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Top 6 Best Cross body Bags in 2021

Where these cute, little, delicious, and squishy children are a blessing, they make your life a lot of a mess with all the baby accessories from bottles to diapers, burping clothes, pacifiers, and whatnot.

With a baby by your side and the baby essentials, it is hard to get organized, especially when you are out of your house and trust us your regular purse won’t save you on the go.

No worries, you have got you covered with crossbody bags as they are what you need to get yourself organized and save your time and energy on finding the essentials in the time of need.

Crossbody bags are spacious than the regular bags and have compartments for various things to give a well-organized placement of things. We have gathered some of the best crossbody bags that are exceptional when it comes to durability, quality, and functionality.

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Baggallini Everywhere bagg with RFID

 ☞ Nylon fabric
☞ Zipper closure
☞ 36 inches shoulder drop

What to look for while buying crossbody bags?

Any bag will be of use if only it is up to the mark as per the features that make any bag useful for every kind of use for every person.

Here are some of the things that you must not overlook while making a purchase to make it worth the time, money, and effort.

  • Material

If you are choosing a bag that looks really cute and it stylish, it is okay, but only if you are not overlooking the quality of the material that is used to make the bag. Crossbody bags are used on a daily basis, which calls for durability or else they will start choosing their true colors in just a few months.

The most promising material for crossbody bags is leather that can be quite expensive but does not lose hope as there are other alternatives that are equally high-end yet affordable, such as faux leather or PU leather.

If you carry hell lot of stuff with you, it is important to consider the quality and material of the product you are going to buy so that it lasts you a longer period of time.

  • Strong stitching

If you are carrying heavy things with you, make sure you are getting a bag with strong and quality stitching. It may cost you a little extra but will save you a lot of time and money in the future, changing bags every now and then.

  • Heavy-duty zippers

No more broken zippers!

Isn’t all the fuss, crying, and a hell lot of baby essential you do not want to deal with broken zippers, period. To keep the sanity always look for a high-end zipper that gives you a smooth opening and closing along with a long life.

  • Spacious room

If you have to carry an extra bag besides crossbody bag for some of the stuff, you have not chosen the right bag. The purpose of a crossbody bag is to offer a convenient and ultimate organization experience, which makes it important to have proper pockets for every accessory. It will save you time to find things in the bag at the time of need.

  • Non-slip straps

The most overlooked feature when it comes to buying crossbody bags is a strap. The quality and material matter the most in keeping it on the shoulders. Besides the material, the style and design of the strap also help in giving secure handling in every kind of situation.

Investing in something a bit expensive can be hard at times, but it will help you in the long run, saving you from frequent changing. Knowing what matters and whatnot will make it easier for you to choose the most promising crossbody bag.

6 Best Cross body Bags for Moms

Baggallini Everywhere bagg with RFID☑ Nylon fabric
☑ Zipper closure
☑ RDIF protection

Check Price4.7/5
DASEIN Women's Handbags☑Leather construction
☑ Cruelty free
☑ Zipper closure
Check Price4.5/5
Mini Backpack by Miss Fong
beg is different
☑ Shoulder strap
☑ Mesh pocket
☑ Insulated pockets
Check Price4.5/5
Diaper Bag Tote by Zohzo☑Detachable straps
☑ Removable changing pads
☑ Durable
Check Price4.2/5
Diaper Bag Backpack☑Anti-theft technology
☑Unisex design
☑Dual metal zippers
Check Price4.6/5
Crossbody Bag for Women☑ Waterproof
☑ Lightweight
☑ Heavy duty zippers
Check Price4.4/5

1.  Baggallini Everywhere bag with RFID

Check Price

Key features
  • Nylon fabric
  • Zipper closure
  • 36 inches shoulder drop
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • RFID protection

These cross body bags for moms with pockets bring ease to your life. They are easy to carry and provide a stylish profile. It has nylon material that makes it lightweight and extra pockets give you more space to carry daily essentials.

This is one of the best crossbody bags for travel which come in different color and design range which make it a must wardrobe accessory.

It comes with RFID-protected wristlet which keeps your credit cards, passports and IDs safe from being scanned.

These best travel bags for moms have an extra sleeve that slips onto the handle of your travelling bag which gives you the freedom to dash thru without being worried about your bag all the time.

It is waterproof and weighs only 1lb.  These best crossbody bags for moms come with an adjustable strap that makes suitable for a person with varying heights.

Customer review

Perfect crossbody bag with spacious and dedicated pockets for everything. highly recommended.

2 . Kipling Aisling Solid Crossbody Bag

Key features

  • Nylon construction
  • Multiple pockets
  • Cruelty-free
  • Spacious
  • Stylish
  • Zipper closure

These backpacks for moms with toddlers are made of Nylon. It has interior compartments with slip pockets that give a secure space to keep your essentials.

This bag is very light in weight and durable no matter how much weight you put it in. Along with that, it is waterproof. Its adjustable straps make it easier for you to convert from crossbody to shoulder as per the requirement. 

Customer review

This bag is perfect for everyday use because of its durable material and various pockets. I am loving it for my baby essential while on the go.

3. Mini Backpack by Miss Fong

Check Price

Key features

  • Soft Backpack Strap (85cm length Detachable)
  • Long Shoulder Strap (120cm length, Detachable)
  • 1 Insulated pocket
  • 3 mesh pockets
  • 1 zipper wipes pocket
  • Convenient Handle Strap
  • 1 New Extra Backpocket

This best leather crossbody bag is Phthalate and BPA free. It’s light in weight and has a zipper closure. This is one of the best toddler bags for moms as it fits in a lot of essentials. It has an insulation layer to keep your food or drinks safe for at least 3 hours of storage.

This bag is super easy to clean as you can wipe any stain or mark on it. It is machine washable and also dries really fast.

These best crossbody bags for moms have a very comfortable detachable back strap of length 85cm and a shoulder strap of length 125cm. It has two small zipper pockets, 6 pockets on the outer side and 6 pockets in the inner side.

Customer review

I saw my friend using this bag with ease and I knew that I need to get one for myself as I do not carry too much of stuff with me and this bag gives the perfect space to accommodate everything I need.

4. Diaper Bag Tote by Zohzo

Check Price

Key features

  • 11 pockets
  • Detachable straps
  • Built-in removable changing pads
  • Spacious
  • Easy to carry

If you are tired of being unorganized and wants a bag which compliments your lifestyle then this bag is for you. it’s one of the best toddler bags for moms having great space and multiple pockets.  The purpose of this bag is to make your life easier by organizing each and everything for you.

It’s a multipurpose bag which is very carefully designed to provide you with maximum functionality. It has a total 11 pocket; 6 on the outer side and 5 on the inner side which makes it the best bag with lots of pockets.

This bag includes two stroller strap, you just have to clasp them on to your stroller and your bag just sits there and you are good to go for last-minute grocery shopping.  These straps are stable and do not get into your way while strolling.  The best thing about these straps is the fact that they are adjustable and detachable, you can simply detach them and tuck them into your pocket if you are not using them.

It also has a removable changing pad which is very comfortable for your baby, you can change your baby’s diaper anywhere you want. These best crossbody bags for moms include insulated pocket which helps you keep your bottle or anything hot or cold and protected from the temperature outside.

Customer review

Stylish yet durable and spacious. What else a mom needs? It is an amazing product when it comes to quality and affordability.

5. Diaper Bag Backpack

Check Price

Key features

  • 14 organizer compartments
  • Multiple pockets
  • Anti-theft technology
  • Dual metal zippers
  • Unisex design
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight

This large diaper bag is an excellent gift for baby showers. It has multiple pockets.

This bag has dimensions; 11.8×16.5×7.1“. It has 14 organizer compartments spacious enough to carry baby’s accessories. This bag can also be carried for shopping and travelling.

It comes with a side pocket dedicated for wipes and 2 side pockets that are insulated to provide you safe handling of a water bottle and milk bottles.

This bag has2 front zippered pockets for easy access to daily necessities and a spacious main compartment ideal for holding for baby’s shoes, clothes, snacks, laptops and other important travel gear.

The zippered net compartment is ideal for carrying diapers and towel, whereas you can keep pacifiers in interior mesh pockets.

It comes with 2 straps that can fix the bag to the stroller offering hands-free functionality. This diaper bag comes with a changing pad providing added convenience to moms. It can be worn as a backpack and can also be hanged on the strollers.

This bag comes with anti-theft technology and dual metal zippers to keep your items safe. Its unisex design makes it an ideal choice for both moms and dads. This bag is light in weight and hence easy to carry. Its waterproof fabric makes it durable enough to last for years.

Customer review

An extremely functional and stylish bag I have seen after using two bags before that gave me a really hard time.

6. Crossbody Bag for Women

Check Price

Key features

  • Multiple pockets
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty zippers

This lightweight crossbody bag is ideal for travelling and everyday use. It comes with a linen shoulder strap that provides a stable grip and does not slip easily.

This bag has polyester lining for a waterproof finish. The classic zippers enable easy and smooth closure/opening.

It has multiple pockets including 2 side pockets on the exterior,1 zipper pocket at back,3 front zipper pockets,2 interior zipper pocket and 2 open pockets.

This bag has easy to access compartments that perfectly fit your small items such as cords, planners, phone and pens.

Its fashionable style enables you to wear it as a shoulder bag, handbag or crossbody bag. This bag is ideal; for shopping and travel with its organization features and variety of storage options.

Customer review

I was not sure about this bag till the last moment but as soon as I received it I was really happy with the quality. Besides quality, it is spacious and has well-organized pockets.


All of the above-mentioned products are carefully chosen to provide you with a complete organization and best travel experience, but personal preference also plays an important role in choosing the right bag. If you have an understanding of what you need, you will be able to make the right decision.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite one now!


Can crossbody bag be used as a shoulder bag?

It solely depends on the type of bag you are purchasing as different bags have different adjustable features. If yours allows you to adjust or change the strap, you can use it as a shoulder bag.

Can crossbody bag cause back pain?

Crossbody bags are the least problematic when it comes to back or neck pain as they are worn across the body, which divides the weight of the bag evenly. If you are wearing it too low it may cause pain in the back over time.

Where can I find the best crossbody bags?

The best can be found everywhere but there will be no guarantee if the product is original. To save yourself from the fuss it is better to go for a trusted website that offers 100% customer satisfaction. Amazon is one-stop-shop for all your needs. You can find the best products and a whole lot of variety to choose from. Besides all this, customer reviews on the website help you in getting to know the realtime experience of the users.

Which is the best crossbody bag? 

Baggallini Everywhere is the best crossbody bag when it comes to quality and functionality.

What makes any crossbody bag the best?

If you are talking about what to look for in the best crossbody bag, it is the quality and the functionality. Any bag must be able to endure a heavy amount of weight and last through a cyclone is the best.

Is chain strap a better option for crossbody bags?

If you are a new mom or expected to be one soon, you may not know now that managing a baby with all the other stuff can drive you crazy and keeping a chain strap on the shoulder for so long can really be uncomfortable. Plain straps are the best to go for when it comes to comfort and usage.

Can crossbody bags be used for long trips?

If your bag has enough space for what you will be needing to take with you on the trip, what else is there that stops you from not using your bag for long trips. It will help you in moving around to places and enjoy without having a trouble to carry your baby’s stuff with you.

What is an ideal and most comfortable width for a crossbody bag strap?

These bags are ideal and popular because of their adjustable strap sizes. Ideal size for the strap cannot be generalized as it depends on the height of the person, but what you can know the best is that is must be somewhere near  28 to 65 inches. It will allow for comfortable wear.

All of these are the best in terms of quality and durability.
Shoulder bags can be ideally worn as crossbody bags.

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