6 Light Weight Electric Scooters for Commuting in 2022

With the passage of time, an electric scooter has become more popular as they are portable and the best way out to cut heavy traffic. However, light weight electric scooters are becoming more popular in the United States. As they offer more portability and long battery life, with some more features they have become top-rated scooters for the commute.

Editor's Pick



Ninebot E25 Electric Scooter

-Aluminum alloy body
-Li-ion Battery
-25km mileage

After analyzing the top rated electric scooters, we have selected Ninebot E25 as our editor’s choice. Further, look out for the light weight electric scooters that

Has the Features Such as….

The following features that makes the e scooter best include

Motor power

The motor power determines the speed and how far that it goes. Mostly, the power of the motor is around 200W to 6270W. the higher the motor power, the higher mileage.

Secondly, the weight load also impacts the speed and distance of the scooter.

Whether it is a light weight electric scooter or scooter for heavy rider, weight effects not only the speed but also the speed for the inclined terrain.


The suspension helps for a smooth and bump-free ride. An electric scooter mostly possesses the suspension, specifically those that allow the ride for an inclined terrain.

The three kinds of suspensions include spring, hydraulic/air piston and rubber suspension.

Spring suspension: This kind of suspension will give a few bumps in your ride. The coil or thr spring minimizes the shocks to some extent.

Hydraulic suspension: these suspensions works with the hydraulic actuator being filled with the liquid that expands quickly when there is a bump exactly like jumping in the air.

Rubber suspension: The material naturally possesses the ability to absorb the shocks and is more supportive.


Mechanical and electronic brakes are usually used in the electric scooters.

Electronic brakes however work with the motor. The strict electric regenerating system is required for proper working. The braking system would collapse if 15mph and require immediate stopping.

Mechanical brakes: The mechanical braking system decreases the level of speed by using the foot, disc and drums. The 24km is around 6 meter in a mechanical system and is more effective. Further, they are include 3 kinds of brakes

  • Drum brakes
  • Foot brakes
  • Disc brakes

Disc brakes: These brakes offer complete control over your scooter.

Foot brakes: The working of these brakes depend upon the movement of foot with the back fender that rubs against the rear wheel.

Drum Brakes: Such brakes are installed in the wheel cover (hub). If compared to the other brakes, they require low amount of maintenance and go best on the wet or damp surface.  

Top 6 Light Weight Electric Scooter

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1. Ninebot E25 Electric Scooter

-Aluminum alloy body
-Li-ion Battery
-25km mileage
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2. Scooway 130W

-Aluminum body
-60k Maximum weight load
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3. NextDrive N-7 300W

-32km/h maximum speed
-18-36 km mileage
-120kg load capacity
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4. Happyrun Electric Scooter

-350W motor capacity
-36V Battery
-Aluminum Alloy + ABS

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5. ESL85 Folding Electric Scooter

-Aluminum Alloy
-Hand brake
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6. Nuibility N2 Two Wheel

-Aluminum Alloy
-350W Power Motor
-25km/h Maximum speed
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1.  Ninebot E25 Electric Scooter

Ninebot E25 Electric Scooter

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  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Li-ion Battery
  • 25km mileage
  • 300 W motor rate
  • 100 – 240V input power
  • 100kg maximum weight load
  • Dual brake system
  • App-Controlled

The first light weight electric scooter comes in black in color. It is perfect for adults, teenagers or even the office workers as the build is sturdy because of aluminum alloy. This also makes it water-resistant.

Ninebot E25 possesses a Chinese plug for it charging purpose. The lithium-ion battery that it uses requires only 3 hours for getting totally charged and goes with the speed of 25km/ hour.  

The maximum payload of this electric scooter is around 100kgs. Further, it offers a dual braking system; the disc brake and magnet brake that offers a braking distance of almost meters with a front light lamp.

It possesses solid rubber tires that are 9 inches that provide anti-slipping texture and the shockproof spring for high road ability.

2. Scooway 130W electric scooter for light weight

Scooway 130W electric scooter for light weight

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  • Aluminum body
  • 60k Maximum weight load
  • Foldable
  • 24V battery with 2Ah capacity
  • 2 hours charging time
  • 8-10 km per hour speed
  • Dual braking system

Scooway is another electric scooter which is specified for the kids as it offers 60 kgs maximum weight load. The foldable feature of this product makes it more portable and long lasting with the sturdy aluminum alloy body.

This folding scooter for kids has a battery power of 24V with a battery of 2Ah. Further, this scooter has been specified and falls in the category of best electric scooter for kids as this light weight electric scooters weigh itself only 5 kgs. This makes this lightweight electric scooter more portable because it is easy to carry around. 

The body of this light weight electric scooter for kids is solid as it is made of aluminium alloy with the plastic paddles. The solid tyres are 5 inches in size which gives the climbing power from 3 to 5 degrees.

In the package you will get 14 Ling scooter 1 charger 1 vehicle toll user manual this scooter is available in several colors so grab your favorite one.

3. NextDrive N-7 300W Electric Scooter

NextDrive N-7 300W Electric Scooter

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  • 32km/h maximum speed
  • 18-36 km mileage
  • 120kg load capacity
  • 300W motor power
  • 3-4 hour charging time
  • Water-resistant
  • Foldable
  • LCD display

This electric scooter is a bit heavy itself but capable of bearing a weight of 120kg that makes it a part of best electric scooter for heavy adults. For climbing purpose, it can go till 15 degrees maximum.

Riding this one could be safe as it offers the best braking system either EBS or the disc brake with a 10 inches of tire size. Though this is a chargeable electric scooter, the charger requires only 36V and takes almost 3-4 hours to be charged totally.

A wide LCD display shares the statistics of speed, gear, power etc. With the lithium battery that it has, it will take you around 32 km/h far. Additionally, the foldable feature makes it more portable that minimizes the size around half almost.

4. Happyrun Electric Scooter 

Happyrun Electric Scooter 

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  • Aluminum Alloy + ABS+ PC
  • 100kgs load capacity
  • 36V Battery
  • 4-5 hours charging time
  • Foldable
  • 14 degree climbing angle
  • Dual brakes
  • 10 inches tire

The following scooter is another good option for light weight electric scooter. the sturdy body makes it good to go for a long time and also makes it a waterproof scooter.

With the 10 inches tires and dual braking system, this scooter becomes one safe ride for adults as well as youngsters.

This scooter further offers a folding option with a solid and long-lasting requiring 42V for charging only and takes around 5 hours maximum for being fully charged.

For inclined terrains, this scooter offers a 14 degree of angle climbing.

5. ESL85 Folding Electric Scooter

ESL85 Folding Electric Scooter

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  • aluminum alloy body
  • 350W motor power
  • 25km/h speed
  • 25-28 km
  • 125kg load capacity
  • Hand brake
  • 42V charger output
  • Lithium battery

This product possesses a motor that is 16A with a maximum speed of 25km/h. It provides a mileage of 24- 28 km. whereas the sturdy body prevents it from water and rust.

It works with lithium battery that requires almost 4 hours to get charged. The tires are a bit smaller than other products i.e. 8.5 inches. This electric scooter is capable of bearing a weight of 125kg approx.

The folding option will make this scooter half of its size while the hand brake system provides complete control over your ride. To move easily in the dark, this scooter has got the LED light system in the front and rare wheel for rider’s ease.

6. Nuibility N2 Two Wheel Electric Scooter

Nuibility N2 Two Wheel Electric Scooter

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  • Aluminum Alloy
  • 350W Power Motor
  • 25km/h Maximum speed
  • 36V lithium battery
  • 120 Maximum Load
  • Foldable
  • 27-32 km range
  • Multi-functioning Dashboard

Build of this electric scooter is solid made out of aluminum alloy paired with the 10-inch broad tires. To keep the rider up to date, it possesses a wide dashboard that keeps monitoring covered distance, remaining charging etc.

The powerful brushless motor of this small electric scooter for adults takes its rider with a speed of 25k/h which is almost around 27/32 km.

This light weight electric scooter is portable and has easily foldable locks along with the anti-slipping handle grips for total control over your scooter.

A total load which is around 120kg is bearable by it. For a safe night during dark, this electric scooter comes with a bright front and rear light.

Which type of scooter is better? Kick Start scooter or electric Scooters?

Both types of scooters are perfect for the commute but each has slightly different features such as the weight capacity and the age of the scooter.

The kick start scooter works with an engine as you can guess by name whereas the electric scooter works with a rechargeable battery.

If you want to get the light weight electric scooters for adults, then go for the scooter that starts with a push-button; the electric scooter for adults.

In the end…

Not every scooter is capable of offering portability which is one main reason for the popularity of the best light-weight electric scooter.

For an eco-friendly means of commute, a light weight electric scooters is one good option. It will not only keep you active but also will take you to your destination with a single charge which can go almost 22-24 kilometers per hour.

Nonetheless, for making your decision easy, we have provided a list of top rated lightweight electric scooters.

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