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Lucy’s Family Owned Raw ACV; Best Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

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Product Significance

The apple cider produced by the Lucy’s Family is raw (the kind of apple cider which has not gone through the process of filtration or pasteurization chemically). The raw kind of cider is considered to be the best apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Also, it is unfiltered or in other words, the ‘Mother Cider’ this means this cider is also unheated to burn the bad bacteria present in it.

Lucy’s Family grows apple in their own gardens with 100% organic means to ensure and maintain the quality of the product. These apples are fermented naturally that aids in visible weight loss. It can be used as a multi-purpose cider.

The packaging is available in glass and plastic bottles as well. This organic apple cider vinegar is totally safe as their apples are certified by USDA, Organic Certifier and also it is non-GMO verified. The ingredients include diluted 5% acidity, purified water and apple cider vinegar.

About the Company

Lucy’s Organic is a family owned brand that grows and cultivates apple in their own farms and gardens under healthy eco-system. This helps in nourishment of good bacteria. The preparation of the apples are strictly under the guidelines of given by Federal to maintain the quality of the best apple cider vinegar.

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Customer’s Feedback

  1. My wife has been using this in her daily routine and mentioned that it is one best cider she ever had. The significance that intrigued her was that it is non-gmo and pure. Second thing is that it tastes less bitter than the other ciders so you can easily drink. It does not taste like medicine she said.
  2. I really like the color and flavor of this apple cider vinegar. It is a good one comparing to those we had in long time. We were in hunt of organic cider. Many companies claim of producing one but actually they were not. I must want to say to Lucy’s Family Keep up the good work.

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