Top 6 Small Swing Set for Small Yard for Kids in 2022

A small swing set for small yard though occupies less space but they are as much fun as a big swing set for kids. Keeping and enhancing the mobility of the children, the small swing set for small yards withstand the high standards and heavy-duty likewise. For small yard swing sets metal, plastic, and wood. This guide has been formulated to ease our readers without compromising the top-notch specifications.

Editor's Pick


INLIFE 2 in1 Single Swing

-Steel and Plastic material
-Crossbar diameter 3.8 cm
-20-45 kgs load capacity

Inlife 2 in 1 is our Editor’s pick that either could be a toddler swing or as a single one along with all the features that a top-rated swing set for a small yard must-have.

If you are going to buy a swing set for kids for the first time, make sure to cross-check the core features that include

Features to look for Small Swing Set for small yard


The swing sets manufacturer usually uses 3 materials that include wood, metal, and plastic.

  • Wood swing gives a more classic look. They are heavy but provides an aesthetic look and also require yearly maintenance. Cedar, pine, and redwood are mainly used for outdoor swing sets. They are naturally resistant to every weather, any kind of plant disease or insect infestation.
  • Metal swings are made from steel which provides a solid base to your swing set but, they come with more drawbacks like rust that will cause damage to the frame. Though they are made to be weather-resistant the heat can cause burns in the hot weather.
  • Plastic swings are made from high-density polyethylene which is the most common form of plastic used in playground rides.

Placement and Size

  • Placement of the swing set features the fact that relates to the dimensions of a swing set. The playset swing sets come in the A-Frame that has a width of 12 feet, depth, and height of 8 feet. While installing it, make sure the ground is properly leveled.
  • Also, the swing set must be installed with the clearance of 6 feet i.e. there should not be any tree or pole in the surroundings of the swing set.

Weight Capacity

  • Every swing set has a different weight limit that varies in size and design. The maximum weight capacity for kids is around 225 lbs maximum.
  • If you are planning to have a swing set for the long term then get the one with the limit of 330 lbs. The swing with this weight limit will fall in the roped and plank-styled swing. 

P.E Rope

  • P.E (polyethylene) rope is used in the rope swings as they are sturdy ones with 3 to 4 braided strands with a minimum length of 100m. The monofilament fiber is available in 220 by 200 meter which is abrasion-resistant. This provides a solid grip to the swing. Make sure to check the rope if you are going for the swinging swing set.
  • Other options for ropes include Nylon rope

Note: If you are getting a rope swing, check if it is legal in your region because it is illegal to put ropes in trees and shrubs.

Age Range

  • Every swing set comes with an age range. The manufacturers mention from minimum to maximum age limit of every swing that also somehow determines the weight capacity as well. The swing set for small yard can accommodate both kids and adults depending upon the capacity but the swing that is specified for kids could be dangerous for toddlers.

Top rated Small Swing Set for Small Yard

ImageFeaturesCheck Price
1. INLIFE 2 in1 Single Swing

-Steel and Plastic material
-Crossbar diameter 3.8 cm
-20-45 kgs load capacity
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2. Outdoor Children Swing

-120 weight limit
-24cm connecting tapes
-8×80 mm connecting buckles
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3. Canopy Waterproofed Swing Chair

-Polyester Fabric
-Hook and loop design
Check Price
4. Erommy Patio Swing Chair

-Steel frame Construction
-Adjustable Canopy
-Plastic Skid Feet
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5. Astont Wooden Tree Swing Set

-17.7 x 7.5 x 1.2 dimension
-Adjustable P.E Rope
-47 inches – 70 inches rope length
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6. Sorbus Spinner Swing

-40 x 40 x 63 dimension
-Alloy steel frame
-220 lbs weight capacity
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1. INLIFE 2 in1 Single Swing and Toddle Swing

INLIFE 2 in1 Single Swing and Toddle Swing

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  • Steel and Plastic material
  • Crossbar diameter 3.8 cm
  • 20-45 kgs load capacity
  • 6 months to 3-10 years’ age limit
  • Easy to assemble

This product is one best swing set for babies as it is a safe ride for both toddlers and kids but the recommended age from 6 months to 10 years. Customer satisfaction is their first priority so INLIFE offers 30 days return policy or you can claim a full refund or replacement for the

The swing is made out of the best study material like steel and plastic. Steel provides it solid base while plastic gives it a protective shield. A single swing is fixed with an A-shaped frame through bolts and nuts and designed ergonomically with high back support.

This swing set for toddlers and children has been designed to provide immense safety with the stability and support of the seat. To make it more long-lasting, this swing set is made to be weather-resistant.

2. Outdoor Children Swing


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  • Nylon Plastic Material
  • 120 weight limit
  • Fixed with the support of ropes
  • No age limit
  • 24cm connecting tapes
  • 8×80 mm connecting buckles

This swing set for kids falls under one top-rated swing sets because of its portability. The simple construction makes it user-friendly. All you have to do is tie these ropes and it is ready to use. It is totally secure as these ropes are tied with sturdy steel connecting buckles. You can install it in your patio or tie it near your treehouse.

No age limit has been mentioned by the manufacturer however the weight limit for this swing is approximately 120 kgs. That means it is not restricted for children only adults can also enjoy the ride.

3. Canopy Waterproofed Swing Chair by CHXW

Canopy Waterproofed Swing Chair by CHXW

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  • Polyester Fabric
  • Hook and loop design
  • Water-resistant
  • Canopy cover
  • 191x 120 x 23 cm / 75 x 47 x 9 dimensions

This swing set offers Anti-UV rays. The canopy material does not fade because of the durable material. Mostly, the material which is used for the manufacturing of canopy is polyester. This makes it more weather-resistant (water, air, and UV resistant) with durable fabric.

The hook and loops design makes it easy to attach wherever you want. The polyester fabric stays intact with the firm stitches.

4. Erommy Patio Swing Chair 50.8 inches

Erommy Patio Swing Chair 50.8 inches

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  • Frame dimension 67.7L x 44 W x 59 H
  • Seat dimension 50.8L x 17.7W x 17.7 H
  • Steel frame Construction
  • Adjustable Canopy
  • Plastic Skid Feet
  • Weight 40lbs
  • Polyester Cloth Canopy
  • 18 inches arm height

This heavy-duty swing set is made with broad sturdy material steel to be precise. The frame is powder-coated due to its outdoor placement, it is manufactured to be weather-resistant. They are connected with heavy springs to connect the frame to offer smooth and rocking motion.

For shading the swing, a canopy has been installed that can be easily adjusted. It protects from wind, rain and other harsh conditions. This patio swing has fel pads preventing the floor from the scratching marks.
The canopy and cushion of this top-rated swing set are detachable. You can easily remove them whenever you want. The soft polyester fabric is washable and makes the user experience comfortable.

Erommy is easy to assemble requiring an hour maximum for the task and accommodate 2 grow ups at a time.

5. Astont Wooden Tree Swing Set

Astont Wooden Tree Swing Set

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  • 17.7 x 7.5 x 1.2 dimension
  • Adjustable P.E Rope
  • 47 inches – 70 inches rope length
  • 330LBs weight capacity
  • Wooden seat with 2 strap

This swing set offers immense portability as you can hang it anywhere easily. You can attach this swing set in your porch, with a tree or with a frame of your patio. The weight capacity which is almost 330 lbs that show that people under 150 kgs can also enjoy this fun ride.

As additional accessories, this small swing set for small yard comes with 2 strong straps and 2 carabiners. This makes this space saver swing set for small yard easy to install. If you are hanging it with a tree, try not to hang it with the fruit tree or any branch that is about to tear.

Further, this could be a space saver swing offering a comfortable user experience. The beechwood material used for the seating is secure and long-lasting. The P.E rope gives the option to adjust the swing from 40 inches to 70 inches depending upon the height and width and depth.

6. Sorbus Spinner Swing

Sorbus Spinner Swing

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  • 40 x 40 x 63 dimension
  • Alloy steel frame
  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • Net seat
  • Nylon rope material
  • 3 compatible seat max.

This swing set falls in the category of spinning swing as it is round in shape. You can swing and spin without any doubt because it is completely secure. It can also be used as a swing chair.

It is easy to install and can be placed wherever you want as it can be used as a hammock, swing nest chair and playset. You can read, study, relax and play on this swing set.

The net swing set is capable of adjusting 2 to 3 kids at a time as it can hold up almost 220 pounds’ weight for a safe riding experience. As we have mentioned that this small swing set for small yard is connected with the steel rings that tie-up with the suspension of ropes which is 63 inches approximately long.

It can tilt till 45 degrees but it is completely safe. The net rope material is woven with thick nylon which is 5mm PE. The solid frame is made of steel tubes with the NBE foam. You will get the mounting material (rope and clamps) the swing and the user-guide in the package. For installation, adult supervision is suggested.

How to Hang a P.E Rope Swing?

Wrapping it up with the fact that…

A swings are always center of attraction regardless of the age. If you have a small yard but still want your kids to have fun, then there are some swing sets available that can easily fit and fulfill the requirement. This guide is specifically developed to help the readers to get compact sized swing sets.


How much space do I need around a swing set?

To accommodate a swing set in your garden patio, make sure you know the exact dimensions of your area and the swing that you have bought. Secondly, the important factor that matters a lot is safety, in case of falling down, the space must be 6 feet empty from all around. Try not to place it near any tree or fence to prevent any severe injury.

What is the best material to put under a swing set?

The best material to put underneath the swing set is the rubber mulch that offers more shock absorption and safety. They are inexpensive than other materials and can go for a long term.

How much weight can a swing set hold?

The playset swing has a limited weight limit depending upon the size and shape that it has. The maximum weight limit is 250 pounds in most of the swing small swing sets. Any adult who has a weight under this can also enjoy the ride.

How much width do you need for a swing?

For having maximum fun, US Consumer Product Safety Commission has put some guidelines according to which the swing must be placed apart almost 24 inches and 30 inches away from the leg support.

Can you put a swing set on the grass?

It is not suggested to place the swing sets on the solid pavements or on the concrete as they are prone to cause severe injuries. Grass and soil, however, is a better surface to place a swing set because it prevents deep bruises.

Are metal or wood swing sets better?

For grown-up kids, the metal swing set is not capable of bearing the weight whereas the wooden swing set are heavier and durable if taken care of properly compared to the metal swing set. Wood is also sturdier than metal because metal can get corrosion after a certain period of time.

Our backyard swing sets worth it?

Yes. Indeed, it is worth spending money. First, it is a fun game secondly your kid will stay in front of your eyes once when the swing set is installed in the backyard.

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