6 Best GPS With Backup Camera for a Secure Ride in 2021

The best gps with backup camera not only integrates your vehicle but also is reliable assistance for frequent travelers. The GPS allows you to have the location and information of all the hospitals, CNG stations, restaurants, and hotels near your location.

We have researched and assembled a buying guide along with the types of the best GPS with backup systems for you. Let’s get started.

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Garmin Nüvi Portable Bluetooth Car GPS

☞ 7 inch display
☞ Dual orientation capability
☞ Multiple locations navigation

Things to Consider Before Buying


  • The best GPS backup camera combo integrates with your vehicle effortlessly.
  • The technological advancement that is assimilated in this device helps you in your daily life and makes things easier for you while you are traveling.

Screen Size

  • The GPS Backup cameras are available in different screen sizes. The most common screen size is 7 inches.
  • Screen size matters the most when you are watching it as a TV or as a backup camera GPS navigation system.
  • A large screen view helps to improve the user experience by guiding you to your location and providing you with a clear view of your surroundings.
  • A large screen car GPS with google maps also shows the best route to your location without traffic issues.

Night vision

  • This is one important feature for the gps backup camera as it works as an aid during the dark. This feature enables to record the surrounding footage in a high definition (720, 1080p depending upon the product) during nighttime.

Wide Angle

  • A gps backup camera must be capable of capturing the image or video at a wide-angle. Most of the gps trackers come with an image range of almost 6 meters. Some cameras have an F2.0 large aperture lens for quality recording however, products offer an ultra-wide range which is almost 140 degrees.


  • The best GPS unit with rearview camera shows high-resolution images and maps. With the crisp resolutions that the GPS offers it is easy to read the name and identify every road and street ahead.
  • The GPS with a backup camera can provide 1080p resolution which is the highest available resolution at the time with the combo of a large screen that can be your best travel guide.


  • Most GPS unit with backup camera systems is easy to install. The GPS  backup camera mounts on your rearview mirror.
  • The stereo unit fits in the radio space and the dashcam is set on the dashboard. These systems are easy to install and don’t take much space in your car.


  • The best GPS with the backup camera also provides touch screen mode so the customer can zoom in the images or rotate the map at an angle of 360 degrees to navigate through the roads with ease.

We have narrowed down some top-notch products so here you go.

Top 6 Best GPS With Backup Camera

Garmin Nüvi Portable Bluetooth Car GPS

☞ 7 inch display
☞ Dual orientation capability
☞ Multiple locations navigation
4.1/5Check Price
Garmin Drive 60LM GPS

☞ High quality Hand-free calls
☞ Covers worldwide locations
☞ Hand free Message reading
4.0/5Check Price
Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS

☞ Notifies about traffic conditions
☞ Portable battery
☞ 4.4 x 2.5 inches display
4.0/5Check Price
VVCAR Mirror Dash Backup Camera Touch Screen

☞ 12 inches screen size
☞ Records sudden accidental scenes
☞ G-sensor for various alerts
4.0/5Check Price
Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

☞ 2.4 GHz transmission type
☞ Up to 45 feet transmission range
☞ 240 p picture resolution
3.8/5Check Price
Cesto vet GPS BackUp Cam

☞ 7-inch display screen
☞ Built-in backup camera
☞ 36GB extended memory
3.7/5Check Price

1. Garmin Nüvi Portable Bluetooth Car GPS

Price on Amazon


  • 7-inch display
  • Zoom-in and dual-orientation capability
  • Multiple renowned locations navigation
  • Foursquare display view
  • Bluetooth connectivity

This navigation and best gps backup camera system by Garmin Nüvi Portable Bluetooth Car GPS has 5 inches display with zoom-in capability and dual-oriented view mode so you can view the map with ease according to your planned route.

This GPS with backup camera and blue tooth makes navigation easier by showing complex routes in a simpler way allowing you to reach your destination through the most tranquil route available.

The GPS with backup camera and Bluetooth lets you search millions of new destinations like restaurants, malls, airports, and shops.

The Garmin Nuvi GPS wireless back up camera has a lifetime map update function that can help you in your multiple travels to a destination.

If a place you visited on your last visit gets closed, or some new shorter roads are built toward your destination, you will have the information beforehand with the help of a Garmin car navigation system with backup camera.

This gps backup camera navigation system shows traffic routines with the latest map data that allows you to set your routine accordingly.

Garmin GPS with backup camera and Bluetooth has a Voice-Activated Navigation and Smartphone Link Capability.


  • Efficient navigation engine
  • Traffic updates
  • Lane identification
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Faintly smaller size than other similar devices
  • Excessive detail on the screen
  • Takes time in processing
Customer Reviews

I love this device. It is a real game-changer but I admit that it requires some updates and changes.

2. Garmin Drive 60LM GPS Navigator 

Price on Amazon


  • High-quality Hand-free calls
  • Best car GPS with google maps
  • Covers worldwide locations
  • In-built Wi-Fi network connectivity
  • Hand free Message reading

This best GPS with backup camera has built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to get the latest software that helps in downloading updated maps.

This gps backup camera navigation system covers the detailed routes and locations in Canada, United States, and Mexico.

TomTom GPS with backup camera and blue tooth provides high-quality hand-free calls any time anywhere due to its amazing blue tooth connectivity.

This GPS navigation & wireless reverse blue tooth backup camera provides precise traffic routine information that enables you to intelligently plan your route around traffic.

TomTom GPS and backup camera combo also update enhanced maps frequently. The TomTom GO 620 GPS unit with backup camera reads messages from your phone for you while your hands are busy driving.


  • Connects to Wi-Fi automatically
  • Detects Road traffic
  • High-resolution display screen


  • Bluetooth connection not portable
  • Takes time in processing
  • Requires constant update

Customer Reviews

It is a good unit with a quite large screen with some cool features. It does not mean that it works perfectly. It does give me some tough times when I was in a hurry and it showed me every possible route that it can. It only happens once.

3. Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS navigation system

Price on Amazon


  • Daily alerts
  • Notifies about traffic conditions
  • Foursquare view for multiple location tracking
  • Portable battery
  • 4.4 x 2.5 inches display

This amazing automotive best GPS with backup camera sends voice alerts so you can be aware of any sharp turns, traffic jams, school zones, or red lights ahead. This function enables you to drive safely and plane your routes accordingly.

This GPS wireless backup camera is equipped with the latest design and advanced features. It display uses four square screens that show new and popular restaurants, stores, and other places. The screen resolution of this best portable GPS for the car is 480 x 272 pixels.

This GPS mirror with backup camera displays the current speed of your vehicle, the current street zone where you are driving, and the estimated arrival time at your destination.

The GPS with video input has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that works for 1 hour. This GPS and backup camera combo simplifies navigation so you can select multiple locations easily.

Display size of this best GPS with backup camera is 4.4 inches wide and 2.5 inches in height.

This GPS with rear view camera has a built-in white backlight which brings brightness to the screen enhancing visibility. Garmin, the best GPS with backup camera mounts on your rearview mirror.


  • Voice directions
  • Quick access to networks
  • Excellent screen resolution
  • Easy readability of every small detail
  • Vibration resistant


  • Doesn’t include a worldwide map
  • Low Battery life
Customer Review

My husband fell ill. Actually, he got a stroke and I am unaware of the routes. I have to take my husband to different states for medical appointments. This device remained my assistance throughout my tough time. I am glad that my husband bought this for our car.

4. VVCAR Mirror Dash Backup Camera Touch Screen

Price on Amazon


  • 12 inches screen size
  • Records sudden accidental scenes
  • G-sensor for various alerts
  • Low-reflective IPS LCD screen

This GPS tracking camera has a 12-inch display with a touch screen that allows easy and quick navigation.

The device has a built-in storage chip that records the videos made from the camera; front camera records videos in 1296 p quality and the backup camera show videos of 1080 p resolution.

The best GPS with backup camera combo wireless has a loop recording function so all previous recordings are being overwritten after the memory space gets full.

This backup camera GPS navigation system also has a G-sensor that automatically detects a sudden shock and locks the video clip that doesn’t let the overwriting function delete it even in loop recording.

The GPS with rearview camera combines a large F1.8 aperture with WDR and HDR which ensures the clarity of images even at the darkest of places.

This amazing feature eradicates the need for an auxiliary light source even at night, making it easy to obtain sharp, color-accurate images. These features ensure safe driving and safe parking.

The portable navigation with the gps also has a lane departure warning system. While driving the GPS automatically detects your lane and releases an audible alarm if the vehicle is out of the driving lane. The device is also easy to install.


  • HD quality LCD screen
  • Clear visibility
  • Clear picture quality
  • Guides during parking
  • Lane detection
  • 170° front and 140° wide rear view angle
  • Big and wide display touch screen


  • Slow functioning
  • Low performance
  • Works only for mirror view

Customer Reviews

This camera works fine for me as I wanted to have a wireless camera instead of an extra length that I can fix easily. This is easy to install and made my life much easier.

5. Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

Price on Amazon


  • 2.4 GHz transmission type
  • Up to 45 feet transmission range
  • 240 p picture resolution
  • Compatible with other Garmin GPS mirrors

This in-dash backup camera GPS works with most Garmin GPS devices. The GPS navigation & wireless reverse blue tooth backup camera system in this device shows what’s behind your vehicle in reverse mode.

This function allows easy parking that forbids any instant hitting and damage of vehicles while parking.

The camera has a 240 p resolution that works best with the Garmin navigator. You can connect it to a power connection through the wire and easily use it as both camera and navigation moods.

This automotive best GPS with backup camera makes high-definition videos from a distance of 45 meters. The videos shown through this navigation and backup camera system are HD quality.

The material used in this device is of tough quality that allows it to work accurately even in harsh weather.


  • Allows connectivity to 4 cameras simultaneously
  • Convenient functioning
  • Wireless connection


  • Low-resolution quality
  • Slow performance
Customer Reviews

My Prius 2007 model came with a gps backup camera that works very slow so I started to hunt for a GPS system that has all the latest features and most importantly it shouldn’t be slow like my previous one. It is exactly what I have wanted.

6. Cesto vet GPS Navigator & HD Backup Camera

Price on Amazon


  • 7-inch display screen
  • Updates about traffic alerts
  • Voice alerts that help in navigation
  • Built-in backup camera
  • 36GB extended memory

This automotive GPS with backup camera has a 7 inches last display. The screen also provides touch sensors that respond quickly without any delay.

This nav system with backup camera has built-in map storage. The GPS and rearview camera have stored the maps of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Online maps can also download many other country maps that can be navigated easily.

This GPS with a backup camera also supports map search through postcode, street name, and house address. The best-rated GPS systems for cars also provide intelligent camera alerts of the vehicle’s current speed; alerts also include sound warnings and estimated arrival times which help in Route Planning.

The In-dash backup camera GPS also has a built-in storage capacity of up to 8GB ROM. It also supports up to 32G extended memory.


  • Traffic routes regular alerts
  • Speed limit warnings
  • Customizable route plans


  • Doesn’t include USB ports
  • 12 V Low battery life
  • Low performance
Customer Reviews

It is my first purchase of the GPS system. I am totally naive to this kind of technology.

Types of Best GPS with Backup Camera

Dash Camera System

  • This GPS with video input system comes in several screen sizes and is solidly made with a steady base.
  • The car navigation system with a backup camera sits on your dashboard rather than mounting to your rearview mirror.
  • These GPS mirrors with backup camera are a type of built-in unit that is embedded in high-end vehicles that include GPS and a pop-up screen.

Mirror Dash Cam

  • GPS with wireless backup camera system usually comes in the form of a mirror dashcam, which is placed on top of your existing rear-view mirror.
  • These rearview mirror backup camera GPS are attached via straps or other mounting methods and have a built-in front view camera.
  • The GPS systems are typically wider in screen than standard rearview mirrors. The widescreen view offers a fuller picture. These mirror dash cams also provide car GPS with google maps.

Car Stereo

  • This Best GPS with a backup camera and blue tooth is fitted within the space of your car’s original stereo.
  • Older cars had this version of navigation system that was fitted within the radio or auxiliary connectivity devices.
  • Car Stereo GPS unit with backup camera units can be single or double DIN, conditional to the size of the vehicle’s center dash cluster.

Benefits of GPS and Backup Camera Combo

GPS unit with back up camera usually has both front and rear camera so the users have the benefit of every view and information of their surroundings very well.

The camera also allows you to record every location you have visited and share your every moment with your loved ones.

Most GPS units are available independently in the market and people have to purchase gps back up camera for them separately. This doubles the cost for the consumer.

The GPS with camera and Bluetooth works as a two in one functional device so you don’t have to worry about installing different devices at a higher cost.

Many old luxury cars had GPS systems embedded in them as standard equipment but technological advancement has made it possible to have the GPS and camera combo in one device so you can upgrade your car system. Install the best GPS wireless camera combo in your vehicle to enjoy the latest versions of both.

The best upgraded technology always improves the value of any machinery. So is the case with cars. It’s a lot easier to drive a vehicle with navigation and camera capabilities.

If you have purchased a car that has all the technologically upgraded systems in it and later on if you intend to sell it, the inclusion of GPS unit with the backup camera will increase the value of your car to the potential buyer.

Do I need a WIFI connection to use my gps with a backup camera?

It is not necessary to have a WIFI connection established with the gps backup camera because mostly, the trackers work by satellite connectivity. Nevertheless, the WIFI will be needed when you need to operate the other applications in the gps system.

How often are GPS system maps updated?

The map updates of the gps backup camera system totally depend upon the manufacturing company. Sometimes the updates are available on daily basis or often. It completely relies on the navigation system that usually has installed Google maps which updates with the Google scheduled updates.

Will most gps navigation system pairs with smartphones?

All the latest models of gps backup camera systems are easily connected with smart devices regardless of their operating system. The connection can be established via Bluetooth—some devices can take voice commands as well.

What causes a backup camera to stop working?

There could be different reasons behind the malfunctioning of a gps tracker. If the screen shows a glitch, it probably because of the weak IC (integrated circuit). The blackout of the screen is usually caused because when there is any disconnection of wiring or when the fuse blows up.

How to link the Smartphones with your GPS with Backup Camera Devices?


Add to your vehicle’s safety features. Safety features set one model apart from another. Increase the number of safety features in your car by installing the automotive best  GPS with backup camera.

The best GPS navigation for a car ensures that you are secure in your road travel and a GPS mirror with a backup camera allows you to have a view of your surroundings.

With all these thoughts in mind, we have selected the 6 best car navigation and backup camera system for you so you can never feel lost again while traveling on the road. Click here


What is the best aftermarket backup camera?

Ans. If you know the requirement and aware of the features compatible with your vehicle then the decision will be easy. however, the Garmin Drive 60 is the best choice for a gps backup camera system as it comes with all the latest and updated features. 

Is a backup camera necessary?

Ans. Yes, it is. It provides you the assistance of your routes, the traffic conditions, and other important places. Secondly, a backup camera helps in driving as well like when you are parking a car or while you are to reverse. According to the new regulation of the US, it is necessary to have a rearview camera.

How to install the best GPS with backup camera?

Ans. It is easy to install the GPS with the camera. It does not require any kind of wiring. You can simply just install a camera and keep that near to the driving seat.

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