How A Climbing Tree Stand Make You A Pro Hunter?

Hunting is a tricky sport and if you don’t want to lose your target you have to be very precise and conscious while performing it. First and for most requirement of hunting is a good weapon whether be it a bow or a gun. In addition to the main weapon, there are certain other accessories that can enhance your hunting experience making it more enjoyable and keener. One such accessory is a climbing tree stand. Let us show you how a climbing tree stand make you a pro hunter?

What makes a climbing tree stand better than the non-climbing tree stand?

  • Portability

Climbing tree stands are best for hunters who like to change locations every now and then. These portable stands enable you to easily move wherever you want to hunt.

  • Inexpensive

Climbing tree stands save you cost which will be too much if you go for separate non climbing stands for each location.

  • Difficult to navigate

Unlike non climbing tree stands these climbing ones are not detectable. One most important factor for hunting is to remain concealed and these climbing stands camouflage with the tree bark so well that it’s not possible to navigate them.

  • Adjustable Elevation

Climbing tree stands provide adjustable height level which means you can easily relocate your stand’s position. At elevated heights you remain hidden and animals cannot sniff on you easily.

5 things to consider while buying climbing tree stand

  1. Durability
  2. Safety measures
  3. Comfortable seat
  4. Weight limit
  5. Adjustable elevation

Tips for positioning climbing tree stands

  • Keep wind direction in mind

Always place the tree stand at a location that is cross-wind or downwind with reference to the hunting animal.

  • Pick trees that have thicker cover

Thick cover will help you remain concealed and makes hunting easier for you whereas bald trees will expose you to the animal and you will end up missing the target.

  • Go for Easy to climb tree

Hunting itself is a tricky task so you don’t want to waste time while climbing difficult routed trees, in order to avoid inconvenience always pick easy access trees.

  • Visualize and practice hunting scenario

Take time to visualize and practicehunting scenario from your tree stand position and if it is perfect then go for it otherwise you can always relocate it.

Benefits of climbing tree stands

  • Portable
  • Saves you cost
  • Camouflage effect
  • Freedom to hunt
  • Comfortable
  • Supports both hunting positions (sitting/standing)

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