It is really difficult to focus on your work when you are always thinking about what will be happening back at home. You have locked the house and trying to focus on your job but your mind keeps distracting to your house.  Perhaps you have pets and are constantly worried if they are OK. If they have eaten or not? Or what mess are they creating back at home? A mini spy camera with audio and video recording can help you in this problem.

Are you a law enforcement professional who wants a video evidence for some inquiry or a Private Detective who solves cases like Sherlock?

Now you can relax even when you are on work by keeping an eye on your home. You can have a recorded proof that no one thought would be achievable. Mini Spy Camera with audio and video recording allows you to collect video evidence through a hidden space even when you are not present. These small sized devices were created with portability in mind while providing the same features as a normal sized camera.

You just have to login to your mobile phone and you can have live view of whatever is going on in your home. Connect the small hidden security cameras with audio and video recording to your computer through USB port and you can see all the evidence that you were looking for.

With all the development in technology, it can be hard to decide which is the best mini surveillance camera for home. A hidden security cameras with audio and video should offer a long battery,  motion-sensors, voice recorder and also be within an affordable budget.

To help you with this problem, we have prepared a list of the best wireless spy camera with audio and video recording.

Cop Spy Mini Camera Wireless Hidden

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Ehomful HD Wireless Camera with Live Streaming

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EHOMFUL Charger-USB Full HD Spy Camera

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Hidden Pen Spy Camera

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Spy Hidden Camera Nanny Cam
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Omples Hidden Camera Spy Camera

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MeShare Security Camera 1080p

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Here is the description of top 8 best mini spy camera with audio and video recording.


1. Cop Spy Mini Camera Wireless Hidden

Cop spy Mini Cam

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This mini spy camera with audio and video recording is a miniscule compact high quality spy device that can be hidden anywhere easily. This one inch spy device provides rechargeable battery with a long battery time.

This mini full HD camera and voice recorder provides a 1080p high quality video and photo recordings that can be retrieved on phone.

Best spy gear in this compact mini device makes it portable. It can be used as a body camera or as secret camera for indoor home security.


  • Very small sized 0.9 inch
  • 1080 p HD quality 30fps AVI format
  • 6 infrared night vision LED lights
  • 200 mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  • Fast power and mode button
  • 75 minutes motion enhanced video recording
  • Alligator clip
  • 12M (4032 x 3024) Image quality
  • Micro SD card with 32GB extended memory
  • 24/7 hour recording
  • 20 feet Night Vision Distance
  • Motion activated recording
  • Loop recording

The camera is very easy to setup according to the needs of the user. You can use the camera as a body camera and use it to record videos secretly, or as an action camera to have an easily accessible video recording device anywhere anytime. You can also use it as a powerful micro dash camera.

When you want the video recorded in the camera, connect the camera to the laptop or computer via USB port to retrieve or share the video footage. It is very easy to plug and play the videos through this device and also save them.

The miniature portable camera uses a micro SD card that provides maximum storage capacity. This SD card can be installed in laptop or phone to retrieve and view the video and audio recording on the card.

This video quality is enhanced with six infrared LEDs that allows you to record videos in the complete darkness. It also has a highly sensitive motion activated lens that allows you to record smallest details. The camera also provides loop recording so that you can watch the newest recorded material.

This camera doesn’t have a WIFI working availability so you won’t feel stranded if the internet is not working.


2. Ehomful HD Wireless Camera with Live Streaming



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This mini surveillance camera for home is world’s smallest night vision security camera. The size of this smallest spy camera in the world is of a coin. This wireless motion activated spy camera has an easy connectivity to WIFI (2.4Hz). This mini wireless Wi-Fi spy camera can be used as a spy cam or a nanny cam.

This WIFI spy camera for android allows online access to recorded videos anytime through phone. This smart nanny camera shows the video quality of 1080p that you can access anytime. Just download the app “EHOMFUL” from app store and see online live video even when you are far away from your home.

This portable mini full HD camera and voice recorder is unique in its own way as it has a powerful magnet in its back so that it can be attached or magnetized to any metallic surface directly without having a need to clamp it anywhere. It is one of the best car spy cameras with audio and video availability. Or you can use it as a wireless spy camera for home. Just attach it on fridge, TV or any metallic surface and spy for hours.

Key features

  • 1080 p video recording
  • Live feed through EHOMFUL
  • Super Infrared light
  • Memory card availability
  • 32GB card is included in the box
  • Expandable memory
  • World’s smallest night vision security camera
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Magnetic back that lets you attach it to any metallic surface
  • Night vision clarity
  • 360° free rotation

This mini spy camera with audio and video recording also supports micro SD card of up to 128GB. So this is the best portable spy camera that records for hours. You can have a large space for recording that means you can have access to every small detail recoded in the camera.

This world’s smallest night vision security camera is equipped with 1 super IR light which is automatically enabled during night time, providing you with the ability to record during night time. This small night vision video camera captures clear black and white video for up to 20 feet away in the dark.


3. EHOMFUL Charger-USB Full HD Spy Camera


Ehomful charger USB portable spy cam

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Ehomful is a small hidden camera with audio that serves as multi-functional device. It functions as a charger and a spy camera that connects to phone or other portable devices and charges them. You can recharge your phone and also record clear videos of 1080p.

The uniqueness of this camera is that it works as a plug-and-play spy camera. Just plug this device into the socket and it starts working. There is no worry of Wi-Fi unavailability or interrupted connections.

This amazing device doesn’t require any batteries and records continuously while charging so you won’t have to worry about drained battery and there won’t be any missing evidence that might happen with a camera with rechargeable battery.


  • Dual purpose device
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Plug and play device
  • Works in both motion activated and continuous recording modes
  • Easy Play back
  • Doesn’t require batteries or Wi-Fi to work
  • Portable and Versatile
  • HD videos
  • Travel friendly

Simply remove the front cover of this charger, insert SD card, and plug the charger into the outlet and the camera automatically starts recording. When you want the recording to finish, just unplug the device from the socket.

In motion activated mode, the camera starts recording when there is an activity is detected nearby while in the continuous mode, the camera records continuously.

The recorded video is clear and high quality. Just pop the SD card out of the back port of camera, install it into the computer or phone and retrieve the recorded video. You can also use the port to connect the USB cable to the computer with camera and watch the recorded video.

This smart camera makes high quality video. You can use it for your home security or for collecting evidence.

This device doesn’t require lot of space so you can also carry it while travelling. It can also be used with a variety of wall plugs or extension cords to record from every angle.


4. Hidden Pen Spy Camera


hidden pen spy cam

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A tiny and portable camera that is hidden inside the cap of a pen. This camera can be pinned on a notebook or pocket and can be used while on the move.

The camera is very hard to notice because it is hidden inside the pen. This is one of the smallest spy camera in the world as it can be taken and used in business meetings, class lectures, while travelling, for investigations and evidence collection.

The camera has a slider covered lens that is hidden inside the heard of the pen and the heard also has a clip on pin that is easy to pin anywhere.


  • 1080 p video resolution
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Expandable memory with 32 GB SB card
  • Loop recording
  • Camera lens hidden under Slider cover
  • Super small
  • Undetectable

This mini spy camera uses a micro SD card of up to 32 GB and records a HD quality video of 1080 p resolution. The videos are of crystal clear quality. The camera also has a built-in Lithium battery that provides you with a long recording time.

Just insert SD card. Turn the power button on and the camera is ready to record. The on/off button allows you to record videos right away. When the recording is completed you can take the memory card out and insert it into computer or phone and retrieve the recorded video any time.

The mini body camera also records videos while charging. It also has a loop recording function.

This is the perfect camera for home and outdoor recording because it doesn’t require lots of space and works while moving so you will have a lot of ease in recording audio and videos.


5. Spy Hidden Camera Nanny Cam


spy hidden camera nanny cam

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This smallest camera in the world captures digital videos. Its size is so small that it remains undetected and records detailed videos.

The camera records high quality HD videos so every small detail is noticeable and nothing remains hidden from your eye.

This spy camera features 6 IR LED lights that enhance night vision and you can rely on the camera for capturing clear details in dark environments.


  • Covert Cam
  • High Definition 1080 p videos
  • Supports 32 GB micro SD card
  • IR Night Vision features
  • Motion detection
  • 140 degrees wide angle
  • Multiple uses
  • Not Wi-Fi enabled
  • Used as a drone camera

This hidden WiFi camera with audio works in motion detection mode so whenever there is an activity going on nearby the recording starts instantly.

This is one of the smallest camera in the world. It provides continuous video recording while charging so you won’t miss any small details. This mini spy camera also provides expandable memory of up to 32 GB.

This camera can be used as a cop cam to record evidences, a nanny cam to keep an eye on pets and children, a body camera to record meetings and chats, a sports cam to record high quality videos. Due to the high quality this camera provides, it can also be used on drones to record HD videos.


6. Omples Hidden Camera Spy Camera


omples hidden camera spy cam

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The Olympus spy camera is hidden inside an alarm clock that has beautiful design so the camera remains perfectly hidden and records videos without anyone noticing the smallest camera in the world.

This camera provides ultimate invisible monitoring because of the perfectly hidden design of the camera. The 1080p HD video resolution makes perfectly clear high quality videos and images.

The camera supports an android app that shows real time live stream videos and snapshots. This Wi-Fi spy camera for android uses 2.4G Wi-Fi. The app notifies you with snapshots of the recordings due to its motion detection facility. The snapshots alerts are customizable according to the set time of the user.


  • Wi-Fi spy camera for android
  • Spy camera and alarm clock
  • Crystal clear high quality video
  • Clear night vision
  • 10 built in Infrared lights
  • Wi-Fi and 24/7 surveillance
  • Motion detection
  • Supported by android app that sent push notifications
  • Customizable alerts sent to phone

The camera also provides a non Wi-Fi mode in which you can record continuous 24/7 videos that is supported by inserting a Micro SD card that records data of up to 32 GB. This camera also requires a connection to the power outlet to work.

The uniqueness of this amazing smart mini spy camera is that it has 10 built-in powerful IR infrared LEDs together with exceptionally clear night vision technology that provides a clear view of all the movements at night.




spy camera clock & mospel

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The spy camera looks like a regular clock but it works as a hidden camera and a mosquito killer. This is the best spy camera that connects to android. The spy device gives you complete remote access through live stream video of your house that you can access from your Android or IPhone via WIFI.

The amazing spy camera send notifications of videos to your phone through push notifications when the motion is detected. The notifications are easily customizable. You can set the time when the camera will send notifications to your phone. It is the best digital clock and camera for keeping an eye on your pets, kids and around your home.

The smart device provides 4k video quality with built in stealth IR light.


  • Upgraded version hidden Camera
  • Push notifications through app
  • Customizable notifications
  • 150° wide angle lens
  • 4K Night Vision Camera
  • Remote Monitoring Spy Camera
  • Stealth IR light
  • Motion detection and continuous recording
  • SD card Recording of up to 32 GB

The camera also has an enhanced night mode that captures high quality video at night even at the smallest motion detection. The night mode detects motion around up to 8 feet distance so you never miss a smallest detail even if it is day or night.

The mini intelligent spy camera supports an SD card of up to 32 GB. To turn the video mode on, put the SD card into the device, turn the power button on and the spy camera starts recording automatically. The camera also has a loop recording function. When the memory space is full, the camera overwrites old videos and starts recording new videos. The camera provides a continuous recording 24/7.

The camera records video with a 150° wide angle lens. You can use it for monitoring businesses, pets, kids or for security and home monitoring.


8. MeShare Security Camera 1080p


MeShare Security Camera 1080p

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This amazing camera is hidden inside a speaker that connects to phone or computer. The mini camera serves dual purpose in acting as a sound system and also recording videos at a wide angle of 140° with a clear view.

The camera is only 1.45 inches in size and is hidden in a genius way inside the speaker. The mini spy camera supports Micro SD card of 64 GB with a continuous 24/7 recording. The recorded files are stored in the SD card for up to 4 months. The camera also provides an overwriting function so when the memory fills the camera automatically delete the old videos to record new ones.

The camera records high quality videos and perfect images of 1920x1080P that make clear videos. The notifications of the snapshots are sent to your phone though push notifications which allows you to view and monitor real time recording of your home. The notifications are also customizable and are sent to the phone according to the set time. The device works on a working 2.4G Wi-Fi connection.


  • Portable
  • Remote Monitoring
  • 1920*1080P HD videos and pictures
  • Night Version
  • 8 IR lights with auto sensor
  • Motion Detection notifications
  • Multi-Purpose device
  • Support 4GB-64GB Micro-SD card
  • Built-in lithium battery 800mAh
  • Long working time
  • Multi User friendly
  • 24 Hours Loop Recording

This amazing camera also features one of the best night mode in the market. It includes 8 IR infrared lights with an auto light sensor that gives you a clear video in the darkest of environment.

The camera also has a 600Mah built-in Lithium battery that works for continuous 8 hours. The camera can be used as a Car recorder, PC Camera, Meeting, Sports and party Recorder. It is also useable to monitor babies, pets, and any activity around the house.

The uniqueness of this smart hidden camera is that the videos can be viewed through app on different phones. The videos are also password protected so the security of the user always remain safe.



We have researched and selected some best mini spy camera with audio and video recording spy cameras for you so when you are in need of a support to keep an eye on your home, you can rely on these devices. Also when you need a quick and clear evidence to help solve a case, these cameras will come in handy. You just have to pick which one you like and for your ease we have added multiple types of choices for you to select one that you prefer but nonetheless, all of these products are competitive and amazing.

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