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Best Budget Rowing Machine for a Fit Physique

Growing with subtlety is good—but losing your weight, turning your body fit and healthy—you might need any of the best budget rowing machine. There are a ton of other bodybuilding and exercise machines but the thing that attracts most of the fitness enthusiasts towards the rowing machine is its ability to hit 86% of the body’s muscle with one rep! Here, we have summoned up the finest models depending on their sheer performance, durability, portability, and versatility of uses.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

Dimensions: 78 x 19.1 x 23.2 inches
Weight: 60.9 Pounds

Based on such perfect features, lightweight, durability, compact, and aesthetic design—we have selected Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine as the best budget model for home as well as conventional gym use.

Features You Should Look in to Buy the Best Budget Rowing Machine


The resistance used in the rowing machine is sort of any object that puts the opposite to force the user. They can be the weight of any things, and by any means.

Non-Adjustable Resistance

The resistance in this sort of rowing machine is changeable depending on the factor of how hard you pull. It is good for economical range and hit cardio but weight gain and training goals are not comprehensible on these.

Adjustable Resistance Level

In muscle training, setting the level of resistance is necessary to set a goal and achieve it with different resistance levels. Some of the pros are;

  • The adjustability is good for better endurance and efficient level-ups.
  • Any beginner to advanced fitness enthusiast can pitch-inn the decorum of exercise with different resistance levels.
  • Gradual weight increase and decrease are apprehensible for thorough training goals.
    The rowing machines with adjustable resistance levels are usually larger than those that aren’t adjustable.

Types of Resistance

The resistance types used in the rowing machine are responsible for the variation and smoothness of the game. The commonly apprehended types are;

Water Resistance

The water is stored in a transparent container that acts as a weight against the pulls and pushes of the user. The adjustability is super precise as per the water level in the container.

Why You Should Consider This: The capacity for the weight-bearing is much potent on the user. The effect and aura of the game are much resilient. After emptying the water—the machine becomes super light and portable.
Why You Shouldn’t Consider This: The water might be a culprit—if the container gets leaked. The water changing, decreasing the water, or increasing the water level might be messy as well.

Air Resistance

These sort of rowing machines integrate air as for the resistance against the user’s force. The process is simple as the wheel housing is a flywheel with fan blades that are angled—this angle sets a certain amount of airflow that acts as the resistance, the more space in the flow, the less will resistance will be put. On the contrary side, the tighter the angle, the lesser will be the flow of air causing the wheel to move more difficultly.
The setting of Resistance: There is a knob, lever, or button system that adjusts the angle of the flywheel for the air passage.

Magnetic Resistance

The attractive and repulsive character of magnets is used to create resistance for the user. They are much basic sort of rowing machine. The magnets are placed next to the flywheel and create a drag on the spinning flywheel—now, the change of the resistance is done by movement of the magnets closer to the flywheel and vice versa.

Why You Should Consider This: The resistance level is super adjustable and are easy to set according to the fitness training goal.

Why You Shouldn’t Consider This: The durability and built quality are pretty basic as compared to other rower types. The resistance is merely responsive; thus, it may feel less smooth.


The storage of the rowing machine especially when they are used as the home gym is keenly important. Most of the best inexpensive rowing machine comes with foldable characteristics.


The foldable character in the rowing machines allows the user easy storage. The common foldable characters are;

  • Monorails are foldable that makes the volume just compact.
  • The upper and back seats are likewise foldable in some of the best value rowing machines.


Some of the rowing machines come in parts that can be assembled and disassembled—this feature likewise allows them for convenient storage. The major separations in the machine are;
The monorail can be separated from the resistance head of the rower.

A water tank or metal plates (according to the type) can be separated from the other parts i.e., back support, footrests, and the seat.


According to the rowing machine reviews, size matters in portability. As per the contribution, the key roles in the size of rowing machine are;

  • Digital Meter: Larger displays are better for convenience and aesthetics but the bigger they are, the size will be likely become more.
  • Resistance Option: Different resistance options convey different size ratios, as the water rowers have tanks, metal rowers have large plate systems, magnetic and air resistance rowing machines are compact because less space is needed for integration.
  • Monorail Length: The length of the monorail puts a major factor in the dimensions of the rowing machines—adjustability is given in most models.

Monorail Length

Some of the cheap rowing machines have shorter monorail length that most of the times is not comfortable and does not give a thorough training style for the user. The considerations;
Monorail length of 120 cm for rowers up to 6’4”.

The too much longer monorail will also cause inconvenience for the user that are short heighted or when their posture doesn’t fit—check for the adjustability of the rowing machine, still if the fitting is not appropriate, choose the length according to your physical stature.

Foot Straps Adjustability

The foot placement in the rowing machine gives a thorough load while training. Check for the angle adjustability, especially when there are typically more than two users of different categorical postures.


What is any good than the fact your machine is just your trainer as well! Just a bit of mental discipline of the proper game and it will guide you on your game status. The different calibration that one can look for;

Rep Count

One of the resilient features is the counting of reps while the game. As you pull and push the rower, any of the best budget rowing machines will count the reps of the user.

Calories Burnt

Taking an insight into your progress is extremely important in any fitness game—this allows you to achieve certain goals accordingly. Certain of the best rowing machine for the home might have equipped with this feature to convey thorough information about the physicality of your training.


One might prefer wristwatches for setting up timer while the game but during the reps and moment it becomes difficult to glimpse at the wrist, just the angle won’t allow. Thus, for convenience especially when hitting cardio, the timer is required, much of the indoor rowers have this featured on their display meter.


As anti-parallel to the timer function, glimpsing at the wrist for the time count is just messier during the game. Stopwatches integrated into the rowing machine display help keep a count of time while working at any of the most graduated angles of games.

Top 6 Best Budget Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

-Weight: 60.9 Pounds
-LCD Monitor
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Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth

-Weight: 28.83 Kilograms
-Material: Steel
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Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

-14 Inch Seat Height
-Adjustable Footrests
Check Price
CIRCUIT FITNESS Circuit Fitness Deluxe

-Multiple Intensities
-Increased Stability
Check Price
MaxKare Water Rowing Machine Water Rower

-Aesthetic Design
-Padded Handles
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HouseFit Water Rower Rowing Machine

-Weight: 77
Material: Iron
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1. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

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Hot Feature

  • Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic
  • Dimensions: 78 x 19.1 x 23.2 inches
  • Weight: 60.9 Pounds
  • LCD Monitor
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Non-Slip Foot Pedal
  • Adjustable Resistance
  • Resistance Level: up to 8
  • Maximum Weight: 250 Pounds
  • Color: Grey
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Frame Material Alloy Steel

The Sunny Health & Fitness Rower is integrated with magnetic resistance giving a smoother game experience. The model comes with an LCD monitor that displays thorough stats of the reps. Super adjustable resistance up to 8 levels allows the user to achieve training goals much reliably.

The foot strap is non-slip and adjustable. The robust frame of alloy steel makes the machine more durable than the competitors. Smart magnetic resistance allows the rower to be lightly weighted thus, decreasing the hustle of installation. The transportation is likewise easy because of the wheels installed.

2. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rowing Rower

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  • Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic
  • Dimensions: 88.5 x 21.5 x 21.5 inches
  • Weight: 28.83 Kilograms
  • Material: Steel
  • Max Weight: 250 Pounds
  • Color: Gray, black
  • Number of Batteries: 2 AA (included)
  • Display Type: LCD
  • App Integrated
  • Resistance Level: up to 14
  • Foldable Characteristic

The Fitness Reality 1000 Plus has Bluetooth connectivity that allows the user to sync in the data of training and exercise with the machine—this makes the reps more focused and goal-oriented. The LCD calibrates the progress of the game. The resistance stages are leveled up to 14 points giving an overall adjustment control to the user.

Compact and elegant design allows you to increase your home aesthetics. The machine contains smoothness resiliently, with a light-weighted body making transportation and relocation much easier. Machine likewise monitors the health, and endurance stature for boosted goals.

3. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

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  • Resistance Mechanism: Aerodynamics
  • Dimensions: 55 X 22 X 15 Inches
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • 14 Inch Seat Height
  • Adjustable Footrests
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Extra-Long Monorail
  • Performance Monitor 5 Computer
  • Smartphone Cradle
  • Wireless Connectivity

The Concept2 Model D has a low-impact workout engagement that hits every major muscle. The seat adjustability with 14 inches of height allows the user to specialize different sorts of muscle games. The PM5 (Performance Monitor 5) computer display on the rower makes the track record reliable—the wireless connectivity that captures the heart rate belts adds further alliance to a better game.

The easy to assemble build of the machine plays a keen role inconvenient moving and storage. The whole structure assembles and disassembles without tools because of the frame-lock mechanism. The air resistance makes the model more compact as compared to the other sorts of rowing machines.

4. CIRCUIT FITNESS Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

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  • Resistance Mechanism: Magnetic
  • Dimensions: 91 x 20 x 31 inches
  • Frame Material: Steel and Aluminum
  • Multiple Intensities
  • Increased Stability
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Durable Injection-Molded Seat
  • Foam-Covered Handlebars
  • Adjustable Foot Straps
  • LCD Screen Panel
  • Foldable Design

The Circuit Fitness Deluxe has a robust magnetic resistance system that provides thorough workout intensities. The foldable design and integrated wheels allow the owner for convenient relocation. The machine is compact and has easy to store design. The digital display supports the measurement of distance, time, calories burned, SPM, date, and ambient temperature—it keeps your track record securely.

The structure is based on heavy-duty steel and aluminum that ensure better stability. The comfort is likewise not left behind—handlebars are foam covered and the seat is ultra-soft. The posture is easy to maintain with adjustable foot straps.

 5. MaxKare Water Rowing Machine Water Rower

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  • Resistance Mechanism: Water
  • Dimensions: 78 x 17.3 x 35.4 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Max Weight Capacity: 264 Pounds
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Padded Handles
  • Cushioned Seat
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Frame: Steel
  • Powder-Coated Paint
  • Large LCD Monitor
  • Man-Machine Competitive Mode
  • Max User height Capacity: 6’3”

The MaxKare Rowing Machine uses water as the resistance option—which makes it super appealing not only because of hardcore training challenges but for aesthetics as well. The pulleys and support point allows easy transportation and ease in upright storage.

The mechanism or operation is ultra-quiet—thus, best for home use. The large display LCD tracks the record of Time, SPM (strokes per minutes), Distance, and Calories. The most fun part about the workout with this model is the man-machine competitive mode that puts the endurance to the next level.

6. HouseFit Water Rower Rowing Machine

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Hot Features

  • Resistance Mechanism: Water
  • Dimensions: 43.3 x 21.3 x 18.3 inches
  • Weight: 77 Pounds
  • Material: Iron
  • Max Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Resistance Levels: up to 6.
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Batteries: 2 AAA
  • Frame Material Alloy Steel
  • Max Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.

The HouseFit Water Rower is specially built for dual compliance use—home, and gym. The compact structure of alloy steel makes the model durable and robust. The resistance stages are leveled up to 6 giving a thorough workout experience to the user.

The rower integrates a large tablet/phone placement spot in the dash. The seats are cushioned and the paddles are made with non-slip technology for better posture hold. The digital meter allows the user to put in robust exercises with set targets and shred goals.

What Exercises You can Perform with Rowing Machine?


A healthy life is what one always deems of—the only way to that is to sweat thru the harsh muscle endurance and perform, for the purpose, any of the best budget rowing machines is pro of category. The machine takes into account around 86% of the human muscle while the game. Here, in this guide, we have concluded the rooking features that need consideration for the purchase. The including ones are; size, monorail length, display stats, resistance options, resistance levels, smoothness, and aesthetics. We have likewise enlisted the best budget rowing machine that integrates the convenient features and characteristics while not disturbing your pocket routine as well.


  1. What is the best rowing machine for the money?

    It depends on the sort of resistance you understand as convenient—as per the selection of magnetic resistance with the smoother game, aesthetic design, and portability, the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine is the best rowing machine for the money.

  2. Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

    A compilation of hit cardio training with proper angles will help you shred stubborn belly fat—any of the best budget rowing machines targets the belly muscles thus, it is possible to apprehend a leaner body shape.

  3. Are 20 minutes of rowing enough?

    This totally depends on the game and your muscle target; hit cardio and resistance level contribute to the proper exercise. Whether it is 20 or 30 minutes, solemnly follow a training criterion according to your goal.

  4. Are cheap rowing machines any good?

    For proper training goals, cheap ones might not be any good, putting just a slight extension in the budget for rowing machine will include better resistance adjustability, calories, and rep count in the display with portability.

  5. Which is a better treadmill or rowing machine?

    It depends on your game criteria, the rowing machine is based on muscular movement as rowing, on the side, the treadmill costs you effort overrunning. Rowers likewise, help you build a better core with specified muscle targets including, back, shoulders, belly, obliques, and thigh as well.



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