Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights for Patio

Best outdoor ceiling fans with lights for porch or your patio is a quite intriguing addition to the interior. Though these fans resemble with the indoor ones but possesses some other features like in different style and sizes, weather-resistance etc. For a long veranda, you can also add long blades to these fans.

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Emerson Outdoor Ceiling Fans

-52-inch indoor/outdoor fan
-4-speed ceiling fan 

Our top pick for the best patio ceiling fans is EMERSON OUTDOOR CEILING FAN because of its features such as motor capacity, power consumption etc.

Some other key considerations for the ceiling fans will be aid before making a purchase. Thus, to cut that short, for your ease, we have researched the possible factors that can contribute to your decision.

The Key Features that a Top Rated Ceiling Fan must have Includes

Ceiling height

The height of the ceiling in one of the core considerations as some houses have high ceilings that require an additional downrod (a metallic rod that works as an extension) to connect the ceiling mount and the fan.

Minimum distance between the fan and the floor must be 7 feet. However, the rod length which is recommended for the ceiling height is

  • For 8 foot ceiling; flush mount (the fan which is anchored to the ceiling directly).
  • The 9 foot ceiling must have a 6 inch downrod
  • 10 foot ceiling will require 12 inch downrod
  • For the ceiling of 12 foot, a 24 inch downrod is recommended

The Type of Motor

For the ceiling fans, generally two kinds of motor; AC (alternative current) motors and DC (direct current) motors are used. They handle the flow of electric current in a different manner.

The Alternative Current AC Motor uses the electric supply directly through the electrical wiring, allowing a control over the speed through the electrical current frequency. In other words, it converts the electrical energy to the mechanical through alternative current such as the external power source.

Whereas, the Direct Current DC Motor converts the direct current electrical energy into the mechanical energy.

A ceiling fan with DC motor is recommended as it is advanced in technology and consumes less power as compared to the AC motor.

Motor Quality

This factor not only determines the performance but also the style and the budget as well. Each type is used to fulfill the different requirements. The small sized or low budget motors make the fan wobbly with the passages of time but the expensive one’s durable and efficient. For making it more clear, here is the classification for the motor capacity

Motor Capacity



Average motor with low air, becomes noisy and wobbly by the time.


Better than 153mm in airflow. Ideal for small spaces.


Provides excellent air flow without noise of motor.


Excellent, sturdy and durable.


A bit costly with excellent performance and durable.


Advanced technology motor. Consumes less energy almost 75%. Generates high power.

Size of the blades

The size range of the ceiling fan blades varies from 29 inches to 56 inches or more. To get the best fan size, the core thing is to known the size of the room. Here, the key point that you must know is the outdoor ceiling fans because, are made for the damp weather conditions can be installed indoor but not vice versa. That means indoor fans cannot be installed outside. Some measurements according to the size of blades are

  • Area less than 80 sq. ft. 36 inches or below
  • 80 to 150 sq. ft. 36-42 inches
  • 150 to250 sq. ft. 42- 52 inches
  • 250 sq. ft. and above will require 52 inches and above.

Operating System

The ceiling fans come with 3 different operating systems; pull chain, remote controlled or the wall dimmer.

Pull chain: Mostly, this operating system is for the wall-mounted fans. A string or a chain is attached on the right side that turns off and on the fan or light if it has it.

Remote controlled: Theses fans come with a handheld remote control through which you can operate the fan from any other room.

Wall Switch: This switch is attached with a dimmer and mounted on the wall to control the speed or turn the ceiling fan off or on. In the outdoor ceiling fans, this one is more convenient.

Ceiling blades

This could be another important factor for getting a ceiling fan. The ceiling blades play a vital role in the performance of a fan. There are variety of fans with a range of 3 up to 9 blades for the better air flow. The area also somehow matters to select the number of blades however, 3, 4 and 5 are usually preferred. Ceiling fan with 4-5 blades are specified for aesthetics.

Blade Materials

The material of the blades determines the budget and the placement area. Mainly, there are 4 blade materials that includes MDF, Plastic, Wood and metal.

MDF: The MDF (medium density fiberboard) blades are mixed with different materials to make them bit sturdy with a lamination to the finish. They are cheap and utilized in low-budget fans. The drawback that these fans carry is that they cannot hold up outdoor.

Plastic: Plastic is the most common material for many fans because it can easily have molded in any shape secondly, it is inexpensive. The ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic is a good option for outdoor ceilings.

Wood: This blade design is perfect for indoor installation but works for outdoor damps as well. It is costlier than the other blades as it is made out of natural wood.

Metal: The fan having the metal blades are best for large spaces mostly found in oscillating ceilings or the portable fans. They are usually hung with the distance of 10 inches or higher and are also suitable for outdoor damp applications.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights

1. Emerson Outdoor Ceiling Fans

-52-inch indoor/outdoor fan
-4-speed ceiling fan
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2. Honeywell Belmar Outdoor LED Ceiling Fan

-Weather-resistant Blades
-Tri-mount Compatible
-Bowl light frosted
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3. Hunter Fan Company Hunter Nautical 54

-Pull chain
-Integrated light kit
-Air movement
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4. Prominence Home Auletta Outdoor Fan

-Damp and Wet Rated
-Frosted LED Light
-Quite air circulation
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5. Westinghouse Lighting Outdoor Ceiling Fan

-3 light candelabra
-Appropriate for the 400 sq ft.
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6. Craftmade Beacon 48" Ceiling Fan

-Brushed Polished Nickel Finish
-3-Speed & Pull Chain for on/off
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1. Emerson Outdoor Ceiling Fans

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Key Features

  • 52-inch indoor-outdoor ceiling fan
  • Weather-resistant palm leaf blades
  • An Opal Matte glass light fixture
  • 4-speed ceiling fan remote control included

This product is our first on the list. The Callisto comes with a UL Wet Rated stamp that makes this unit perfect to mount in the area you want it to be. You can securely install it outside without agonizing over the climate condition affecting its proper use. This outdoor fan is wet-rated, as the entire unit is fixed to resist rain and snow.

A strong engine controls the sharp edges, and the engine is safely secured inside the housing to convey the most extreme productivity in any climate. Besides, this unit includes the helpful reverse-spin activity that enables you to set the engine to turn in backward mode. 

If you mount it inside, you can choose to set the engine to convey fresh air and save 40% in your AC system usage, and during winter, you can set the engine to invert to push down the warm air from the roof.

2. Honeywell Belmar Outdoor LED Ceiling Fan

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Key Features

  • Weather-resistant Blades
  • Tri-mount Compatible
  • Bowl light frosted closed bowl fixture
  • Durable and Long-lasting

Here comes again one of the best rated outdoor ceiling fans you can have around. Are you searching for a decent outdoor ceiling fan with better than average cooling force? You will surely appreciate this product. This ceiling fan does include some genuinely enormous edges, which will circle the air appropriately around it.

You can also use the Honeywell outdoor ceiling fan in summer and even in winter. You can also use the engine of the fan backward, which will permit the pivot of the warm air all through the room. 

Also, you may decide to select between the three paces until you get the air that you need. 

Interestingly, you can control this outdoor ceiling fan very easily. You can turn it on and modify the rate at which it speeds, as it does have pull chains. 

This ceiling fan also has Honeywell remotes, which will make it easier to control by yourself. The Honeywell Belmar Outdoor Ceiling Fan is simply a beauty, as it remains one of the best outdoor metal ceiling fans.

3. Hunter Fan Company Hunter Nautical 54

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Key Features

  • Air movement with whisper-quiet performance
  • -Pull chain allows for quick and easy on/off
  • Integrated light kit with Cased White glass

I bring you yet another most powerful outdoor ceiling fan, which is the Hunter 59135, made by the Hunter Fan Company. If you are searching for an incredible ceiling fan to look extraordinary on your patio, you should check out this gadget. This ceiling fan does include five pine reversible cutting edges with a great look.

Also, this product features a WhisperWind engine, which makes the fan convey some genuinely ground-breaking air. Also, it keeps you cool during sweltering days, even cool to the point that you won’t be troubled by any noise originating from the fan. You can also have your complete relaxation as the fan is cools up the environment. 

The product is as solid as ever. This product is sponsored up by the organization with its lifetime guarantee. If the roof fan breakdowns, and it wasn’t any fault of yours, the company will fix or change it for you at no price at all.

4. Prominence Home Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan

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Key Features

  • Damp and Wet RatedConveniently Quiet
  • Frosted LED Light

Here come yet another outside ceiling fans with lights, which is a standout among other outdoor ceiling fans out there. That searching for an outdoor ceiling fan with lovely blades should think about this model, as it does have lots of great features. 

You can hang it near the roof, or you may utilize a downrod to carry it more to the floor level. This is a helpful alternative if the porch has a higher roof. This product is simply one of the best outdoor ceiling fans with metal blades.

This roof fan does include a very rigid and calm engine that won’t trouble you when the unit is on. All you will probably hear will be the breeze being flowed all through the zone and around the fan. Also, this fan does have three-speed options, which include low, medium, and high. You may also select between any of the three-speed options you like.

5. Westinghouse Lighting Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

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Key Features

  • Efficient air circulations with Airflow
  • Includes one-light fixture
  • Water-resistances
  • 3 light candelabra
  • Appropriate for the 400 sq ft. space
  • Quite air circulation
  • 56 watts Power usage
  • 92 cubic Feet airflow

The Westinghouse is one renowned company to produce the energy-efficient ceiling fan light bulb. The high quality motor delivers powerful airflow within the 400 sq. feet which is approximately around 20 x20 feet. This outdoor ceiling fan with metal blades could be a good option for small outdoor ceiling fans that consumes less power but works efficiently.

The dimensions that this wet rated outdoor ceiling fan includes a 10 inches length of canopy to the bottom blade and 11-5/8 inches from canopy to the bottom switch house. The width of the motor housing of this ceiling fan is 12-3/8 inches with the canopy width of 5-13/16 inches.

This one is a cost effective solution as it saves around 30% of heating cost during the winter. It offers two modes; summer mode and winter mode. The summer mode runs to provide counterclockwise airflow whereas in the winters, the airflow direction is changed to the clockwise to distribute the air uniformly.

This outdoor metal ceiling fans does include a silicon steel engine with a triple capacitor. This fan also has a three-fan speed option, which means you can select the speed option to high, medium, or low. It does have a reversible change to assist you with remaining cool throughout the late spring and warm throughout the winter. 

6. Craftmade Beacon 48″ Ceiling Fan

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Key Features

  • Brushed Polished Nickel Finish
  • 3-Speed & Pull Chain & On / Off Light
  • Durable and Long-lasting

Here comes yet another cheap outdoor ceiling fan, which will serve your primary purpose of buying. This ceiling fan comes with a 16 Watt LED Downlight. 

This could also be among the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights as it is five brushed chrome sharp edge, roof fan is as impeccable in any space to give that exquisite smooth look. With a cutting edge brushed chrome metal fan body, this roof fan can upgrade your home’s stylistic layout. 

The product is as solid as ever. This product also has a one-year guarantee by the company. If the roof fan breakdowns, and it wasn’t any fault of yours, the company will fix or change it for you at no price at all.

What is the Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Every ceiling fan whether it is indoor or outdoor, possesses UL (underwriter laboratory) rating that helps to get the ceiling fan according to the location. The fans that are rated as dry, works counter-clockwise are specified and always utilized in indoor settings which is away from humidity. Whereas the outdoor ceiling fans are the ones that are made for the damp or wet areas. Note that many outdoor fans can be installed inside but the indoor fans are not for patio or porches.

What is a wet rated outdoor ceiling fan?

The ceiling fans that are manufactured to be water-resistant. These ones are specially made for the damp areas or the outdoor. Mostly, the wet rated ceiling fans are specified to the areas with humidity and made to be rust-resistant to cope with any kind of wet or humid weather condition.

What is high cmf outdoor ceiling fan?

CMF is the abbreviation of cubic feet per minute that determines the airflow of the fan. In other and simpler words, you can say the movement of air for the fan. Usually, the cfm depends upon the motor capacity, the length, size and shape of the blade and its pitch. The high cfm outdoor ceiling fan offers more air flow and the movement of fan.

Some other Features for the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lights includes

  • Damp and Wet Rated: Here is a major factor you need to consider when buying an outdoor ceiling fan. As the outdoor ceiling fan is intended for outdoor use, it must be able to withstand the components. The fan edges and engine ought to withstand a wide range of climate conditions, for example, rain and wind. The ideal approach to decide whether the fan will measure up is if it is wet or moist rated.
  • Weatherproof Fan Blades: This is also one of those factors to consider. Essentially, it is fundamental that the fan edges are weatherproof. They ought to be uniquely treated so they can withstand the components. The sharp edges are probably going to twist or curve because of the contact with water and humidity if they don’t treat them. 
  • The Size: One of the most important things to note is the size of the fan. It is imperative to consider the size of the space that you are attempting to cool. What’s more, it is just normal that the bigger the fan is, the bigger space it will cool. Selecting a small fan to a larger area wouldn’t be too wise enough.
  • The Speed: Apparently, it’s much better when the fan can accelerate very well. The speed will assist the users with having more authority over the cooling experience. This is perfect for individuals who live in regions experiencing a higher temperature.


Having considered the top 6 best outdoor ceiling fans with lights, and you’re looking for where to purchase any of them. Alternatively, you can follow those links above. These best outdoor ceiling fans will make your home have a beautiful and cooling look. To this end, I recommend these products as the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights.


Which motor is better for outdoor ceiling fans?

DC motors are better and recommended for both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans because they are more efficient and consumes less power and most importantly they work with the latest technology.

What is the best ceiling fan for outdoors?

As we speak, Emerson Outdoor Ceiling Fan is the best ceiling fan for outdoors.

What is the difference between damp rated and wet rated ceiling fans?

Damp-rated fans are designed for in damp location; they are, however, not exposed directly to any water. With wet-rated fans, they can withstand exposure to water in outdoor areas.

Can any ceiling fan be used outdoors?

A ceiling fan for an inside installation should not be installed outside. Indoor fans aren’t approved for any form of moisture.

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