Best Motorcycle Tires for Cruisers for Every Terrains

The best motorcycle tires for cruisers are specially designed for a comfortable and stable experience over long journeys. The style and rider comfort have made these motorcycle tires very popular across the world. These tires are designed to withstand high loads of weight and perform well in extreme weather conditions.

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Bridgestone Excedra G850

-size is 180/55-18
-Tire is 180 mm
-14 lbs. weigh

Before going out to hunt for the best cruiser motorcycle tires, have a quick look at this buying guide for the best gear for your heavy-motorcycle.

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Tires – Buying Guide

The Tire Size

There are two main things while selecting the best size for the motorcycle for the cruise. First, it should be a perfect match with the rim size of your bike. This can also damage the chassis of your expensive heavy-bike. 

Secondly, the thickness of the tire. Most of the cruise riders prefer to have thick tires to get a better road-grip. These are also very mileage-efficient and normally have a longer life-span. A thick tire also provides enhanced stability and shortens the braking distance. Also, it provides extra-ordinary road performance at high speed, especially on rainy days or wet weather conditions.

Tread Design

The part of the tire that comes in direct contact with the surface or road is called tread. Tire manufacturing companies spend millions of dollars on Research and Development to engineer and produce the best tread design for their cruiser tires. 

Due to the tread design, the tire offers a better road grip, performance, and safety on roads while at high speeds. It is proven that a smoother tread performs much better on smooth and dry surfaces. An effective tread design marks the difference because a good design will grasp the road tighter.

Sidewall Area

The sidewall area of a tire is the area that bridges the tread and bead. Although the sidewall seems to be relatively a smaller portion as it provides a vital role in the suspension abilities of the tire.

A smaller sidewall means a harder sidewall, which flexes less. For a rider, this means better steering and turning. All the essential figures and data regarding a particular tire like its size, load handling, capacity, rim size, or even the expiry date of the tire.

Carcass Build

The body of the tire which is present under the tread is called the carcass. The carcass supports the weight of the entire bike, especially the carcass of the rear tire. The carcass of a tire must have a strong build. The best motorcycle tires for cruisers are Bias-Ply or Radial. Some tires have an Aramid belt made of fiber as an alternative to polyester to give the tire better heat protection and strength.

Best Motorcycle Tires for Cruisers

1. Bridgestone Excedra G850 Cruiser Rear Motorcycle Tire

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  • The tire size is 180/55-18 (Rear).
  • This cruising tire is tubeless.
  • The section width of the tire is 180 mm. While the rim diameter is 18 inches.
  • It is a radial tire designed for high-performance cruisers.
  • The weight of the tire is 14 lbs.

This is one of the best sport-touring motorcycle tires. Bridgestone has a long history of manufacturing racing tires and this rear radial heavy-motorcycle tire is for high-performance cruisers.


  • Since it is a radial tire, it delivers high mileage on the road.
  • Its Silica enriched compound material provides an extraordinary of hold on a road and traction on rainy and dry weather.
  • These tires for motorcycles are Z-rated for speed up to 150 + MPH.
  • The tire is pretty stable and has enhanced shock absorption due to its Kevlar mono-spiral belt construction design.
  • The manufacturer has paid attention to the comfort of the rider, and this tire delivers a comfortable journey to the rider.


  • The tire makes a big noise at high speed while cruising.
  • These cruise tires do not have a long life and tend to wear out very soon.

2. Dunlop D404 Rear Motorcycle Tire – Black Wall

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  • The size of the tire is 170/80-15 with a Rim size of 15 inches.
  • The section width is 170 mm.
  • This high-mileage motorcycle tire has a Bias-ply construction design, to provide excellent load capacity at high speed as well as a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • The Dunlop D404 motorcycle tire comes in front and rear versions for great compatibility.
  • Some sizes of this tire are available with WWW (Wide White-Wall) or WSW (White Side-Wall). These are not common tires and have stripes on the entire inner sidewall of white rubber.

Dunlop is a renowned brand and an experienced manufacturer of products made from rubber or with rubber components. This Dunlop D404 tire is a case of their high commitment towards advancement.  


  • The expanded size range of this tire fits a large variety of old heavy-bikes and modern cruiser bikes.
  • The special quality of its tread compound gives the required balance, stability, and high grip on the road.
  • The front and rear tread are designed for exceptional water evacuation and traction on wet surfaces.
  • The tire has an even-wear design.
  • This cruiser tire has a life of approximately 6,000 miles.


  • Since the tire gives a strong grip and traction on the road, it may wear off somewhat quicker than other longest-lasting motorcycle tires.
  • It is not advisable to be used in Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

3. Michelin Commander II Cruiser Front Motorcycle Bias Tire

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  • The size of this tire is 90/90-21 (Front).
  • It has a section width of 90 MM and Rim Size 21”.
  • With the heavy bikes ABS turned on, this Michelin Commander II front motorcycle tire halted a Harley-Davidson 16 feet shorter than other tires.
  • Michelin claims that this tire provides twice the mileage of other competitive cruiser tires based on vigorous testing.
  • The tire has a Bias-Ply carcass construction design.
  • This cruise tire is also equipped with SRT (Silica Rain Technology), which utilizes silica into the compound to provide short-braking distance.

Michelin is a pioneer concerning developments in the tire industry. These sleek designed tires come with Michelin ADT (Amplified Density Technology). This technology provides the tire a very dense, and rigid tire casing for great handling on all kinds of roads. This motorcycle tire has ruled the tire-industry for years.


  • The Michelin Commander II Cruise motorcycle tire provides a superior and amazing grip on wet conditions, due to its all-new rubber compounds.
  • The tires have a short stopping distance and you can safely brake comfortably, especially on wet roads.
  • The square bead wires improve casing rigidity and ease of installation.
  • Due to ADT technology, this 90-thread ply tire is 25% denser than other front tires.
  • The tire life is an easy 30,000 miles without any noticeable decrease in traction.


  • This cruise tire is a bit wider which no doubt provides better steering but at the cost of high-speed.

4. Shinko 777 Rear Motorcycle Tire

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  • The size is 150/80-16 (reinforced rubber built) with a Rim Size of 16”.
  • The width of the tire is 150 mm.
  • The tire is the heavy-duty version of the reinforced carcass.
  • This cruise tire is without tube with 6-Ply rated.
  • The Shinko 777 has been intended to deliver higher mileage along with a great foothold.
  • The manufacturer claims a cruising speed of 140 mph without excessive wear and tear.

Shinko Group has become a growing manufacturer of rubber products which was established in 1946 in Osaka, Japan. Shinko 777 rear motorcycle tire is a mindful and affordable choice as they’ve incredible grasp and a top-notch elastic to decrease rubbing.


  • The tire can last a long excursion of up to 10,000 to 20,000 miles depending on your style of cruising.
  • This motorcycle tire is budget-friendly with great embedded quality.
  • Its tough elastic keeps the tire shape constantly in outrageous temperatures on summer days running 140 degrees.
  • Its directional tread pat design provides more grip and traction on all types of road surfaces.


  • When the tire is near the end of its life, the rider experiences a loss in steering and handling while cornering.

5. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Rear Motorcycle Cruising Tire

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  • It has a size of 180/55R17 (Rear), with a Rim Size of 17 inches.
  • The section width of this cruiser tire is 180 mm.
  • The tire has a load capacity of 805 lbs which is high as compared to the same family of tires from other brands.
  • Pirelli Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT) optimizes the road contact patch for enhanced grip.
  • Its Functional Groove Design (FGD) optimizes the wet behavior of tires.
  • A Bi-Compound rear tire combining long-lasting mileage of about 12,000 miles.

Pirelli is one of the popular and renowned manufacturers of high-quality racing tires. They’ve been in the tire business for several decades. The company learned a lot on the racing track and translated this learning into the manufacturing of cruise tires.


  • These tires offer an extreme grip on all types of roads.
  • Since this tire has been designed as a racing tire, so its durability and sturdiness are high.
  • The tire warms up fast and has exceptional handling and grasp on wet roads and surfaces.
  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso II is not only one of the best sport-touring motorcycle tires but also a race-tire too.
  • This motorcycle tire has been carefully designed to not slip even at the tightest corners.


  • The life-span is much shorter than expected.
  • The price is a bit expensive.

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Cruiser Tire?

A safe and comfortable ride depends on the quality and conditions of your bike tires. To make sure that your best sport-touring motorcycle tires perform well for a longer period, then you need to take adequate care of them. Some of the tips are;

  • Always maintain the right air pressure in your tires. An over-inflated tire can burst out at high speed while an under-inflated tire can become difficult to handle or steer.
  • Inflate the air pressure, in case the motorcycle is not being used for extended periods.
  • Inspect the tire tread regularly to remove any embedded objects or small stones that may be stuck in tire grooves.
  • Replace your tires when needed. If tread depth is 2 mm then it is time to replace the tires.
  • If you see any bump, bulge, vibration, or irregular wear, then get your tires inspected by a qualified service person.

Bias Ply Tires Vs Radial Tires

The cruise tires are made by laying the rubber layers, in a diagonal (bias) way from bead to bead with the next tier laid in a crisscross design over the previous layer. That’s why these tires are known as 2-Ply, 3-Ply, 4-Ply, etc. Bias-ply tires are the perfect and preferred tires for heavy bikes because the sidewalls of these tires are strong and durable. These tires also provide a high mileage performance in contrast to the other tires.

Unlike Bias-ply tires, the layers in Radial Tires are laid at 90-degree angles and not in a crisscross design. The plies are laid across the sidewalls and a soft steel girdle in these tires further ensures its durability and toughness. The Radial Tires give an enhanced grasp and provide a smooth ride. These tires also do not heat up very fast.

Cruise bike manufacturers recommend the use of both tires in heavy bikes. In this case, the Bias-Ply tire is used as the front-tire while Radial-Tire in the rear. As a general rule, Radial tires are not usually used as the front tire.


With so many choices and products with modern technologies flooding the cruise tire market, sometimes it becomes difficult to make the right choice. Apart from ensuring buying the best tire for your bike, you also need to maintain it periodically to get optimum performance. Happy Cruising.

FAQs – Best Cruiser Motorcycle Tires

How long do cruiser motorcycle tires last?

Different brands of tires have different ages. A Dunlop tire lifespan is around 10,000 to 12,000 miles. Front tires have more life than the rear. Harley Davidson cruise tires can get you 20,000 miles on the rear, while 30,000 miles on the front tire.

What is the longest-lasting motorcycle tire?

Michelin tires are the longest lasting motorcycle tires. Michelin Commander II and III are the top-rated touring tires. Apart from it, Continental tires, Metzeler and Bridgestone brands are also famous to provide a better life-span.

Who makes the best motorcycle tire?

Some of the experienced and reliable brand names in the tire industry are Michelin, Continental, Metzeler, Bridgestone, and Pirelli. All these names have specialized in the tires for motorcycles, especially the cruise tire industry.

What are the best performing tires for everyday riding on a cruiser motorcycle?

All of the above-mentioned tires are the best performing tires. However, Michelin Pilot Road 4, and Pirelli Diablo Super Rosso II are some more tires famous for the best performing tires on a cruiser motorcycle.

Why do the cruise motorcycle tires wear out so fast?

These tires usually are made from soft rubber to give more road-grip and better traction. Softer rubber wears faster and hence cruiser motorcycle tires wear out relatively quickly as compared to the tires of other vehicles. That’s the reason that these tires are thick.   read more

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