Top 6 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes – Buying Guide 2021

Greetings to you all. I’m here to present to you the best outdoor basketball shoes you can have around, which will make your play pleasurable and advanced.

While playing basketball with your mates, there are different shoes you can have around, but you need the best shoes to give you a maximum grip, support, and comfort. There are similar basketball shoes while merely looking at them, but they might appear different in their construction, style, and weight. It also depends on the kind of floor you’re playing on, as indoor playing should be played on a smooth and polished floor. 

We are here to make you realize the best outdoor basketball shoes for your playing experience, so as not to be left uninformed. However, there are several factors you need to consider when buying the best outdoor basketball shoes. These factors will assist you in finding durable shoes that will serve your primary purpose of buying. For this reason, I present to you the factors to consider before buying the best outdoor basketball shoes.

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Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

With the innumerable close number of basketball shoes available today, finding the pair that is directly for you may sound dubious. However, what matters is that you purchase a basketball tennis shoe that fits your feet accurately, which will upgrade your playing. In this view, here are the underlying factors:

  • The Look: While purchasing the best outdoor basketball shoes, you need to consider the look of the shoe you’re buying; you shouldn’t neglect the style of your squeaks. Some of the time, how a shoe makes you feel about yourself is as significant as how you feel about the shoe. For this reason, you should purchase a ball shoe that is practical above all else, yet don’t be hesitant to go for somewhat streak as well. 
  • The Feel: A few styles accompany stiffer materials on the average region of the foot for included steadiness and expanded insurance against lower leg rolls. Keep a moderate to thin layer of padding in the sole padded district to have a strong base without losing its comfort and solace. 
  • The Strength: This is another essential factor to consider while purchasing the best outdoor basketball shoes. A shoe that can’t endure a season isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits. At the point when the texture and creases loosen up, the shoe loses its capacity to give proper support. Also, the additional weight makes the shoe typically more durable. However, there are possibilities for lightweight shoes that are worked to last
  • Materials Used: This is another major factor to consider while purchasing the best outdoor basketball shoes. What the ball shoe is made of is, perhaps, the most significant factor that decides to what extent it will last. 

Now that we have checked the essential factors to consider when buying the best outdoor basketball shoes, it’s on this note I present to you the top 6 best outdoor basketball shoes.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

1. Nike Lebron Soldier XI Men’s Basketball Shoes

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Key Features:

  1. This product features a Lunarlon cushioning
  2. There is a Forefoot strap, which locks the forefoot
  3. Made of a rubber sole
  4. It does have a full inner sleeve

Here comes one of the best outdoor basketball shoes you can have around you. If you are searching for ball shoes that will offer you the best in solace, style, and execution, then you shouldn’t look anywhere else. 

The Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX is the perfect solution. These outside basketball shoes offer you a great solace and guarantee that your foot gets a delicate and fun ride while playing your basketball, retaining the stuns as you weave your way around the court. Interestingly, these basketball shoes are lightweight, which makes it less burdensome to you. 

This product does offer a full internal sleeve, which makes your foot comfortable. The manufactured work and nylon upper is adaptable and will move with your foot. Also, it is incredibly designed to make your foot cool and dry during the game. 

2. Under Armour Men’s UA Clutchfit Drive II

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Key Features:

  • It has a 3D molded tongue feature
  • There is a rubber sole for superb traction
  • Multi-directional herringbone outsole

This is yet another product, which appears to be one of the best outdoor basketball shoes globally. If you’re searching for outside basketball shoes that will offer you all that you need as far as solace, backing, and footing at an aggressive value, then the Under Armor men’s Ua Clutchfit Drive II are the basketball shoes to answer your question. 

These shoes are lightweight and durable, which wraps your foot up a secure and agreeable zone. They also feature a 3D formed tongue that will encompass your foot and lower leg to ensure the best fit and the full-length shaped. 

These shoes also have a charged padding padded sole, which makes the basketball shoe ultra-responsive. If you want the best shoes to give you a memorable playing experience, then you should consider this product.

3. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost

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Key Features:

  • It is incredibly lightweight, which is made of textile lining and back collar
  • This product does have a rubber sole for best traction
  • It features a molded TPU eyestay piece and a heel cup for best stability

Here come yet another best performance basketball shoes of all time. These open-air basketball shoes will give you the lift you have to move beyond the resistance, which will also make you have memorable playing experience. These shoes feature a padded lift sole; they are also lightweight, which enables you to move quickly around the court, offering you soundness and backing. 

The material coating and back neckline include an additional degree of solace and comfort. Also, these shoes will lock your foot down in the ball shoe to refute slippage. 

The elastic bottom of these open-air basketball shoes supplies heavenly footing enabling you to move around the court rapidly while staying steady on your feet. When playing outside basketball, your boots are your most significant part of your pack, and the Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost won’t let you down.

4. Nike Zoom Hyperrev

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • It is from the Techfit engineering, which makes you comfortable
  • Padded collar feature inclusive
  • Highly flexible with four flex zones

Here comes another pair of outdoor basketball shoes with arch support. This shoe fits perfectly well, thus enabling you to move openly with the best adaptability in the foot. The elastic impact point secures your foot in the ball shoes and structures some portion of the lacing framework. This does imply that your foot is secure in the basketball shoe entirely. 

The Dynamic Flywire fixes around your foot with the goal that you can feel the impact of the lockdown. Also, the shoe is lightweight and durable. 

It also features an elastic sole, which offers the best footing and joined with the various features that will, in turn, make you have the option to outflank your rivals on the court and score that sure thing easily. 

5. Nike Zoom KD 9 Men’s Shoes Game Royal/White

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Key Features

  • It is lightweight and durable
  • This product features a Nike Zoom Air Cushioning system
  • Mesh upper for breathability feature included

Again we bring you the basketball shoes with the best traction. This outside basketball shoe will guarantee you the best solace and comfort you can ever imagine. This product has control and backing, which gives you the best footing to have the option to make you perform exellently in your court.

The heel of the shoe is thicker than your standard heel, which is structured to make up for the hard landing on outside courts, and the forefoot is somewhat slenderer to permit you unlimited oversight. 

The trim circles have a confine like an effect to secure your foot to the footbed. This feature wil enable you to move rapidly and efficiently. The footing on the b-ball shoe is a stage above with an elastic outsole that wraps up the sides to give you included dependability and a multi-directional track design, which is best for any surface and adds to the strength of the shoes.

6. Adidas D Lillard 2 Men’s Basketball Shoe

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Key Features

  • Comfortable and easy to wear.
  • This product does feature a padded collar
  • Highly flexible and durable

Here comes another best-cushioned basketball shoe. This product does offer the best fit, support, and sublime solace to the wearer. These are shoes intended to give you dependability and adaptability. Also, they will enable you to move freely around the basketball court. 

This shoe features an elastic sole, which offers the best footing. The Puremotion+ feature adds to the footing, adaptability, and speed of the ball shoe. This shoe is lightweight and profoundly steady of your foot, enabling you to move around the court in comfort. This is indeed one of the best budget basketball shoes globally.

Basketball Shoes versus Other Types of Shoes

To begin with, is it absolutely necessary to wear basketball shoes for playing basketball? The one-word answer to this question is “no.” Although, having a good pair of outdoor basketball shoes for playing basketball outdoor is good but it does not just end there. A reasonable pair of outdoor basketball shoes may offer you better grip, comfort and support and may make you look and feel like more professional. However, by no means are they the source of your skills; instead, they are supposed to be an assistance to your talent. It is crucial to understand that, contrary to what many young people have been led to believe by advertisements, changing a pair of basketball shoes definitely does not magically transform one into Michael Jordan no matter how expensive those shoes are. Nonetheless, wearing a poor pair of shoes to a game might, in fact, result in harming you by affecting your performance and increasing the chances of potential injury as well. Therefore, having a decent pair of outdoor basketball shoes is a good idea so long as you realize their true function.

The term “outdoor basketball shoes” immediately incites two questions. First, what makes them basketball shoes?  In other words, how they are any different from any other kind of shoes such as road running shoes or any other kind of shoes for that matter. Second, if we are talking about outdoor basketball shoes in particular, so there must be something like a pair of indoor basketball shoes as well. And if so, what makes indoor basketball shoes and outdoor basketball shoes different from each other. Let’s consider these two questions first before moving further.

A number of sports have shoes that are specifically designed for them to work best with the different movements specific to them. There are a few major things that make basketball shoes different from other kind of shoes. Take the instance of road running shoes. These are designed such that they feel light and comfortable and they are supposed to work with the people who run for long distances almost at a constant pace without sudden changes in their directions. While on the other hand, basketball shoes are designed to endure abrupt changes in the speed and direction of running which is a characteristic of the game. Another example can be of the trail running shoes. Despite being heavier than the road running shoes, they are still lighter when compared with typical outdoor basketball shoes.

According to the research scholars at the University of Utah, during the course of a typical basketball game, players undergo small and abrupt burst of speed around 105 times and they change their direction about every two seconds. Thus, basketball shoes are designed to work best with these particular movements and provide support to the ankles of the players by functioning as shock-absorbers thereby allowing the players to change their direction and speed rapidly while running in the basketball court.

Indoor Basketball Shoes versus Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Although, at first sight a pair of outdoor basketball shoes may not look different from a pair of indoor basketball shoes but a close examination would reveal some major differences between the two pairs with respect to their weight, style, construction etc. It is also worth mentioning that many brands do not make basketball shoes purely dedicated for outdoor basketball games. So you might have to buy a pair of regular basketball shoes that works for outdoor games as well. And for this purpose you need to know what the major differences between the indoor basketball shoes and outdoor basketball shoes are. The courts for the indoor basketball usually feature smooth and polished floors and have an overall controlled environment. On the other hand, outdoor basketball is played on more rough and unsmooth surfaces and the outdoor basketball courts do not have a controlled environment. These factors, for the most part, account for the differences in the shoes designed for indoor and outdoor games.

  • Sole

Sole designed for indoor basketball games and outdoor basketball games are different from each other. The basketball shoes made for outdoor games have a harder rubber sole as compared to that found in the indoor basketball shoes. This is due to the fact that outdoor basketball shoes are designed to endure the harshness and unevenness of the surfaces mostly found in the outside basketball courts while indoor basketball shoes are made to be used in indoor basketball courts where the floor that is usually made of wood is comparatively rather smooth and more even.

  • Traction

The kind of traction as well as its amount is another differentiating factor when it comes to outdoor basketball shoes and indoor basketball shoes. Shoes with narrow and small traction patterns usually do not last very long if they are used for outdoor games as they get filled with dust and debris found in the outdoor courts making them lose the grip quickly on a surface that is not very smooth and clean. Therefore, outdoor basketball shoes feature wider as well as larger traction pattern which works better to provide constant grip on uneven surfaces with a lot of dirt, and small debris, rubble, etc.

  • Material

As mentioned earlier, indoor basketball games are played under more controlled environment. For that reason, breathability and ventilation in the sneakers is a bit less important when it comes to indoor basketball as it does not usually get as hot as it gets during the outdoor basketball games. Hence, outside basketball shoes make use of more breathable material, for example mesh, in order to ensure maximum ventilation by allowing the air to pass through the upper of the outdoor basketball shoes.

  • Cushioning

When playing outdoor basketball on hard concrete floor of the outdoor basketball courts your shoes need to have a lot more cushioning as compared to when you are playing indoor basketball games on smooth polished wooden floor on the indoor basketball courts. Keeping this fact in mind, outdoor basketball shoes are constructed to have added cushioning to work properly as effective shock absorbers on hard and less forgiving concrete courts in comparison to indoor courts.

How should Outdoor Basketball Shoes fit in your Feet?

Your outdoor basketball shoes should neither be too tight nor too slack. The perfect fit is somewhere between these two. So your basketball shoes should have enough space for your toes to open comfortably without feeling too cramped and restricted. This could not only damage the toe nails but could also result in injury. However, your shoes should not be very loose either resulting in too much free space in your shoes as this may also cause injury. The bottom line is that your outdoor basketball sneakers should have enough space to allow your heels to have slight movements inside the sneaker without making it slip out of them.

What is the Cut when it comes to Outdoor Basketball Shoes?

Cut refers to where your shoe ends on your feet, whether it is right below the ankle, on the ankle or above the ankle. Depending on this factor, there are three types of shoes, namely, high top, mid top and low top. Below is the brief description of all these types.

  • High top

These shoes offer more stability and support to the ankle in general and during jumps in particular as they fully cover the ankles of the player. However, this complete coverage of the ankles result in mobility being reduced as the movement of the ankles is restricted.

  • Mid Top

Most of the basketball shoes have a mid top cut, making it the standard for basketball shoes. Shoes with mid top cut sit right over the ankle and do not go beyond that. It provides support to the ankle while at the same time allows the movement of the ankles as well. However, these shoes are neither as supportive as high tops nor as mobile as low top. Instead, since this cut is between the high top and low top, it provides a combination of support as well as mobility.

  • Low Top

Shoes with low top sit right below the ankle. As they do not cover the ankle, they provide maximum mobility and allow for maximum ankle movements. Nonetheless, due to the same reason i.e. not covering the ankles, they do not provide any support to them either.

Can Outdoor Basketball Shoes be used for Running?

As explained in the preceding sections, basketball shoes are quite heavier and bulky and usually have a high cut for added ankle support as compared to typical running shoes that are supposed to be lighter and have a low cut for maximum mobility. Wearing a pair of outdoor basketball shoes for road running is, therefore, not a very good idea. It would make running long distances rather difficult and would make you lose stamina more quickly due to their heavier weight. It may also adversely affect your running form as well as your knee and ankle joints. Thus, it is generally advised to use basketball shoes for basketball games and road running or trail running shoes for running, jogging or your morning walk.


Having considered the top 6 best outdoor basketball shoes, and you’re looking for where to buy these products, all these shoes are very much available on Amazon. You only need to follow those links above. These products are all durable and long-lasting. These best outdoor basketball shoes will make you have excellent playing experience in your basketball court. To this end, I recommend these products as the top 6 best outdoor basketball shoes.

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Simply put your socks on your feet, then blast one of the shoes all over using a hairdryer. Do that for about a minute or two for it to get warm and soft. After that, put the shoe on your foot. Repeat the process with the second.
Basketball shoes are majorly for basketball games. You won't find it convenient running with them, as they aren't as flexible as running shoes.

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