Looking for the best handheld GPS for international travel? Well! You are just in the right place. Because we equally cherish what a blessing in disguise is, these devices are nowadays.

A handheld GPS is a device that makes use of the Global Positioning System. It consolidates current geographic innovation with a compact, easy to understand device for regular use.

The handheld device is fit for performing numerous pragmatic functions. People also like to buy this device for a fun time.

Besides its regular reason, handheld GPS has gotten broadly utilized for an outdoor game known as geocaching. Whatever the purpose may be, using a handheld GPS for navigation is the best option by far.

It is never an easy task to choose one best model out of so many options out there. So we are here with all the research and review guides on hand for the most accurate handheld GPS units.

This guide will help you to find the most accurate handheld GPS device, so that you may never again feel lost.

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Top 6 Best Handheld GPS for International Travel – Review & Guide

1. Garmin GPSMAP

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Our top pick is from the most notable brand Garmin, the Garmin GPSMAP. Garmin has made evolutionary changes in the GPS industry. Its handheld GPS models are remarkably the best and most accurate handheld GPS units.

Garmin GPSMAP features a 2.6-inch sunlight readable display along with a high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver with a quad-helix antenna for superior reception.

With this GPS with the best battery life, quad helix radio wire and high-affectability, GPS and GLONASS, recipient, find your position rapidly and decisively and keeps up its area even in the overwhelming spread and deep gullies.

Regardless of whether you’re in deep woods or merely close to tall structures and trees, you can depend on this best GPS for geocaching and hiking to assist you with finding your direction when you need it the most.

This best low-cost handheld GPS has a worked in 3-axis tilt electronic compass, which shows your heading in any event, when you’re stopping, without holding it level.

Its barometric altimeter tracks changes in strain to pinpoint your exact altitude. You can even utilize it to plot barometric weight after some time, which can assist you with watching out for changing climate conditions.

Ger ready for your next experience with this best GPS for international travel BaseCamp, programming that allows you to see and compose maps, waypoints, courses, and tracks.

With 4 GB of locally available memory and microSD card, you can advantageously download TOPO 24K and 100K maps and hit the trail. This model is by far the easiest handheld GPS to use, and you sure can’t miss it.

2. Garmin Montana


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Moving on, we have another best model from the Garmin brand, the Garmin Montana, which is the best GPS for geocaching and hiking. You can’t doubt the accuracy of handheld GPS, owing to its brand name and features above all.

With its precisely good track manager, this GPS for hiking and biking can organize and navigate through waypoints.

Featuring the high sensitive WAAS-enabled GPS receiver and hotfix satellite prediction, Montana finds your position rapidly and decisively and keeps up its area even in dense woods.

Regardless of whether you’re in deep woods or merely close to tall structures and trees, rely on this GPS with the best battery life to assist you with finding your direction when you need it most.

This best low-cost handheld GPS underpins paperless geocaching GPX documents for directly to-gadget transferring of geocaches from Geocaching.com.

No more physically entering directions and paper print outs, this best GPS for traveling the world stores and shows critical data.

Montana has a vast 4-inch, daylight, comprehensible touchscreen show, giving you striking hues and high-goals pictures.

Its simple to-utilize touchscreen implies you’ll invest more energy getting a charge out of the outside and less time looking for data. Garmin Montana is the easiest handheld GPS to use and ideally best GPS for the price.

3. Garmin Epix

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Next, our list of best handheld GPS for international travel has come up with the most versatile model of Garmin, the Garmin Epix, which is the easiest handheld GPS to use.

The Garmin Epix features a 1.4-inch high resolution, sunlight-visible color Chroma touchscreen display for a perfect and user-friendly view.

This best GPS for road trips has a touchscreen display to give you fingertip swipe access to striking, point by point maps, incorporating the inherent overall concealed alleviation base maps.

Furthermore, with 8 GB interior memory and broad mapping support, you’ll have a lot of space to include good maps, including TOPO 24K, BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, City Navigator, and BlueChart g2 maps.

This best GPS for the price comes with auto-aligning ABC sensors to give significant constant data. The 3-hub electronic compass keeps your bearing on whether you’re moving or not.

The built-in altimeter gives ascent and descent information precisely, while the indicator can be utilized to anticipate climate changes by demonstrating momentary patterns in pneumatic stress.

This handheld GPS with google maps is very easy to use, and you can carry anywhere just like a regular wristwatch. It is more fun using such comfortably stylish and best GPS for geocaching and hiking.

4. TomTom VIA

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Next, we have TomTom VIA as the best affordable GPS for cars, on our best handheld GPS for the international travel review list. This best affordable GPS for car provide you with big-screen GPS navigation systems.

Helpfully locate the best courses with this best GPS for international travel hunt menu or contact a point on the guide, and you’re ready to drive. Land at your goal quicker with free lifetime maps on all models in addition to traffic reports on select models.

This best GPS for road trips offers Advanced Lane Guidance. This encourages you to get ready for your next directional move by featuring the right driving path.

Accessible in a 4.3″, 5″ or 6″ touchscreen, make route safe and peaceful, providing big-screen GPS navigation systems. This model is generally the best GPS for us and Canada.

Your TomTom VIA encourages you to get ready for ways out and crossing points by obviously featuring the best driving path for your arranged course.

By consistently associating your TomTom VIA to your PC, you can download our free programming updates. You’ll get new route highlights, improved execution and additional customization alternatives in only a couple of moments.

This model is by far the best affordable GPS for cars, which is the easiest handheld GPS to use and is a must-add on our review list of best handheld GPS for international travel.

Utilizing the world’s most significant database of exact travel times, the TomTom VIA GPS route gadgets will give you the quickest courses, and most exact appearance times.

Using Advanced Lane Guidance, you will never miss a turn again. Get additional clearness while exploring complex intersections with this handheld GPS with satellite imagery.

5. DeLorme inReach

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Talking about the best GPS for the price, we have another best low-cost handheld GPS, the Delorme inReach handheld GPS.

inReach SE is the most moderate satellite communicator that enables you to send. And get 160-character instant messages with GPS directions to cell numbers, and email tends to around the world.

With this easy to use GPS for seniors, you know whether your message has with message affirmation.

Just inReach can send and get instant messages either on-screen on the gadget or combined mode with your iOS or Android cell phone or tablet.

This most accurate handheld GPS for surveying is controlled by Iridium. Which directions the world’s most distant arriving at a business satellite group of stars.

Interface with the hunt and safeguard checking focus to convey the idea of your misery and keep in contact all through the salvage procedure. Have the true serenity knowing the ETA of responders.

With this handheld GPS for walking in cities, following movable interims enable you to follow your excursion and offer your area, including GPS directions, height, and speed.

Plan and impart your voyage to loved ones on our Explore online interface. Oversee contacts, preset messages, just as connection up online life and view past trips on a point by point DeLorme topographic guide.

This model is among the most accurate handheld GPS units and is a legit savior.

6. Garmin Foretrex

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Last but not least. We have a Garmin Foretrex wrist watch style, easy to use best handheld GPS for international travel. The Garmin Foretrex features a high sensitivity GPS receiver and hotfix for precise navigation and tracking.

The 401 handheld GPS for walking in cities enable you to oversee courses, tracks, and waypoints with a straightforward, simple to-peruse LCD show that remembers your way.

This best GPS for the price monitors your way and presentations it as a dabbed trail on the screen. Turn on Foretrex’s TracBack highlight, and you can backtrack your way back to where you began.

This best GPS for off-road stores up to 500 waypoints and highlights a high-affectability GPS recipient that considers ideal execution and gathering in deep gulches and substantial tree territories.

The Foretrex 401 is a thin wrist-mounted GPS guide ideal for outside exercises that require the utilization of two hands and is the easiest handheld GPS to use.

It’s likewise climate-safe, which makes it ideal for climbers, skiers, and campers who travel in rain or day off.

With an underlying association with your PC and the Internet. You can get an itemized investigation of your exercises and send tracks to your outside gadget utilizing Garmin Connect.

This model from Garmin is not only helpful but fun to use. You will not go astray with this best handheld GPS for international travel.

Difference between Handheld GPS and Surveying Grade GPS Receivers

GPS beneficiaries gather signals from route satellite. The signs are accessible at all areas on Earth, and anybody can utilize them free of charge.
The 24 GPS satellites circling the Earth each transmit two route signals recognized as L1 and L2.

The message transfers from at any rate four satellites to all focus on Earth. Handheld units might structure in either form, yet overview grade GPS gadgets never arrive in a handheld variant.

The most accurate GPS gadget, the surveying grade, doesn’t come in handheld models. It requires two units to work: a base station and a drifter. Each unit must get signals from four separate satellites for a base aggregate of eight.

The separation between the base station and meanderer shifts is contingent upon the specific area.


Will my GPS work in Canada?

Well! For the record, the TomTom VIA will work best in 
Canada and also in most parts of Europe.

Will my GPS work in Europe?

The answer is YES. Any GPS from the above list will work just fine in 
Europe.It is only a matter of your preference and needs for a time.

How to use a GPS device?

The gadgets require signals from three of the satellites to decide an exact
two-dimensional position also called a fix.

With signals from four satellites, a GPS gadget can likewise quantify
the altitude, giving your situation in 3-D.

What is the best handheld GPS?

Well! All the models mentioned above are best of their kind
but Garmin Montana and Epix are the best-reviewed handheld GPS.


GPS recipients arrive in a wide assortment of models for different expert and recreational employments.

Regardless of whether a GPS is handheld, worn on the wrist, is introduced in a vehicle or mounts on a tripod. Its accuracy decides its evaluation.

We manage to provide you with the review guide of the best handheld GPS for international travel. These models are the best of their kind and the most accurate handheld GPS units.

All of these handheld models are handheld GPS with weather radar and very efficient in use. All you are left to do is go through this profound guide. Get your best pick to have a stress-free next adventure.

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