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Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock; Best Sounding Clocking Radio

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Product Features

  • 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.76 inches Product Dimension
  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant 
  • Supports Eco dot
  • Allows Wifi Connectivity
  • Has 4 different Alarms
  • Comes in a round shape
  • Tabletop mounting
  • 7 sounds for alarm
  • Built in speakers
  • 3 Natural sounds

Here comes the one best Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock which is the best sounding radio on the Market. This device is intelligently controlled that operated with just a simple voice command as it has the feature of Alexa Echo. You can operate this with a simple SmartLife App which easily supports every operating system but it supports 2.4G Hz Wi-fi network only.

It has a wake-up light which can be set according to the sunrise time, the begins to increase with the sunrise. The light coming from the lamp increases and fill up the room with the bright yellow light, giving the illusion of sunlight and decreases by the duration of the alarm time that you have set.

This lamp has 7 different kinds of unique and soothing sounds like birdsong, streams, waves, beep, win dells. Piano, chords, natural sounds and ringtones. It also has an FM radio function to which you can set Voice of America as your Alarm.

It has a big snooze option to give 15 more minutes to get up. The built-in excellent quality speakers with a volume range.

Customer Reviews

  1. I used a Philips energy saver for my this wake up lamp, resulted it as better in all aspects. The good thing that can work with Alexa. All the parts that this lamp consists like radio, sleep sound portion and other four different alarms are easily controlled by Alexa. The wifi feature makes it more easier and user friendly device by setting it up with just a SmartLife app. It helps me to get up early by setting up 4 different alarms.
  2. I got this one for about a month or 2 because I was too lazy to get up early in the morning. I was so intrigued by the short details it has when it is so cheap. It connects with the wifi and controlled with your smartphone. It detects the time from the internet and remains a different setting. I set the alarm 10 minutes before the rising of the sun.

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