Dance Equipment for Stretching to Enhance Flexibility

Stretching correctly makes your dancing moves sleek. In case of stiffness and pain in your muscles, you can always count on the dancing equipment for stretching. We have compiled a list of products for dance equipment for home.

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Stunt Stand Dance Leg Stretcher 

☞ Ergonomic design
☞ Non-slip loop  
☞ Portable design 

Based upon our research, Stunt Stand Dance leg is our Editor’s pick possessing all the specifications that we look into stretching equipment.

Why Stretching is Important before Dancing?

Improving the body’s ability to perform the moves accurately, the first step would be stretching for sure. Yoga somehow contributes to enhance flexibility and releases muscle stiffness as it improves the blood flow in the body.  

For the professionals, there are some dance stretching tools and equipment such as stretchy bands for dance, leg stretcher for dancers, dance stretch bands, ballet training tools accompanied by stretching music for dance and many others.

What are the Main Dance Equipment that Every Dancer Needs?

Apart from dancing equipment, there are some essentials that every professional must-have. This well-researched guide has been assembled mainly for beginners. 

Stretch Straps

For ballet, cheer, Zumba or any other dancing activity, a stretching strap plays an important part. The stretch straps work for your limbs; safest for the novices without any snap.

Foot Stretching Equipment

Feet require more perfection and discipline for any kind of dance type and take quite a long time to align in the right way. A foot stretcher improves the toes pointing with minimal pain, commonly made of natural wood.

Leg Stretcher

A leg stretcher helps to split the legs around 180 degree angle. This also helps for improving the fitness of your hamstring muscles.

Hand Grips

The handgrips are adjustable around 22 to 88 pounds. Mainly it aids when you lift the fellow dancer and provides a solid grip. Some hand grip kits come with the hand exerciser, finger stretcher, grip ring and a squishy ball.

Abs Roller

For the whole body flexibility, an abs roller stretcher is a kind of core. The user needs to roll the two wheels bearing a weight of around 500 pounds of weight.

Back Stretcher

If you have tried Zumba session, a back stretcher is a must-needed stretcher to strengthen the spine and hips.

Best Dance Equipment for Stretching

1. OPTP Stretchy Band for Dancers

☞ Durable woven nylon strap
☞ Multi-purpose usage
☞ Multiple health benefits
4.8Check Price
2. Plum Stretch Band

☞ Premium grade natural rubber
☞ Lightweight and portable
☞ Two sizes for young dancers
4.7Check Price
3. Ruby Stretch Dance Tool

☞ Durable and strong rubber
☞ Three different colors: blue, pink, purple
☞ Barellina’s balancing aid illustrated guide
4.7Check Price
4. Stunt Stand Dance Leg Stretcher

☞ Ergonomic design
☞ Non-slip loop securing
☞ Portable design
4.7Check Price
5. Ballet is Fun TurnBoard –Ballet

☞ High quality and durable construction
☞ Designed to improve ballet
☞ 5 colors available
4.7Check Price
6. Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch

☞ Adjustable seat for users
☞ Removable calf-stretch board
☞ Relieves sore muscles
4.6Check Price
7. Precor 240i Dance Stretching

☞ Ergonomic design
☞ Instruction manual
☞ Seating design stabilizes
4.5Check Price
8. EverStretch Dance Stretch

Stretch ☞ Cotton strap with metal
☞ Easy to use
☞ Affordable
4.5Check Price
9. StretchPro Ballet Feet

☞ Base unit
☞ 100% silicone foot sleave
☞ Two different sized heel cushions
4.5Check Price
10. FIGROL Leg Stretcher

☞ Durable steel construction
☞ Non-slip EVA foam
☞ Five holes on each pole
4.3Check Price

1. OPTP Stretchy Band for Dancers

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  • Durable woven nylon strap with 10 loops
  • Multi-purpose usage for exercise, dancers, athletes, yoga and pilates, and physical therapy
  • Multiple health benefits like muscle recovery, less injury risk, and improved range of motion

This stretchy band for dancers is made of high-strength nylon and helps stretching major muscle groups including arms, shoulders, back, and legs (hamstrings, quads, calves). It helps you to achieve improved flexibility, improved muscle recovery, and extended range of motion. It is portable and versatile for yoga, pilates, physical therapy, and athletic warmup. It comes with an exercise booklet demonstrating 30 stretches.

Customer Review

This is an amazing stretching strap if you are not flexible naturally. The exercise book is quite helpful. It is travel-friendly and does not require any adjustments.

2. Plum Stretch Band for Dance and Ballet

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  • Premium grade natural rubber construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Two sizes for young dancers and adults
  • Three colors: pink, purple and blue
  • Handy drawstring bag
  • Booklet including stretches you can do for ballet

The plum stretch band for dance and ballet is made of high-quality natural rubber to increase your flexibility, balance, and range of motion. It is lightweight and portable. It comes in two sizes, small for young dancers and large for adult dancers. You can roll it up in a drawstring bag after using it. The instruction booklet contains stretching exercises for ballet and contemporary dance.

Customer Review

This band will loosen up your tight muscles without any pain. It is designed for ballerinas and gymnasts but anyone can easily use it. You can use it to improve flexibility for your swimming classes too.

3. Ruby Stretch Dance Tool for Flexibility

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  • Durable and strong rubber latex band with resistance loop
  • Three different colors: blue, pink, purple
  • Barellina’s balancing aid illustrated guide

Ballet is all about perfection. You need strength, flexibility, grace, and discipline to become a great ballet dancer. This dance tool for flexibility has a stretch band and resistance loop to achieve longer and slimmer muscles. It helps to stretch deeply mastering your splits. The carrying pouch is available for easy transportation.

Customer Review

It is easy to use and you can learn following the guide without hiring any instructor. It is one of the most sturdy and thick bands available. A great flexibility kit at a great price.

4. Stunt Stand Dance Leg Stretcher

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-slip loop securing the foot properly
  • Portable design allows you to carry it anywhere
  • Free travel strap included to stretch without door
  • Free pro hair tie with non-slip grip
  • Free stretching guide included for basic exercises
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

This dance leg stretcher will improve your flexibility by stretching your limbs. It is safe and easy to use. You just need to place the strap through the ring and then place it over the door and close the door. The portable design allows you to carry it anywhere. You need to follow proper stretching techniques to avoid overstretching. A basic free stretching guide is also included. It comes with a free travel strap, free hair tie, and free temporary tattoos. The travel strap helps you stretch without a door.

Customer Review

It is made of good quality materials and is simple to use. It can work well for any kind of dance. It is portable and can be carried to the hotel rooms. If you feel like you are not flexible and want to quit dancing or gymnastics, this strap will change your thoughts. No installation required and takes little space.

5. Ballet is Fun TurnBoard –Ballet Balance Board

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  • High quality and durable construction
  • Designed to improve ballet turning
  • 5 colors available (Glitz, violet, purple, pink, blue)
  • Can hold up to 175 pounds

This ballet balance board is designed for dancers who want to improve the turning elements. Ballet turning focused spotting, strong center, and right arm placement. It is the most used training tool for dancers worldwide. It is durable and holds up to 175 pounds. It comes in 5 different colors.

Customer Review

A great turn-board to learn to balance. You should have open space as it is easy to fall and slip. It can hold up to 175 pounds so it won’t be good for adult dancers.

6. Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Equipment for Dancers

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  • Adjustable seat for users of different height
  • Removable calf-stretch board
  • Relieves sore muscles and reduces body pain
  • Ensures proper stretching position
  • Integrated wheels to move the machine easily

Nitrofit Limber Pro stretch equipment for dancers is the most affordable of the top stretching machine on the market. The seat can be adjusted for users of different sizes. The calf stretch board has variable angles and is removable. Wheels are integrated into the front leg for easy storage. The equipment positions you accurately to provide effective stretching for muscle groups. It relieves your body pain in a few minutes.

Customer Review

The machine feels good with thick padding. It is durable and has an adjustable height and a calf stretch board. It helps amazingly to relieve body pain.

7. Precor 240i Dance Stretching Equipment

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  • Dimensions: 52 x 28 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Ergonomic design ensures the right stretching position
  • Instruction manual includes eight stretches to target the main muscle groups
  • Seating design stabilizes your back during stretching
  • Cushioned seat and knee pads for comfort
  • Padded handlebars provide security and control during stretching
  • 5 years warranty for the frame, two years for the machine parts, and 90 days for upholstery

This dance stretching equipment is designed to improve your flexibility and coordination. It is a full body-machine for various exercises including shoulders, lower back, upper back, glutes and hips, inner thighs/groin, hips/legs/back, and quadriceps. The cushioned seat and knee pads allow you to sit comfortably. The seat design stabilizes your back while you stretch. The padded handlebars ensure security and control of the duration and intensity of each stretch. It is lightweight and small to easily fit in your home.

Customer Review

It is expensive but an amazing stretching machine. It adjusts to stretch your body parts gently. You can recommend it to anyone having lower back issues. The material and construction quality is great. It is easy to use.

8. EverStretch Dance Stretch Equipment

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  • Cotton strap with metal welded D-ring
  • Easy to use the flexible strap
  • Affordable than the pro versions
  • Lifetime warranty

This dance stretch equipment is designed to achieve full splits for ballet dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders. It will help you improve your hip range motion, leg flexibility, balance, and strength. You just need to put the door anchor over a doorpost, close the door and pull the band through the ring and it is ready to use.

Customer Review

If your home routine involves maximum stretching exercises then this strap will work well for you. It has a protective sponge coating that does not scratch your doors. It is sturdy and easy to set up.

9. StretchPro Ballet Feet Stretches

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  • Base unit with an in-built storage capacity
  • 100% silicone foot sleave
  • Two different sized heel cushions

This arch stretches for dancers allow them to achieve proper foot positioning by increasing the arch shape and height. It is lightweight and constructed using high-quality unbreakable engineering material. The adjustable foam cushions provide comfort to the heel and the silicone booth prevents allergies.

You just simply need to put this foot stretcher on the ground and slide your foot into the foot sleave by straightening your leg. Stretching this way helps to increase your arc shape and height.

Customer Review

It is of high-quality for the price. It shows significant results within a few weeks. It will be of great help for your arch shape and height.

10. FIGROL Leg Stretcher for Dancers

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  • Durable steel construction
  • Non-slip EVA foam handles for a comfortable grip
  • Five holes on each pole to adjust the length for different heights
  • Easy to use leg stretcher

The FIGROL leg stretcher for dancers is simple and easy to use making it a perfect addition to your dance studio supplies. You can enhance the flexibility of your inner thighs and hamstrings and improve splitting to 180o. It has three metal tubes with 5 holes on each to adjust the length and deepen your stretch by creating tension in your legs.

Customer Review

It is simple and helps you in flexing your tight thigh muscles little by little.

Facts about Dance Equipment for Stretching

The dance stretching tools improves the body’s flexibility efficiently. However, to make it easy here are some other factors including

What to Stretch

The dance equipment for stretching comes in different sizes and specifications. There are full-body stretchers and stretchers for arms, shoulders, legs, or feet. You must know what part you need to focus on. The full-body equipment is expensive but you can invest if you want a wide choice.

Physical Abilities

Every person has different requirements. You need to consider your physical limitations like height, weight, or injuries as all the equipment is not designed similarly. Some stretching models are clinically approved and help people suffering from various issues. You can also consult your physical therapist if about choosing the right equipment.


For full-body equipment, you need to make sure the seat is comfortable as you will be spending most of the time sitting on it. Padded surfaces are best to avoid blows and injuries. The parts made of steel should be strong and durable. The equipment should not produce any sound when using it. Choose the one with a lifetime warranty so you do not have to bother about the damages.

Customizable machines would be a great option as your family members can use them too.

Space and Budget

Some apartments might be small to keep the stretching machines. You can go for the ones that are compact and can be folded and stored under your bed or in the corner of your room. You need to keep in mind your home dimension while shopping for stretchers. The full-body equipment will cover more space, the stretching bands and dumbells won’t.

You do not need to go for top picks if you do not have a budget nor cheap ones would be good. Balanced quality and price would work well.

Ease of Use

The equipment should be versatile and easy to use. You will be getting an instruction manual with it. Adjustable machines are the best ones as all your family members from kids to adults can use them.

Some settings like angle adjustment for leg stretchers should be easy with the help of a manual. Portable machines are more convenient as they can be taken anywhere.

Maintenance and Storage

You should practice the maintenance steps like cleaning and oiling the gears and other parts. The steps are mentioned in the manual. The home used equipment should not be left outside as they can lose their durability.

Installation and Assembly

You should go for pre-assembled machines if you have a hard time with screws and bolts. Just unpack and start using.

How to Use Dance Stretching  Tools?


Dancing is a full-body workout and fun at the same time. Stretching correctly is important to dance better. You know how stiff and painful the tight muscles feel. Stretching equipment is designed to stretch your muscles improving flexibility. 

However, these skills are all about achieving great posture, flexibility, strength, and lots of discipline. Exercising to improve your flexibility can be frustrating if you do not have the right and effective dance equipment for stretching. The best stretchers for dancers have been discussed for you with all the amazing features. You can pick your desired stretcher and start working on your flexibility.


What should be the stretching routine for dancers?

To improve your flexibility, you should follow a consistent stretching routine of three to five times a week as the body requires rest too.

How to improve ballet techniques as adults?

The muscles and joints of older people become stiff. Making a stretching routine after the morning walk can improve ballet. You can use Precor 240i.

How to learn ballet at home?

You can learn ballet at home by taking some online lessons. You can use portable and easy-to-use stretchers to improve the body position.

What are good stretches for dancers?

Good stretchers are the ones that are made of durable materials, easy to use, portable, and adjustable for various heights. 

What muscle groups are needed to be stretched for flexibility?

The key muscle groups include shoulders, lower back, upper back, glutes and hips, inner thighs/groin, hips/legs/back, and quadriceps.

How can you improve the range of motion in the shoulders?

Light dumbbells can be used to improve flexibility and strength in the shoulders.

How can you achieve full splits?

EverStretch flexibility strap can be used to achieve full 180o splits. You need to stretch your legs gradually to achieve 180o. It is easy to use and you can simply use it at your home.

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