TOP 8 BEST COMPACT PRINTERS – Buying Review 2021

Printers are one useful and essential part of our offices. With the up-gradation of technology, from huge, heavier and time taking printers, they have become efficient, time-saver and eco-friendly. Best compact printers are the perfect example of the latest modifications in printers.

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HP LaserJet Pro (W2G51A)
☞ Printer and Scanner
☞ Prints 19 ppm
☞ Allows Wireless Connectivity

It is hard to find the one that goes with our need as many of us remain unaware of the features a printer has. Here, you will get to know some buying guide tips for the best compact printers based upon their features.

Buying Guide for Compact Printers

Laser Printer or Inkjet Printer

  • A laser printer works with a laser beam that goes back and forth over the drum (cylinder that contains ink) to get the characters on the paper. Whereas an inkjet printer works with the droplets of ink on the piece of paper or plastic.
  • Initially, the inkjet printers are preferred for home use for a low volume printing purpose. A laser printer was for the office use where a bulk of prints are required.
  • Inkjet printers are suggested if you have more images or photos to print however, a laser printer is preferred if you have more document printing.

All in one Printer or Single Function

  • All in one printer includes photocopier, scanner and printer whereas a single printer is used for printing purposes. It could be a bit tricky and complex sometimes.
  • If your working station is small then, an all in one printer is suggested as it can alone perform 3 different tasks.

Toner Printers or Ink Cartridges

  • An ink cartridge could be pigmented or dye-based as it depends upon the printer you are using. Most of them are dyed-based. The dyed-based cartridge is economical but has a drawback that it stains your print.
  • Toner has a cylinder (called drum) in it that carries dry substances in it. It is commonly used in monochrome laser printers. The plus point of having a toner printer is, it does not stain your page as an ink cartridge does.


  • Printers are available in different sizes it is important to know where it is going to be placed. The capacity of the inner machinery determines the size as it holds the stock of papers in it.
  • A desktop size printer comes with all the capabilities that a large and a heavy printer has. These desktop printers are less spacious, multifunctioning and most importantly you can get them under 200$. It would be a smart choice to have this one instead.

Printing Speed

  • A laser printer is preferred than the inkjet printers when it comes to speed and monochrome prints.
  • Most of the printers printing rates start from 9 ppm to 35 ppm approx. whereas, an inkjet printer has an average of 5-18 ppm.
  • The printing speed also depends upon CPM (character per minute) in some cases and IPM (image per minute) as per the requirement of the user.


  • Many printers nowadays allow wireless connectivity through Bluetooth and Wifi. This saves you from every kind of cable mess and most importantly allows without any laptop or computer.
  • Wireless Pictbridge is the latest technology that allows the user to get the prints directly connecting with a digital camera.


  • A multifunctioning printer could be at risk and makes the information unsecured. For this, many companies have added an additional feature of encryption and security that includes
  • Authentication: This feature allows an individual login and password or a badge to get access to the printer. If someone attempts a number of times with wrong information, the account get blocked temporarily.

Scrolling down will lead to the products that will help you get the product including all the mentioned features.

  Best Compact Printers

HP LaserJet Pro (W2G51A)
☞ Printer and Scanner
☞ Prints 19 ppm
☞ Allows Wireless Connectivity
4.3/5Check Price
Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer
☞ Connects with Smart Devices
☞ Touche screen
☞ 5.0 inches LCD
4.2/5Check Price
Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome
☞ Prints 27 ppm
☞ 250 Sheet Capacity
☞ Compatibile with all WIndows
4.0/5Check Price
Epson EcoTank Wireless Color
☞ Uses Ink- Cartridegs
☞ 150 Sheets Paper Try
☞ Connects with Smart Devices
4.0/5Check Price
Brother Monochrome MFCL2710DW
☞ 32 ppm Printing Capacity
☞ Wifi connectivity
☞ Copier, scanner and Fax
4.0/5Check Price
Brother Compact HL-L2350DW
☞ Monochrome
☞ Allows Wifi-connectivity
☞ Prints 32 ppm
3.9/5Check Price
HP LaserJet Pro M130fw
☞ Prints 23 ppm
☞ 150 Sheets Try Capacity
☞ Allows Smart Connectivity
3.8/5Check Price

1. HP LaserJet Pro (W2G51A)

Check Price


  • Print and scan tray
  • Prints 19 sheets per minute
  • 2.65-inch touch screen for controls and functionalities
  • It also has an extended battery life after one complete charging session it can last up to 500 prints
  • It is good for almost 300 prints a day
  • Portable wireless printer scanner copier
  • Silent Machine

HP has been leading the game since 2007 and they keep coming out with better versions almost every year. With HP Laserjet Pro compact printer you can expect nothing but the best. This pint-sized printing maniac embodies all the best qualities you need for perfect, seamless printing.

When we think about the word “compact” or “portable”, in the printing world, this is one of the first machines that come to mind.

Withstanding at only 14.96 x 7.8 x 3.6 inches and weighing 6.51 pounds or 2.952886 kilograms this mini portable printer weighs less than an average human newborn baby. It is utterly convenient and easy to carry and can fit perfectly inside a backpack or in an on-carry bag.

But when you think of babies you can also imagine a lot of crying and whining and noise, but not with this good boy.

It is so silent you can put it next to a sleeping baby and the baby won’t even notice. Hence, also making it the best small printer for home use, especially for new parents who have to work late hours but are afraid of waking their little angel up.

Customer Reviews

I just started my small startup and when I was listing for the office accessories printer was the important thing. I initially bought this printer used but believe me or not I worked as perfectly as a new one. I am totally satisfied with this and glad that I purchased this.

2. Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer


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  • Two hundred (200) sheet input tray
  • Comes with touch screen feature
  • Easily connected with the smart devices
  • One of its fun features involves its compatibility with the Easy-Photoprint Editor App
  • compatible with many other soft wares that canon has included with this wireless printer scanner
  • It has a printing rate of 15 pages per minute for black and white pages and 10 pages per minute

Last but not least, is CANON PIXMA TS9120; that is the best small printer for home use. Now if you are wondering why well let us tell you.  CANON PIXMA TS9120 is great at printing in black but even brilliant at printing colorful pictures. It’s one of the first ‘smart’ printers by canon.

which means that your family and friends can access it through multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops or computers.

Customer Reviews

This printer works fine for me. I just needed it for my educational purpose but this can also print my pictures with friends that I can hang in my room.

3. Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome

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  • The battery has enough power to print a massive 600 pages
  • Carry your printer inside your coat pockets
  • Best for travelers
  • Prints 27 paper per minute
  • 250 Sheet Capacity
  • Works and compatible with all Windows Software
  • Requires Software Installment

What happens when you take out ink cartridges from a printer and reduce its size to the mere size of a chocolate bar? Would you believe such a printer exists or is even capable of any work benefits? Well, let me tell you not only does such a printer exist but its number 3 on our list.

This printer only 10.04 x 2.17 x 1.53 inches in measurement and weighs a meager 1.34 pounds which is much lighter than HP 5 pounds with battery included.

Pocketjet is a thermal computer and requires no ink for printing.

It does function like most printers too but the downside is that with the reduction of certain abilities such as it can only print in black and white and requires thermal paper or sheets for printing, which are not readily available at any corner shop so you will need to be prepared beforehand.

It is also unable to perform as a scanner; if you are looking for colored, letter sheet printing with the smallest wireless printer scanner then this miniature baby isn’t for you.

Customer Reviews

This is my first printer ever since I got to work from home. As a proofreader, I like to proofread by holding scripts in my hand than reading it from my laptop. I read good reviews about it so I thought why not to give it a shot an yes it didnot disappoint me.

4. EcoTank Wireless Color

Check Price

  • Tray capacity of 20 sheets.
  • built-in battery
  • Wi-Fi interface
  • 250 pages with one black cartridge.
  • 200 pages a tri-color cartridge.
  • Tough plastic lid

Next on the list is EPSON PRINTER, unlike BROTHER POCKETJET PJ-773 PORTABLE PRINTER it lets us print in color with the same leverage of a compact size. It is not as small as BROTHER POCKETJET PJ-773 PORTABLE PRINTER but it still has pretty sleek dimensions.

This cheap compact printer measures at 12.2 x 6.1 x 2.4 inches and weighs just 3.5 pounds.  It has a printing resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi and has a maximum of 4 colors and 2 cartridges.

BROTHER POCKETJET has a paper tray capacity of 20 sheets and it yields that yields 250 pages with one black cartridge. And 200 pages a tri-color cartridge. It is very convenient to carry and maintain, not because of its size.

Its benefits don’t just end at the fact that it’s not much larger than an average lunch box but also because it has a Wi-Fi interface, that lets you print wirelessly from your laptop or pc. Even when you are away from the usual networks, and another plus is its built-in battery, so, whenever its plugged in it automatically starts to charge.

Customer Reviews

I have heard about Hp, Brother and Canon printers a lot. I wonder why not to give this one a shot. I took the risk and thank God it went well. I don’t have any complain with that till now.

5. Brother Monochrome MFCL2710DW

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  • This printer is able to print 32 pages per minute
  • Provides easy connectivity with Wifi and Bluetooth
  • It can copy, scan and print. A 3 in 1 device that can save a lot of cost
  • Goes with every Windows and Operating Systems
  • Compact in size

This printer is another good device for those who have a small working place. This printer saves not only your space but also your time. It is efficient and able to print 32 pages per minute.

Moreover, it the best travel printer for laptops, the best laptop printer for travel use, and the best portable printer for cars in general.

However, where else would you be able to enjoy the luxury and fun that comes with being able to carry your printer inside your coat pockets.

When equipped with a battery it has enough power to print a massive six hundred (600) pages till its next charge. There is a total of 18 models present for the POCKETJET 7 series.  If the size is the factor of utmost priority for you then BROTHER POCKETJET PJ-773 PORTABLE PRINTER is unmatched at that.

Customer Reviews

Well, I’ve been using Brother company’s printer for a long time and they never let me down. They are durable. I just lost my old one because of shifting to another block. Otherwise, if you have a Brother company printer, you don’t need to worry for a long time.

6. Brother Compact HL-L2350DW

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  • It is monochrome
  • A perfect choice for home or small office use
  • Prints 32 pages per minute
  • Allows Wireless networking
  • 250 sheets capacity of the try
  • Allows printing through wifi

The second last product is also by Brother. This is the third product in our review that shows it is indeed a reliable company for printers.

Like other models of this company, this product also offers quick and efficient features that we want in a printer to save time. It is able to connect with Wifi so you can get the prints directly from the internet.

The smart connectivity feature allows you to connect with your tablet or even your mobile. That is what everyone likes about it.

Its compact size makes it a perfect choice for home-based officers and small offices.

Customer Reviews

I work from home and wanted to have a compact sized. This is right according to my requirement and the size is accurate as per my office table.

7. HP LaserJet Pro M130fw

Check Price

  • Connectivity choices of USB and Wi-Fi
  • 150 sheet input tray
  • The average speed of almost 23 ppm
  • Easily carried around and perfect for people who travel
  • Able to connect with the smart devices

As mentioned before HP is basically on top of its game, people at HP know what they are doing cause the next best small printer is also from HP. HP has set a standard with top portable printers.

The only thing better than a small printer that performs well and as at par with any large printer is an even smaller printer that can perform just as well if not better.

This super small printer is a whole 1.9 pounds less than the HP OFFICEJET ALL-IN-ONE PRINTER.  With measuring at just 2.7 by 14.3 by 7 inches this sleek baby can be easily carried around and perfect for people who travel a lot during their work hours and require printing on the go.

It is the right portable printer for your car and can easily top the list of best portable printers for laptops. It has an average speed of almost 23 ppm (pages per minute) for a text-only document.

Customer Reviews

Hp is a renowned company for laptops, printers and other tech devices. I bought a printer from Hp, the following model and that is working fine till now. One day paper got stuck in it which resulted in malfunctioning. When it got removed and restarted it, it became as good as new.

Advantages of printers

1. Paper proof

Whatever documents are printed, if kept well they serve as solid proof of almost anything. Since with new technologies, it is completely doable to delete messages from someone else’s devices too so, a paper trail is the safest way to ensure the integrity of words and contracts.

2. Confidentiality

Data shared over networks though encrypted is still traceable, especially in smaller businesses. On paper, documents can be shared anonymously and hence are a great way to share and yet protect trade secrets.

3. Easy to mark

Paper documents are easy to makes notes on, and suggest changes. Suggestions can easily be made on printed documents.

4. Convenient

With digitization, there’s a heavy cost to pay for carelessness. One spill of coffee and all your hard work goes down the drain. Thankfully with paper, you can bend, fold or carry them as you please and cause almost no damage to the sheets and even if you do end up causing some damage you can always reprint, however, we suggest some good recyclable paper for that.


These are some of the best small printers for sale we could find for all sorts of uses. Especially focusing on small printers for home use and the perfect all in one small printer. Considering their attributes, you can choose the right one for you, Happy Printing!


1. What is the best compact printer to buy?

Ans: There are so many branded printers that can provide you the aligned and bright prints within no time. Brother Compact Monochrome and Hp are the companies that are the leading companies for printers.

2. What is the best small printer for home use?

Ans: Many printers manufactured by Canon, Hp, Epson and Brother are compact in size specifically Hp designs their printers which are not only efficient but can fit easily in small places.

3. What is the best compact wireless printer?

Ans: New models of Hp like OfficeJet all in one 250, Hp Laserjet Pro M120fw and Brother Monochrome printer range are smart choices for wireless printers.

4. Which brand of printer is the most reliable?

Ans: Hp, Canon, Brother, and Dell are all the reliable brands for compact printers and other computer accessories.

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