wolf design that belongs to Tala of Demolition Boys.

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