Top 6 Best String Lights for Bedroom – User Guide 2021

The holiday season is upon us. We all are busy exploring new and unique ideas for decorating our living rooms, bedrooms, and garden porch. When someone talks about decoration, string light is something that comes to our mind immediately.

Without them, our decorations seem incomplete. Led lights are the best string lights for the bedroom and other rooms.

Having bedside lamps is a good choice but they give your room an old and traditional look. Fairy lights or string lights always give a refreshing look to your bedroom and the house.

We all have a corner in our house where we feel more comfortable than any other part of our house. Whether it is your bedroom, your couch, your study. Decorating it with string lights, why not.

String lights are the cool hanging lights for rooms and outdoor. They are trendy too as they make every ordinary day special.

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Twinkle Star 300 LED

-Has a 300 Led quality
-6ft ×9.8ft

Whether it is a girl’s night or a sleepover or a bachelor’s party, Christmas or New Year, these lights are the lit decoration that can alone make your rooms alluring.

The string lights in the living room or the bedroom will not only give your room a cool fascinating look but it will also make you feel like a superstar in your beautiful world.

You can always find plenty of different indoor and outdoor options of string lights with traditional Edison bulbs or led lights or in the form of mini Chinese lantern string lights.

This could be a difficult decision if you are going to buy the string lights for the very first time. Here we are mentioning some best string lights for your bedrooms and living rooms.

Top 6 Best String Lights for Bedroom

1. Twinkle Star 300 LED

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2. Starry String Fairy Lights
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3. Jmexsuss Remote Control 300 LED
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4. Xmifer Window Curtain String Lights

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5. Y YUEGANG LED Globe String Lights
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6. NDIGOOO 300 LED Window Curtain String Lights

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1. Twinkle Star 300 LED

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  • 300 Led bulbs in a string
  • 110V input voltage and 29V output voltage
  • Includes 1 string in a pack
  • Has a 300 Led quality
  • 6ft ×9.8ft
  • Remote-controlled
  • Bendable

Talking about string lights and haven’t considered twinkling stars light? These Twinkle star 300 lights are the best twinkle lights for bedroom ceilings, windows, curtains and for outdoor decorations.

Twinkle Star 300 is one smart choice for your indoor and for outdoor decoration as it is the best fairy lights for bedrooms.

Whether it is for Christmas, birthday party or any function at your home, these remote-controlled, battery-operated decorative twinkle string lights will light up your special occasion.

These string lights can give you the perfect look that your event wants. Twinkle Star led 300 can also provide you with a beautiful sparkling curtain impression too.

And the good part is that they come in five different colored light strings. These colors include warm white, multicolor, blue, purple and white bulbs. So it would be easy for you to pick that goes with your party theme.

2. Starry String Fairy Lights

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  • 33ft/66ft long string in a pack
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Warm White Color
  • A USB port with a USB power adapter

The Copper Wire Starry String Fairy lights can go with your every theme. So it could be the best string lights for the bedroom which will enhance the ambiance and make your room glow.

The Starry String Fairy led string lights for bedroom can decorate your home and gives you the illusion of bright, shiny, sparkling stars. These lights come with a silver wire with a warm white color.

These lights work with USB port and come with a USB power adapter. The Starry String lights have 12apm Led bulbs which are durable for a long time, 100,000 hours approx. almost 11 years.

You don’t have to worry if you are using these Stray String Fairy Lights for outdoor decor as they are waterproof. So yay! We don’t have to worry now. Some important specifications are mentioned as

3. Jmexsuss Remote Control 300 LED

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  • Remote controlled
  • Has 8 different modes
  • 8ft long
  • Comes in 4 different colors (Pink, White, Warm White, Blue)
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible wire
  • The output voltage is 30V

Jmexsuss Remote Control 300 LED is also a good choice for your indoor and outdoor functions. These remote-controlled string could be the best string lights for the bedroom or in the other rooms as it has 4 different lovely colors.

The white color of these string lights if switched to the slow-motion mode will give you the effect of beautiful raindrops falling from the sky.

Jmexsuss Remote-controlled lights come with 8 different modes so you can set them according to your mood.

Now you can rock your weekend parties with these lights and could become a cool popular person in front of your friends. That is something that everyone wants.

Here are some detailed specifications of Jmexsuss Remote Control.

4.  Xmifer Window Curtain String Lights

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  • USB Powered
  • 8ft long string
  • 110V input voltage and
  • Has 8 light modes
  • Directly plugged in the socket
  • Has time mode on

Ximfer Window Curtain String Lights is one smart choice to decorate your room. These curtain lights are perfect for making your Valentine’s Day, Christmas day, romantic dinner, birthday or bachelor’s party into a special and memorable day.

Ximfer Window Curtain strings also have 8 different modes so you can adjust them according to your night.

Like other string lights, it does not work with a remote control but can set it by enabling its time mode (18 hours off, 6 hours on).

It is USB-powered fairy string lights that can be powered with your laptop, your power banks, etc. which makes them safe.

Although it is named as a window curtain, they can work with outdoor decor too as it is water-resistant lights. Its 9.8ft long string allows you to cover a large area with a single string.

Some important key characteristics of these lights are mentioned under the heading of specifications.

5. Y YUEGANG LED Globe String Lights

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  • Waterproof
  • 33ft long
  • 8 dimmable modes
  • Input voltage 120V and output voltage 29V
  • Extendable power cable up to 30m

Y Yuegang LED Globe String Lights can be one good option for decorating the ceiling of your bedroom. These led string lights have the traditional bulbs but they are led lights.

This string light is waterproof so you can decorate your outdoor with them too. The strings of Y Yuegang are easy to be tied.

Y Yuegang LED Globe String Lights to have a dimmable mode that allows you to adjust and control its light according to your mood.

If your electric panel is far away from the spot you wanted to decorate, it is fine because the Y Yuegang LED Globe String light comes with a 30m extendable cable.

These low temperature, energy saving string lights come in a single color of warm white which gives you the feeling of festivity.

When these led lights are lit, they will give you the impression of pretty fireflies gathered to celebrate your event. Some important characteristics of Y Yuegang LED Globe String Lights are:

6. INDIGOOO 300 LED Window Curtain String Lights

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  • Waterproof
  • 29V output Voltage
  • LED Quality 300 LEDs
  • 6ft× 9.8ft
  • No lighting mode
  • Has a switch for on/off

Indigooo LED 300 Window Curtain String lights are manufactured as water-resistant so you can put them outside without worrying about the weather.

These LED lights could be the best string lights for bedrooms since they give a divine look to your whole room.

These magical curtain string lights make your favorite spot of your home more comfortable and relaxing with a breathtaking look.

If it is a New Year’s night or a Christmas Eve, birthdays or a bachelor’s party, graduation or a family get together these cool Indigoo LED string lights will give you a perfect ambiance to celebrate your special occasion.

These lights come in a single warm white color. You can find some impress features of Indigooo LED 300 Window Curtain String lights under the heading of specifications.

Different Types of String Lights

When we are thinking about buying the best string light for a bedroom or other indoor or outdoor decorations, we have different options for different types of string lights.

These different types of string lights will help us to choose the string lights which will go with our theme or with the event. You can find the most common types of string lights below.

Types of String Lights

We are mentioning here some string light for your ease.

  • Twinkling star String lights
  • Clip String LED Lights
  • Edison Bulb or Globe Bulb String Lights
  • Battery-Powered String lights
  • Paper Lantern fairy lights

Twinkling Star led string lights star shaped lights that are mostly used for curtain hanging style or the Christmas tree. This does not mean that they are indoor only.

These twinkle style lights can be used for outdoor decorations too. You can find them in different sizes.

Clip string LED lights can be seen mostly in the birthday parties whether they are indoor or outdoor.

These string lights are designed in the shape of clips which allows you to pin the best captured moments of your life. These clip string lights will keep your memories fresh.

Edison bulb or globe bulb string lights, you can guess from its name that they have the traditional O shaped or the globe-shaped bulb.

These lights are the best string lights for the wedding. These lights are mostly for outdoor decor or ceilings because it emits heat which can increase the temperature a bit.

Battery-powered string lights consist of small I shaped bulbs. These string lights are the most common ones. You can find them in every house attic.

Mostly, people use small bulbs string lights because they nail any and every occasion perfectly. If you only have these lights for the decoration, no worries because they alone can rock your party.

Paper Lantern fairy lights can be the perfect choice for a romantic night. If you are planning a surprise to propose your loved one, these lights will make that moment even more special.

Best String Lights for Wedding

Nobody wants a mess on their big day specifically girls. They are very possessive about their wedding day as they start to plan it at their very young age.

String lights will always give an effect of festivity so they are one of the essential decors in the decoration checklist.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then the Edison bulb would be the best string lights for the wedding and also will give you perfect wedding photographs.

Whether it is an indoor function or an outdoor one, you don’t have to worry because we have narrowed down some best string light for the wedding and also you can decorate your bedroom with them later.

Wall String Lights for bedroom

Mostly, girls put more wall string lights in their bedrooms than boys. It is just to make their room more intriguing where they can be the princess in their fantasy land.

People love to pin the photos of their family, children or best friends on their refrigerator with magnets. Who needs these fridge magnets when you can simply hang your photos with a clip-on a led string lights?

Not only this, the clipped string lights are the LED lights in the shape on a clip. So you don’t need to add an additional clip on their strings.

You can just pin your favorite captured snaps of you and your favorite person. This keeps your memories fresh. It is not only specified to girls, boys sometimes clip their photo too.

String lights for children room  

We prefer to have the best things for our children without compromising their security. If you are planning to give a new look to your children’s room or their playing room, star string light could be a good option for that.

String lights are cool lights for the kid’s room. You can hang them on the ceilings or by the windows or outline their bed with it.

It will give them the illusion of a bright night sky with sparkling twinkle star or else by the window curtains, it will help to minimize their fear of darkness.

The best part about these string fairy lights is that they are safe so you can put them anywhere without worrying about it.

Some of the string lights are remote-controlled or have the timer feature which will allow you to restrict its timings or you can turn them on for the whole night.

The idea of decorating the kids’ room with fairy string lights will definitely make your children excited. So you should go for it.

Concerns While Buying String Lights

Everyone wants to spend their money on the string lights that will last for a long time because they are used occasionally. So people prefer to buy something which has good reviews.

Nowadays, people usually buy things online just to save time. They want to know about the best available deals or reviews the product before they buy it.

While buying the string lights, we all have concerns like if they all are in working, or emits the excessive heat or are they safe to be placed in the bedroom or other rooms.

Well, we value the concerns and time of our readers that is why we always find out the best available products and deals for you. Here are some things which should be checked before buying the string lights.

  • Length of the string they are attached
  • If the wire is safe to be attached with ceilings
  • If they are easy to be used and handled

Closing note

The fairy string lights never go out of the trend. They alone can give your event a perfect ambiance and make it cool and rocking.

These lights are the best string lights for bedrooms or your Christmas tree in your living room or your any other special day. These lights work as a cherry on the top for your decoration.

The string lights will always give your home a new and refreshing look which will make you feel like the king/queen of your fantasy world.

Mostly, we prefer to use remote-controlled battery operated string lights because you can put them anywhere regardless of thinking about the power panel. These lights when lit gives you the illusion of sparkling and twinkling fireflies in the sky.

You can find so many great products in the market which can easily confuse you and make you indecisive. This article will help you to select which string light would you want that goes according to your event or the theme.

Once you buy the perfect product, you don’t need to have another purchase for a long time as we have narrowed down the top 6 best string lights for bedrooms, living rooms, garden decorations.

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