How to use a whipped cream dispenser?

Whipped cream dispensers are versatile that are commonly used to create fresh whipped cream. They have various unique ways to use in foodservice. Keep reading to learn about how to use a whipped cream dispenser.

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What is a cream dispenser, and how it works?

A whipped cream nitrous dispenser is a kitchen equipment that uses nitrous oxide gas to mix ingredients and give them a pillowy texture. Whip it cream dispenser adds nitrous gas into the product, which creates a lot of bubbles and converts it into a whipped and light texture.
Other than making whipped cream, they can also be used to make Batters, Cocktails, and Espumas. Many whipped cream whippers come with various accessories that you can use to create a beautiful presentation for your guests or customers.

• What are cream chargers, or what is a whip-it?

Cream chargers or whip it containers are steel cylinders filled with nitrous oxide—these nitro whip cream chargers used as a whipping agent in the dispenser.

A guide to use whipped cream guns/dispensers:

Let’s start step by step guideline to use whip it cream dispenser tool.

• Step-1

Clean the bottle components (Tip, Gas-cartridge) and unscrew the dispenser, then insert the desired tip and securely connect it with the whipped cream canister. The O-ring must be on the underside of the head.

• Step-2

Pour in your desired liquid or cream up to the marked level. Do not overfill the whipped cream canister.

• Step-3

Screw tightly and evenly. Avoid cross-threading your whipped cream charger dispenser.
How to use whip its: place whip it cream charger at the top of the tool, the place of charger is facing upwards. Carefully twist the nitro whip cream chargers until you hear the sound of gas, it indicates that the gas is ready to be released.

• Step-4

How to whip it? Shake dispenser and give it a good move. Turn it upside down for a few minutes then press the lever of the container and check if the cream is still runny, shake it a couple of times before dispensing the cream again.

• Step-5

Do not leave it uncleaned. When the dispenser is empty, discharge the remaining pressure and unscrew the top. Discard whip it cream-charger and use a small brush to clean out the leftover cream from the nozzle.

Other important things that you might be looking for:

Here are a few things related to the whipped dispensers that people usually scroll over the internet to get the right answer.

• Where to buy whip cream dispensers?

You can buy cream dispensers online or visit any nearest store to make a purchase.

• Are whip its safe? And What gas is in whipped cream?
Nitrous oxide is the gas used in the process of making whipped cream.
This gas can cause dizziness, so it is unsafe to inhale it directly.

• How long does heavy whipping cream last once opened?

Whipped cream once opened can last up to two weeks if stored well in the refrigerator. You can leave it outside the fridge for max two hours, but the temperature must be less than 40-F.


A whipped dispenser is a great tool to make airy foams, soft and smooth batters. It can be used to make various things related to baking food. They are available in stainless steel material, which is suitable for safety.
The whipped chargers, which are full of nitrous oxide gas and only for one-time usage; after making whipped cream, do not forget to clean the dispenser. Gently remove the nitrous charger from the container and wash thoroughly. You can buy whip-its and dispensers from the market or can purchase it using the online stores.

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