Errors that Ruin Your Gaming Experience

Gaming is the solemn way for players to enter the epic world of virtuality, consider while in the epic-ness, the game crashes out or the graphics face some glitches—devastating right! The errors that might cause the menace can be dealt with accordingly. Here, we have rushed the most usual problems like higher pings, game crashing, graphic glitches, screen tearing, or game freezing, you might run into;

  • Online Lag
  • Network Ping
  • Game Freeze
  • Screen Tearing
  • Game Crashing

The solutions to these problems are also addressed respectively.

Online Lag

Lag is one of the main disasters that can put that winning goal against you in the fifa when you weren’t exactly expecting that. This is technically the delay between the command given from your side in an online game and the server’s reaction to what you just did.

Example: you are playing a shooting game and just shot right at an opponent, the shot was on point, but after a few moments, the experiences a flip over, the opponent is still alive—the shot was done on the wall behind him. This is the lag you have experienced, can happen over any situation in the game.

How to Fix it?

The internet connection is the main thing that affects the ratio of how much you are getting the lag. It is quite furious that lag is always there but so small, non-noticeable—as more of the delay gets in because of server data transfer issue, the lag becomes prominent. You can run through as;

  • Check the speed of your internet.
  • Stay close to any bandwidth-intensive tasks running on your network.
  • If it is WIFI, put the router close to the receiver.
  • As it is a high-end online game, remove all the other connections over your WIFI network.
  • For ethernet, check the connector and the connection.
  • Stop all the pending downloads and video streams.

Network Ping

The lag is technically/can be measured through network ping—it is the value of time that indicates how long it takes to load your action/command to the server and getting back the feedback over it. The ping is measured in milliseconds, the higher the ping, the higher will be the lags.

How to Indicate Ping?

Now, most of the high-end online games have integrated the view of ping in real-time on the screen. This is the main way to determine whether you are getting lag or it is your computer’s problem. The range of ping under a 100 or 90 will not make let you feel any certain lag—the 50 or under that is considered to a be the sweet spot for playing.

What Affects the Ping?

 There are certain factors that affect the ping;

  • The network connection.
  • The location selected of the game server.
  • The players in certain server locations.

How it Can be Helped?

Choosing a location close to you will let the ping be smaller as data won’t have to travel a greater distance. like, if you are in the US, and has put on the EU servers, you more endure to face higher ping—select a server location with less playing ratio, the larger number on the certain server location, the larger will be the ping, and vice versa.

Game Freeze

The game is running okay, but not that smoothly which it should be—this is something unbearable. If you regularly face hanging/freezing while gaming and need to restart the computer then there is at least one component being a bottleneck. Checking the culprit through a troubleshooting is possible;

Drop the Graphics to Lowest

The higher graphics put the burden on the computer and it might cause the lowering of performance ultimately putting game hangings. Drop the graphics to the lowest, close all the other unnecessary programs and check the game again. The load over the GPU and RAM usually puts the error while running the heavy applications.

Free Up Some Space

If you have recently suspected the game freezing/hangings and just before, you have installed some further games, then give it a look over the storage. Whether, there is space available, sometimes a required free space is necessary for the applications to optimally work. Delete unnecessary data, if there is not anything unnecessary, then move it into an external hard drive.

Upgrade Requirements  

If dropping graphics to the lowest and freeing up space does not help, then check the specifications of pc to the game’s requirement. This might be because of hardware problems in gaming pc. You might need to upgrade some components, e.g., SSD is much faster than the HDD, and likewise, more RAM allows the smoothest gaming experience.

Screen Tearing

The visual issues are common to fall in the gaming experience but screen tearing is something a bit unusual. This problem is when your screen shows multiple frames from a game at one time, the previous and as well as from the current one, the frames don’t align, and on-screen there is a distorted and unmannered view.

Why Does This Happen?

Unlike the gaming PC issues, this is not the fault of any certain component—it occurs due to the distorting in the date transfer from the video card to the display monitor. The card sends the feed to the monitor but it fails to sync up with the timing of the previous frame due to a problem in the refresh rate. As the new data has come to the monitor but the previous hasn’t been diminished out, this causes the broken image (screen tearing).

How to Fix Screen Tearing?

Featuring the V-Sync (vertical synchronization) in the game will help tear up this problem—enabling the V-sync allows the series of frames in a presented sequence, as it doesn’t let the video card send in the next frame until the display monitor has finished the previous frame. Tips for using v-sync;

  • In a multiplayer game, where every second matters, turn it on and then off (once frames are assembled), as it increases lag.
  • Don’t use it too much in offline games, as it can induce input lag.
  • Use it only to refresh the frame cycle.

Game Crashing

Some teensy game errors might not prevent the gamer off the gaming seat, but consider you were going to win that level which you were trying to beat off for straight hours, and when the time was ultimately near, booyah! The game crashes out! This is something more annoying than having a supremely nosy aunt. Now, in order to cure;

Restart your PC

A ton of pc problems are eliminated just by this act—shutting down and restarting it up. This would let you know, whether the problem was a guest or a permanent one. If the computer was in use for an extensive time, then wait for a few hours, let it cool down, start again and check. if the crash is still there, then move on to the next troubleshoot.

Update/Reinstall the Drivers

If you haven’t updated the driver for much long but keep installing and operating the latest games, then the driver might be the culprit behind the sudden crashing. Thus;

  • Confirm that you have installed the up-to-date drivers.
  • If your drivers were already up to date then uninstall and install again from a known source.

The drivers are responsible for running the game in the computer, as to the technical point—they simplify programming by acting as a translator between device and the application. In simple, they allow the operating system to communicate with a hardware device. thus, if they fail to orientate the communication, then the game would certainly crash. Well, the problem might relate to the hardware as well, thus, to clear that up we have enlisted common problems in a gaming pc.

Tips for Unstoppable Gaming

At the time of selecting the game or the preferred hardware for the game, some things better kept in mind in attaining the better experience. They are;

Avoid Games Built for Consoles First

The stereo of “console-ification” came out to be in the ring, when the titles like Fallout 4, No Man’s Sky etc. The interface is dedicated to the consoles as well as the graphics. This becomes a menace when it comes to know that these are not optimized for the PC crowd. The UI (user interface) doesn’t give that aura of experience, graphics, and ultimately not suitable compatibility.

Get Personalized Controllers

Whether it is a gaming stick, console or you like to play with quiet gaming keyboards, the personalization of the controllers affects a lot in the gaming style and experience. Taking the game on truly the next level can be done by selecting;

  • Colors
  • Side Note Key (Gaming Mouses)
  • RGB Lights or Personalized Lightings
  • Designs
  • Rapid Fire Option
  • Protective Cases

Invest in your Gaming Chair

The thing that has an impact on players (even more than having a motherboard for i9) is the comfortability whilst the game. The tenure for non-stop gaming just starts from plain four hours and can go till one’s mother come in, switching off the computer. So, to prevent backaches and body stiffness, invest in gaming chairs. The considerable options are;

  • Memory foam gaming chairs
  • Bean bag gaming chairs
  • Pedestal gaming chairs

Adding GPN

The right connection is the right way of getting that smoothness in the gaming—finding a provider with a speedy and reliable internet data transfer is the key. For the online games to run more sense-fully, make sure to add a certain gaming-specific VPN, known as GPN. This is a virtual private network for game servers. Adding it will prioritize speed between your router and the server location that will ultimately diminish the lag.

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