How to have more fish in your bucket? Real Tips for fishing

What actually baitcaster is?

Baitcaster is not less than a blessing for people who takes fishing more than just an activity. As fishing is one adventurous exercise, Most of us love to do it. Before doing an activity you must be familiar with its tools and rules. Without proper tools, you cannot enjoy it and the result would be zero.

Baitcaster is a reel that includes a revolving spool and sits on the beat of a casting pole with a trigger handle. This is often precisely inverse to a turning reel, which sits underneath a turning pole and with the line guides confronting down.

Most people look for the best baitcaster combo that doesn’t lash back. Backlash is a common problem for fishermen but it can be overcome by using little care and quality equipment like Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel which you can easily buy from Amazon.

Why should we buy baitcaster?

A lot of questions arise while buying baitcaster or preferring it over the spinning tool. You must be aware of its benefits to make sure that the product worth its price or not?

Control and Accuracy:

The way a baitcaster works permits the user to have more prominent control over the speed and possible landing put of the bait. The included brake components too help in this included level of control.


A baitcaster’s gears basically work as a winch. The torque produced to turn the spool is exponentially expanded, giving the user more noteworthy reeling power.

Line Twist:

Unlike a spinning reel, a baitcaster will prevent twisting of the line.

Braking System:

Bait casting reels aren’t truly so difficult to ace these days. The braking framework on baitcasting reels alters the revolution of the spool during the cast. This implies it lets the spool turn more unreservedly, or allows it to turn less openly.


Another reason to buy the baitcaster is its excellent speed which reel produces, it’s actually the number of rotations in one turn of the handle. If it has a higher gear ratio, the number of rotations will be more. If you are in a fishing situation where you need more speed, like quickly recovering a bait across the top of the water, a faster reel with a ratio of around 7:1 would work well.

How to use baitcaster?

The process of using a baitcaster effectively consists of the following steps:

  1. Lining the Reel:

Reel the line in until your bait is 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) from the pole tip. In the event that you’ve got a sinker or bobber connected to the line, it ought to be 6 to 12 inches from the bar tip instead.

  1. Holding the reel properly:

Grasp the rod behind the reel with your thumb resting over the reel spool. Baitcasting rods are crafted the same as spin casters, and as with spincasting rods, most users cast with the same hand they retrieve with, so if you prefer to hold the rod behind the reel when you retrieve, you’ll need to switch hands when you cast.

  1. Pointing:

As with spincasting adapt, this lets you employ your wrist after you cast. In case you cast together with your inverse hand, the handles ought to point down. Some of baitcasters can be used with both hands as they are made for right and left-handed as well. Penn Torque Lever Drag and Daiwa Steez SV TW 1016SV-SH 7  are the fine examples of such baitcasters.

  1. Bending of casting arm:

You should twist your casting arm at the elbow so that your arm starts to reach the right point. As you are, do raise your bar until its tip goes straight. This will allow you the proper situating to send the line out.

  1. Sweeping of the rod:

The angle is about 30 degrees above the line or the “10 o’clock” position. When you will do this, lift your thumb off the reel spool enough so that the weight of your bait or lure pulls line off the spool as it is parallel position toward the aim. If you are doing this with a long-handled rod of the kind that is used in saltwater fishing you’ll want to use your opposite hand as a fulcrum from which to pivot the rod as you cast.

  1. Pressing the Reel spool:

This can be comparative to squeezing the button on a spincasting reel to brake the line; be that as it may, not applying your thumb before long sufficient leads to the spool proceeding to turn after your trap hits the water, making an overrun or “feathered creatures settle” that you’ll get to rectify out some time recently you’ll recover your draw.

How to prevent Backlash?

First of all, you need is to choose the best equipment like KastKing Royale Legend which will offer you more control and grip.

  • The brake system and spool tension must be adjusted according to your comfort level. If you are not comfortable while doing the test cast. Stop for a moment and adjust your parameters again. Most of the baitcasters have automatic brake adjustment. In this type of situation, all you need is to set the spool tension which will enhance your experience. If you have these settings done, the chances of backlash are minimal.
  • Before starting the real action, start your journey with a short distance. It will help you to adjust grip and you will have a better experience. You can test it for long-distance but the chance of risks can spoil your adventure.
  • Wind plays an important part while casting the bait, always check the direction of wind and plan your strategy accordingly. Don’t try to go against the wind it can harm your activity. Always try to use in your advantage and enjoy your adventure without any interruption. You can check it on the dry land and it will prevent backlash.
  • Last but not least, if you are a beginner and don’t have any past experience of fishing with baitcaster. Before having your first activity, practice it in your surrounding it will help you to understand the feel of your gadget. As you know practice makes you perfect. So don’t forget to practice before you go to the real-time experience


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