How to Build an Efficient Hand Tool Kit for Electricians?

Electricians are the first person you approach during an electrical failure in your home or office. These technicians are trained in installing and maintaining electrical equipment.

Tool kits are an essential part of an electrician’s job. It contains the necessary tools and machinery to help them deliver a safe and reliable service.

Choosing a suitable electrical instrument can be daunting for most electricians, though.
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Basic Types of Tools Used by Electrician

An electrician’s job is crucial for setting up or renovating a new house or an office. Like any other operational or constructional project, electricians also require a basic set of tools. These tools are readily available in nearby local electrical supply stores, hardware shops, and online stores.

The essential electrician’s tools include

Wiring Tools: These tools help in handling wiring and repair work.

Installation Tools: They are used in the installation of electrical components and appliances.

Testing Equipment: Testing equipment is an integral part of an electrician’s tool kit. These instruments are used to test the circuits and find faulty electrical systems. You can buy the best safety Bahco tools online from leading companies.

Essential Tools to Build a Hand Tool Kit

These are a few types of equipment that always find their place in an electrician’s toolbox.

Wire Strippers

These cutting pliers are used to cut through copper wires or cables. Some common types of strippers are:

  •  Adjustable strippers
  •  Automatic wire strippers
  •  Manual pliers
  •  Pistol wire cutters
  •  Sheath cutters
  • Screwdrivers

These are insulated tools that provide electrical resistance while fixing electrical components with nuts and bolts. You can find screwdrivers of different shapes and sizes. The basic types of screwdrivers are slotted screwdrivers, Philips screwdrivers, and Pozidriv Screwdrivers.


These are used for fixing or pulling out nails from circuit boards and switches. Some standard hammers are a claw hammer, a ball-peen hammer, and a mallet.


These are widely used for cutting thicker cables and metal shapes. An ideal hacksaw has a 12-inch blade which is easily replaceable.


If you search for Bahco tools online, you can find some of the best wrenches for building your electrical tool kit. These are used to fix or remove hex-head screws found in ceiling fans and electrical appliances.


Side-cutting pliers and needle-nose pliers are must-have instruments in an electrical toolset. They are used for heavy-duty cutting and insulation projects.

Voltmeter and Micrometer

A voltmeter is specialty equipment used by expert electricians to read voltage levels and check circuit boards. A micrometer is used to find the diameter of a large set of wires.

Electrical Drill

These power tools are used to drill inside concrete walls. They run on a battery-powered motor. It offers maximum torque to drill deeper to prevent electrical boards from falling out.

Final Note

Apart from a measuring tape, a safety knife, and electrical tape, these are some of the critical parts of an electrician’s toolbox. You can buy these essential products to make your electrician’s job more accessible and efficient.

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