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Product Features

  • This product is available in different sizes that include 5,6 and 7 inches
  • The style of this GPS is the Base model
  • Garmin possess Capacitive Touch
  • It has the dimensions 0.7 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches L x W x H
  • The weight of the product 6.4 ounces
  • The LCD screen is made out of glass
  • It allows easy navigation
  • It is programmed to updates for the lifetime
  • The Garmin provides a bird’s eye view of the streets
  • Updates the user through color indication for the proper lane
  • It requires Lithium-ion battery
  • Wireless display

This is a GPS device that does not depend upon cellular signals. All the models of Garmin come with the feature of lifetime update for North America and provide traffic alerts. The landmarks on the maps by adding a color indication.

The wide four screen with 5,6, and 7 inches makes the image clearer and vivid, you can easily find all the destinations by getting a mark of every spot on the device. Garmin will guide you with the name of the current street, time of arrival to your destination, the speed, and the speed limit as well.

It can give you an alert for every quiet zone such as the school area or hospital area. This device is able to provide dual-orientation for the display. This best gps with backup camera is able to connect with your smartphones which will keep the user up to date with the real-time alerts and the conditions of roads as well.


  • Garmin is easy to install
  • It is compatible with back-up cameras
  • It has pre-loaded information for the historical sites
  • The display provides easy readability
  • Possesses a bright display
  • Gives quick access to the maps
  • Works fast in speed


  • Overheats with the sun
  • It does not include a user-manual
  • Rarely gives the wrong direction

How to Setup and Update Garmin GPS tracker?

 Customer’s Feedback

  1. I am loving my Garmin GPS tracker. It could be better but still, it is worth buying as nothing is perfect. I got a remanufactured device to save some extra bucks and it never made me regret making the decision of buying it. Sometimes it refuses to provide the information of traffic due to the adaptor of the car wasn’t the accurate unit. It offered me a free car power adaptor which was not a good solution but when I reported the issue with the company, they were very considerate about it and replaced my product.
  2. I was not happy when I first bought that device because the seller from which I bought the device overcharged for it and sent a defective unit instead. When I contacted the representative of Garmin company, they informed me that they know about the issue of this device but they did not replace it. Initially, I was angry about their statement and asked them to at least make a replacement for that product.
Author Arnold Rider

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