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Beyblade Burst Avatar Battle Set Game: Best Beyblade

Beyblade Burst Avatar Attack: Battle Set Game

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Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 3.54 x 18.5 x 14.49 inches
  • Product Weight: 1 lbs
  • Recommended Age: Minimum 8 years
  • Manufacturer Hasbro

Package Includes

  • Beyblade Burst Energy Layer 2
  • 2 Forge Discs
  • 2 Performance tips
  • 2 Avatar Attack
  • 1 Bey Stadium
  • 2 Launchers
  • Avatar Attack Beystadium Accessories
  • Required Instructions

The Beyblade Tops

  • Beyblade Burst Valtryek V2 D01
  • Kerbeus K2 D04 TD04 Tops

This Beyblade provides immense fun with this Beyblade Burst Avatar Attack Beystadium. These Beyblades can burst into pieces during the battlefield. If the Beyblade bursts, the opponent will get 2 points for that (the rates of the burst varies).

 The components included with this best Beyblade set are interchangeable with other Beyblade burst tops excluding the Beyblade Burst Trip tops. The energy layer for these Beyblade stadiums are D01 which is known as Boost, the Forge disc & TA06 Variable.

The Beyblade burst Avatar Attack Battle Set comes with a code on it, simply you can scan them and unleash the hidden attacks and energy layers on the Beyblade Burst App which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones/tablets. This could be one best beyblade in the world for two players.

Like every other product, we managed to assemble a list of pros and cons for having the Beyblade Burst


  • Allows 2 players at a time
  • Interchangeable components with other Beyblade bursts
  • Can go for like minimum 6 months straight
  • Improved Beyblades than previous generations


Like every other thing, some cons are found for this product as well

  • The plastic cover over the stadium makes it difficult to launch the Beyblade
  • It could hit the rim of the stadium or stays on the rooftop
  • Double launching could not happen because of the plastic cover of the stadium
  • The weapons are not placed properly and make it difficult to play the battles

How to Assemble a Best Beyblade Burst Avatar Attack


Mostly, the reviews for this product are generally gathered by accumulating the feedbacks given by 13 years old beybladers.

Some prominent Reviews for the Beyblade Burst Avatar Attacks are

  1. My younger one was really into the original Beyblades. When I have bought this one, I have observed that these Beyblades have improved than the previous products. The best part in these Beyblade sets is the ‘burst’. They are engineered very well.
  2. My son wanted a Beyblade for his 9th I was not agreed to spend 40$ for a simple toy but it was worth spending money on this spinning top. My son also let his elder sister play with him and plays a tournament. Later they begin to start fighting by playing.

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