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Universal Gun Cleaning Kit by Zonwish in 2021

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Product Features

  • Total 107 Pieces
  • Hard plastic manufacturing
  • Comes in a cleaning case
  • Portable and Compact size
  • Calibers labeled Slots
  • Nylon and steel threaded brushes

Product Includes

  • Magnetic bore LED light
  • 3 Solid Brass Rods for .17 -.270 cal.
  • 3 Solid brass Rods for .30 cal
  • 13 brass jags for .17 – .50 cal
  • 9 Mops for .17- .54 cal and 12GA, 20 GA
  • 4 polishing cloths 7.1x 7.1
  • 50 cleaning patches 3×3 inches
  • 50 cleaning patches -3 x 1.5 inches
  • 1 empty oil bottle 50ml
  • 3 muzzle guards
  • 3 brushes; 1 Nylon brush for a soft surface, 1 stainless steel brush for non- blue area,
  • & 1 phosphor bronze brush
  • 3 Accessory adaptors, 1 specifically for larger T handle rod
  • 14 bronze brushes for .17 and -.54 caliber and 12ga & 20ga
  • 4 Brass slotted tips
  • A solid plastic casing

This is one of the best shot gun cleaning kits that assures high-quality instruments and tools for cleaning purposes. It can easily clean rifles, shot guns, and hand guns. These all are concealed in a hard plastic made the portable storing case in which all slots are labeled with the caliber size. It makes it easy to carry around.

It comes with precision tools made up of brass and machined jags. To wipe every corner, you will get some cleaning patches to remove the solvents from the gun thoroughly. The solid reinforced rods give a comfortable grip with a thickness of 6.25mm. This product is named as Universal because alone it can clean almost all kind of guns that prevents any damage at gun barrels.

The exceeding cleaning jags are built with the brass material. These 13 pieces solid brass jags includes the following calibers 17/ 4.39mm/ 5mm/ .20mm/ .22/ .204/ .224/ /.225/ .240/ .243/ 6mm/ 6.17mm/ .25/ 6.35mm/ 6.5mm/ .270 and many more.

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Customer Reviews

  1. I required a cleaning kit which can be used for multipurpose like for pistols, rifles and other guns. The Zonwish kit is what a get recommended for. As I researched for the best cleaning kit for the short gun, I got the name of it for so many suggestions. The multiple accessories and the rods for .1777 pellet gun to 12ga calibers. It carries all in just one single case. The portability is the key. Whenever I go for hunting, I just carry it along.
  2. This kit is up to the mark for what I have expected from it. The quality is excellent for this budget-friendly price point. The cotton mop that comes along wipe all the solvents off easily from the chamber of rifles. This might be my best deal I have got till now.

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