How to Choose the Bluetooth Speakers for Car Music

A good piece of music could accompany you in your daily commute however, pairing it with the Bluetooth speakers for the car will make it less boring. Not only for this, you can use them for taking important calls as well.

Wifi speakers vs Bluetooth speakers

Though they both offer wireless connectivity, they are different as well as significant in their own way. A wifi speaker is connected to the internet and smartphone. While Bluetooth does not require any internet connection, in fact, it connects directly by detecting the device. 

To make it simpler, you can say that a Bluetooth speaker is not dependent on a wifi signal which offers more portability. 

Here are some features that a Bluetooth speaker for a car must possess

Audio Quality

Good sound quality is obviously the key. To get it right, here are some specifications that make it easy for you to choose the right Bluetooth speaker. 


Every speaker with Bluetooth has a frequency response. Usually, a normal human is capable of hearing 40 Hz to 20 KHz. The lower end of the audio possesses the Bass sound while the higher end is treble which is equally balanced to produce the sound.

Audio Driver 

The Bluetooth speakers usually have two drivers out of which one has a high frequency and the other with a low. Make sure to check the output power of a speaker that is mentioned in Watts (W).

EQ Apps

Many Bluetooth speakers lack bass and treble. Using an EQ is a good choice. All you have to do is download a small software from the app store for providing a better music experience in your vehicle.


In general, the Bluetooth speakers are light in weight and easy to move from one place to another and work with powerful batteries. Such speakers are used for outdoor events that are capable of going with a single charge for a long time.

Power handling

It is the close amp’s output that requires powerful external amplifiers. A device, however, is rated in watts RMS ranging from 2-50 for the low-powered stereo.

The 2 way or 3 way 

The 2-way speakers only have a woofer and tweeter and coaxial speakers whereas a woofer., tweeter, or the mid-range speaker uses 3-way. The frequency range (the spectrum) of the three-way speaker is wider than the 2-Way.

What is the easiest way to choose a portable Bluetooth speaker?

It is not about choosing the speaker for yourself that has other features to choose from the market. Make sure the speakers that you are going to buy possess the latest features along with a sturdy build and the feature of being waterproof.

Why a Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth makes wireless connectivity easy and natural. Specifically, while driving, Bluetooth helps to pair your phone for music and calls. For wireless streaming of music, this is the best feature that your dashcam/GPS tracker has, allowing two-way communication among your smartphone and stereo. 

Our recommendation for the Bluetooth speaker for car music is

Jabra 100 In-car speakerphone


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Key features

  • Wireless technology
  • 14 hours Battery life 
  • 40 days standby time
  • 2 hours charging time
  • 3 speakers of 7W
  • FM transmitter
  • Playback control 

Jabra Freeway is a renowned company for manufacturing car speakers. Such speakers are perfect for producing rich and crisp sound for your car. You can easily use your voice to make your phone calls or receive your incoming calls wirelessly. Also, it announces the name of your incoming call. 

The A2DP streaming for playback music, GPS tracking, and podcasts. It also has FM transmitters that send the music from phone to car radio. The talk-time of this car speaker is up to 14 hours, which is almost 960 hours of standby. 

Further, it has auto-on/off that has an advanced multi-user connection with 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time with the crystal clear call.

Other features for this device include voice control, spoken caller ID, noise reduction, and a USB without a car charger. 

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